Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder make Top 10 Prime Time Hunks of All Time

6. IAN SOMERHALDER: Louisiana native Somerhalder was already known to audiences before last fall when the CW premiered a little show called The Vampire Diaries. Whether it was for his modeling, early acting roles in the feature film Life As A House or as Boone on the mega-hit Lost, Somerhalder was always destined for greatness, right? Unfortunately, Boone died during the second season Lost so what would take Somerhalder to the next level in terms of his career and popularity? Why not play a vampire in the midst of a resurgence of vampire projects like True Blood and the Twilight series? As Damon Salvatore, Somerhalder gets to be nasty, conniving but then show his softer side in his love for his past love, Katherine, who happens to look like his brother’s girlfriend Elena. Season Two of Vampire Diaries will start this fall and Somerhalder is sure to keep making his fans stand at attention!

3. PAUL WESLEY: Wesley wasn’t too well-known a year ago except for fans of his early career work in daytime soaps, various prime time guest spots, a recurring role on 24, and the ABC Family series, Fallen. It took his turn as the vampire-with-a-conscience on the CW series Vampire Diaries to launch Wesley into the crazy-high levels of superstardom. Fans can’t get enough of the show, the stars (Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, to name a few) and with a second season coming this fall, Vampire Diaries should reach new ratings heights and, of course, new heights in fame as Wesley shows us that he is just as adept at handling the delicious shirtless scenes as well as those where he literally gets to chew the scenery and show what a great actor he is, too!

Source: Jim Halterman