Interview round-up: TV Fanatic’s on-set video with Paul, Katerina talks the sacrifice + two Candice Accola chats

With an all new episode this Thursday, the reporters have been better than ever to “Vampire Diaries” fans. A few new interviews with the cast have popped this week. You can check them all out here, follow the links above them for the full articles. Many thanks to and Candice Accola Web for the heads up!

Zap2it: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham: Bonnie is prepared to sacrifice herself for Elena

“I was doing stunts recently that I’ve never done before,” she says, excited. “I still get to play with fire and all that crazy stuff. You’ll definitely get to see all the fun witchy cool things that people love to see. It’s very challenging. Those scenes take a lot longer than some of the other scenes because there are all these rigs and stuff like that.” She admits that there have been occasions when the stuntwork and the fire (it’s real, folks, not edited in later) have made her “very, very nervous.”

Dish of Salt: Candice Accola Takes a Bite Out of ‘Vampire Diaries’

Candice Accola chats with’s Laura Saltman about the love triangle between her character, Caroline, and the two men in her life, Matt and Tyler. So, who does she prefer? “The Vampire Diaries” returns with new episodes on April 7 on The CW.

TV Guide: Vampire Diaries Star Candice Accola Answers Fan Questions

If you could bring any dead character back to life, who would it be?
Kayla Ewell (Vicki Donovan) has become one of my best friends, so to have her in Atlanta with me would be really cool.

TV Fanatic: Interview with Paul Wesley – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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Comic-Con 2010 master post

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Live stream (thanks to uStream!):

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Transcript of “The Vampire Diaries” Melbourne convention: “We’re the luckiest kids in Hollywood.”

Nina Dobrev’s panel:

Q: Stefan or Damon?
N: Defan – the other brother.

Q: You were in The American Mall…
N: It was a musical movie, it was really crazy. It was three weeks of singing and dancing. Really fun!

Q: Do you like the flashbacks on The Vampire Diaries?
N: They’re my favourite! It’s a rare opportunity to find a cool character that you love. Somebody dresses me – it’s like Halloween. Lots of fun.

Q: Did you have lots of (dance) training in The American Mall and the Miss Mystic Falls episode in The Vampire Diaries?
N: We had a dance instructor. Paul (Wesley) was terrified at first.

Q: How did you get into acting?
N: I had a dance background. I was a really hyper kid – my parents put me in classes. I love gymnastics and I took courses to be on stage/dance. I got an agent.

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The Vampire Diaries First Season Report Card: A+

The television season may be over, but that doesn’t mean the time to offer up critiques on various shows, characters and actors is finished.

As we head into the summer, TV Fanatic will be grading and reviewing a number of the small screen’s biggest hits. First up: The Vampire Diaries.

What did we think of its first season? Who was its best character? Where do we hope it goes next year? Read on. Fine out. Chime in.

Best Character: Damon Salvatore. This will likely be the easiest choice we make on any show’s evaluation. Ian Somerhalder simply owned this role, having a blast with Damon’s snarky, sarcastic side – but deftly transitioning to serious and vulnerable when called for. Emmy voters will never even look at a CW show, but they should make an exception in this case.

Worst character: Caroline. This is more by default by anything. We had to choose someone. Caroline is nice and pretty, but she isn’t a vampire. She isn’t a werewolf. She’s sort of just eye candy for male viewers, which does make me wonder: why am I complaining again?

Best episode: Blood Brothers. This hour took us back to 1864, revealing exactly how Damon and Stefan were turned. It also threw a major, believable twist into the relationship between these brothers. Amazing stuff.

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Top Ten “Bitch-Slapper” Moments of The Vampire Diaries

If there was one thing we have come to learn (and love) about The Vampire Diaries, it would have to be the insane twists that are hurled at us in each intensely, wicked episode. I have fondly come to call these erratic moments “bitch-slap” inducing, because their impact is the equivalent of a sudden back hand slap across the face from a pissed lover, friend, relative, whatever. The entire first season of TVD has a plethora of these moments to the point that a top 50 list could be made, but we are going to stick with tradition of the top ten so that reliving these game changing moments won’t be so painful. My whiplash still hasn’t left from one particular moment earlier in the season, so imagine having to live through about 80 more!

So, let’s begin the countdown! Have your therapist on speed dial…

10) Stefan Falls Off The Wagon

While this one might not be so shocking to many viewers, it was a big one to me at the time it was revealed. All season long we had a clear cut line between the Salvatore Brothers. Stefan: Good. Damon: Bad. Stefan was Elena’s knight in shining armor, which was a little too shiny for some people. He had to have a secret or some sort of weakness to his character for his personality dial to be constantly set on “Broody”, which is why I think that the cults of Delena fans are growing in droves, because his persona was getting “boring”. Then we are knocked in the face with this little roadblock, which unsettled all Selena fans to see Stefan in this state. Even though some people hated it, the move was necessary to remind us of Stefan’s true nature, which is that he’s a monster, but a monster with a heart. Let’s not forget that…

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Melinda Clarke exits next episode (or episode after next?)


UPDATE : While producer Kevin Williamson told IFmagazine that Melinda Clarke was only in 3 episodes this season according to the press releases she is in at least 4 meaning her exit is probably in the April 15th episode.

Melinda Clarke’s Kelly Donovan will be leaving again next episode. They are hoping to bring her back next season. However, seeing as how she is a series regular in Nikita they may endup recasting the role if Nikita gets picked up and they need Kelly Donovan for more episodes next season.

Spoilers to follow!

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