Interview round-up: Nina talks tomb sex, TV Guide’s video with Michael, The Show Girl chats to Ian

Lots of interviews this week… Here are the latest ones:

‘Vampire Diaries’ exclusive: Nina Dobrev talks this week’s steamy sex scene (and the resulting bruises):

Dobrev agrees that the introduction of Elijah and the concept of The Originals has been great for the show. “It’s gonna keep getting gorier and better and darker,” she says. “It adds a whole other layer. As difficult as it was for all the characters before, now they’re faced with an even more epic danger. Everyone is at risk.” But not Katherine, right? She won’t be getting a stake in the heart anytime soon, we hope. “I can’t imagine what the show was before Katherine came around,” Dobrev says. For a second, you wonder if that’s the sleep-deprivation from her schedule playing the doppelgängers for half a season talking. But it’s not. “If she ever left, I think that would be a really big mistake. She’s like another Damon,” she continues, “but now Damon is getting a lot softer, and you still need that kind of playful bad character.”

Read the entire chat at Entertainment Weekly.

Vampire Diaries, Michael Trevino Confesses All:

Ian Somerhalder Talks Nina Dobrev, Bromance & ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Steamy Fall Finale:

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Michael Trevino discusses Tyler’s first transformation: “People are going to be surprised.”

Third part of Wetpaint‘s Michael interview was released this morning. In this one, Trevino talks about his character’s major transformation, again, as well as episode 11 itself. Read an excerpt below and go to Wetpaint for the entire chat. It is still not the last part, so stay tuned for more! Thanks, Vampire Diaries Online!

WP: Come on, you gotta give us more. What’s his biggest challenge during the transformation — besides not exploding? Is it not eating Caroline?

MT: Aw, God. Just going through it. The whole thing is a challenge because it’s so new. Once one thing happens then he feels fine. And he’s okay. But then something else happens. And then there are these urges that just go through him during the transformation. Ugh! If it’s not one thing it’s another. And he can feel it coming inside of him. And they just happen sporadically. He starts losing his mind.

Toronto Sun talks to Nina Dobrev, Extra video interview with Ian

Our very own Nina was interviewed by Toronto Sun last week. They posted their chat yesterday and, trust me, you don’t want to miss it! Dobrev talks about last episode, “Katerina”, and the challenge of playing two (or maybe four?) characters. The actress also mentions she helped “Vampire Diaries”‘ crew with the Bulgarian translation in episode 9. Read an excerpt below and visit Toronto Sun for the entire article.

“I worked really, really hard on that (episode),” added Dobrev, on the phone last week during a rare day off from shooting. “I really got to play the four different characters. And it was great to play the innocence of pre-vampire Katherine, when she was just a normal human.”

And Extra TV talked to Ian Somerhalder at “The Grove”. Lauren Sanchez asked him lots of things, including who would win in a Vampire Diaries/Twilight confrontation. Play the video to learn Ian’s answer. He talks about the success of the show and its devoted fans, Twitter and his interest in environment as well.

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Taylor Kinney interview with Celebuzz: “It’s going to escalate.”

Last week the huge bombshell was dropped – Mason is one of the countless dudes under vampire Katherine’s (Nina Dobrev’s) spell.  Will Mason be another one of her casualties?

Mason’s not that naïve. He geniuinely has an affection and passion for Katherine. As of now, if there’s any possibility of her trying to manipulate a situation to get one up on him, maybe he’s molded a little, but I don’t think he cares. It’s one of those things where he met her, say a year ago, and he fell in love with her. That’s in the forefront of his mind.

Read the entire interview at Celebuzz.

Drama with a Bite

‘The Vampire Diaries’ was one of the most popular shows on TV in the States last year and it’s finally reached our shores.

The RTÉ Guide’s Janice Butler caught up with Nina and Paul at the Monte Carlo TV Festival to get all the juicy details from the show.

Janice Butler: Taking into consideration the name of the show, do you keep a diary yourself?

Nina Dobrev: No! I barely have time to sleep at night so I haven’t had a chance to keep a journal. I did write in a diary on and off and I wish that I continued to do it. It’s so funny looking back on them and at the time the smallest thing seemed so grave and important.

JB: Why do you think the vampire genre has become such a phenomenon?

ND: The vampire symbols a lot of different things. They used to be depicted as ugly and terrifying but now women are throwing themselves at them and want to be bitten! The vampire is like the outcast, the person that doesn’t fit in – everyone just wants to be loved and accepted.

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Full T4 interview with Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder

Teaser of it was released a few days ago. Now we can watch the full version. The three Vampire Diaries leads discuss the show, the comparisons between Vampire Diaries and Twilight (again), vampire biting (Ian actually bites the anchorwoman! What a lucky girl, huh?) and more.


Keck’s Exclusives: Q&A with Vampire Diaries Executive Producers Williamson and Plec

During Comic-Con weekend in San Diego, I was treated to an exclusive sit-down interview with Vampire Diaries executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec to discuss some of the Season 2 secrets they’re plotting.

TV Guide Magazine: Your first season included so many great theme episodes — like the bloody Halloween party and the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. Can we expect more of these events?
Williamson: The CW is very event-oriented, but I was initially very resistant of it. Last season was all built around Founder’s Day. And this year we’re considering three events as our big lead-up to the season finale.
Plec: We do have a carnival in our second episode, and in the third episode, Elena and Damon and Alaric travel together to Duke University, where Isobel, Alaric’s wife and Elena’s birth mother, met and lived together. She studied the paranormal and was an expert in the anthropology department which is how she disguised her vampire research. She had become obsessed with Mystic Falls and dug deep into the history of the town. So on their trip, they dig into her dusty files to see what she may have known that they don’t know.

TV Guide Magazine: What about another Halloween episode?
Williamson: We’re not looking at the show as if a whole year has passed, but we will have an episode timed to Halloween, which will be a huge masquerade ball that we’re now thinking of as a possible two-parter. S–t will hit the fan.

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Comic-Con 2010 master post

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Live stream (thanks to uStream!):

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‘The Vampire Diaries’ stars talk fans, flashbacks and crossovers

The CW’s breakout supernatural hit ‘The Vampire Diaries’ not only has a strong cult following in America but also in Europe, as TV Squad discovered when speaking with stars Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder at the 2010 Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

Sitting down as a trio, the stars spoke to the press about social media, their adoring fans, their enjoyment of period piece work within the modern show and crossover potential. There’s plenty of life in this undead show, which returns this fall for a second season.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ has a very devout following. How much attention do you pay to social media and what a lot of the fans are talking about?
Ian Somerhalder: There’s a lot of it. It’s pretty phenomenal. We don’t get to view too much of it. It could actually be problematic to soak all that in. We tend to be saturated with the mythology in and of itself.
Paul Wesley: I think it’s a mistake to follow that too much. It’s good to be aware of it. I don’t know. To a certain extent, we’re in Atlanta, we’re excluded and we do our thing 14 hours a day, so we don’t have much exposure to it. That’s the truth and the reality of it.
Nina Dobrev: But also, minus the killing and the blood, we don’t sleep during the nighttime hours. We work at night and sleep during the day. Thankfully we don’t have a lot of time to go on the Internet and read all that stuff. Everyone has an opinion, and a lot of it is very positive, but there’s so much out there, and it’s hard to please everyone.
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