As I Lay Dying (222, season finale!) trailer + Mystic Diaries latest part

It’s here, folks. After this Thursday’s airing of “The Sun Also Rises”, there’s just one episode left for season two. In case you’ve been living in a cage for the last couple of weeks, you should know that it’s has the rather ominous title “As I Lay Dying”. Synopsis and stills can be found in the sidebar. And thaks to for the heads up that the song used in the promo is called “Ship of Fools” by FirstCom Music. It’s not available for download, but you can still listen to it at the company’s site.

WARNING: There’s a character back, which makes this trailer even more spoilery than usual. Steer clear unless you like spoilers.

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Last week, another part of Mystic Diaries series was released. In it, Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola take you behind the scenes of episode 18 and 20. Michael, Ian, John Cockman (Alaric’s stunt coordinator) and Matt himself also appear. Check out more gabryssskaaa’s videos on her channel and visit The Vampire Diaries Lair for previous parts.

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The Seven visits Caroline’s house, Nina Dobrev on Regis & Kelly

The Seven has been to the “Vampire Diaries” set this month. While there, Candice Accola gave them a quick tour of Caroline’s house. The episode in which she stars aired yesterday. You can see her part below, many thanks to MTV for uploading!

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In addition to Nina’s KTLA Morning appearance, the beauty stopped by Live with Regis & Kelly earlier today. She was second, after Alec Baldwin (lucky girl!). The one and only Nina Dobrev Network has taped her appearance for everyone who missed it. Check it out here and visit the site’s gallery for HQ screen captures.

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Chat galore: TV Fanatic’s set visit, Julie Plec on what’s next for Damon, Zap2it talks to Nina + more

TV Fanatic‘s Gabrielle Compolongo paid a visit to the “Vampire Diaries” set last month. She posted a review of her experience as well as photos with the cast. Except hanging around in Atlanta, Gabrielle talked to Ian Somerhalder about season 2, Elena vs. Katherine and what Damon would do for the woman he loves. Both parts can be found at her blog.

In addition to EW’s 60’s style slideshow, Mandi Bierly has more quotes from Julie Plec. She particularly comments on Elena and Stefan’s reaction when they learn about Damon’s compulsion on reporter Andie Star. The raising tension between the Salvatore brothers is also mentioned. Read an excerpt here and go to Inside TV for the rest of the story.

The tension between the Salvatore Brothers will also continue to rise, Plec says, as they find themselves on opposite ends of a debate about the best methods to protect Elena. “I am fully a Team Salvatore shipper. I want the brothers to be brothers, and to love each other, and to be good to each other always, but that’s part of the journey of the show,” Plec says. “When you’ve got two guys who have feelings for the same girl, that’s not gonna be easy. And it starts to become particularly complicated as we get to the end of the season.”

Buffyfest met Andrew Chambliss during WonderCon’s Dark Horse Panel yesterday. Just in case you didn’t know, the writer is also working on Buffy’s season 9. He talks about writing for it and “Dollhouse” in general, but there are some “Vampire Diaries” questions, too. Great interview, especially for fans of “Buffy”! Check it all out here.

Carina Mackenzie definitely doesn’t waste her time. Besides chatting with Candice, the interviewer caught up with Nina Dobrev. The actress dishes on Damon’s influence in her character’s life, Elena’s immortality, etc. Watch a sneak peek below and stay tuned to Zap2it for more from your favourites.

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Candice Accola interview goodness: Zap2it, TV Guide & Wetpaint

Candice Accola is not only a fan favourite, but reporter one. This past month, the blonde talked to various media about Caroline, her relationship with Matt and Tyler and what’s to come. Continue to read for the best snippets and visit the links above them for more.

Wetpaint Exclusive: Candice Accola – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Who would you prefer to date: a werewolf or a vamp?
This has nothing to do with who Caroline should date, but if I had to honestly answer that question, it would probably be a werewolf because I’d rather deal with just one night of the month than every single day of high-strung, potential death. You could deal with, like, one day a month he’s going to be an asshole. I think that’s doable.

Zap2it: ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Candice Accola: Will Caroline forgive Tyler? Plus, musical moments and birthday plans!

“What I love about Caroline’s arc this season is that she’s just gained so much perspective, which in turn has made her grow up so much,” Accola says. “Whereas before, throughout Season 1, I feel like Caroline would hold a grudge, [now she knows] she’s not perfect either. On her first night as a vampire she took advantage of a nurse and killed an innocent man. She’s killed and she’s asked to be forgiven, so she has it in her.”

TV Guide: Cubicle Confessions

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Mystic Diaries: Behind the scenes with Sara Canning

The CW Network revealed a new Vampire Diaries Lair feature last week. It’s a series of behind the scenes videos called “Mystic Diaries”. Part 1 is recorded by Sara Canning herself. You can also see Zach Roerig, Candice Accola and Accola Sr. (a.k.a. her dad). Thanks to miriviel1 for uploading this on YouTube!

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Chats, chats, chats: Zimbio interview with Sara Canning, Dawn Olivieri talks to TV Guide & EW + Steven spills up to The TV Chick

Thanks to for the heads up on this Zimbio chat with Sara Canning. She comments on her career before the show, castmate Matt Davis and shooting love scenes with him. Tonight’s episode is also mentioned. Read the entire story over at Zimbio.

Zimbio: What is your typical day like filming on Vampire Diaries?
Sara: Getting up really early. I do a vocal warm-up in my car. Then I show up to set and go into hair and makeup; there’s anywhere from one to six of us in there at any time. The cast are my really great friends but also great people to watch work. We all jive together really well. Last week I shot a scene with six other cast members, it was all of us, for one day, in one room, shooting a bunch of scenes. And we just looked at each other and were like, ‘How good do we have it?’

Guest star Dawn Olivieri was interviewed this week, too. Robyn Ross has a wonderful chat with her up at TV Guide. She teases tonight’s “dinner party”, what the future holds for her and how long Andie will stick around town.

Mandi Bierly caught up with Dawn as well. The star dishes about Damon’s compulsion on her character, how it affects her as well as the struggle she’s going through. Visit Inside TV for all this + some great stories.

Also, The TV Chick posted her interview with Steven R. McQueen today. The actor discusses THE kiss, the consequences of it, the relationship between the Gilberts, etc. And here’s what he’d like to see next for Jeremy:

And what would you like to see from Jeremy coming up in the 2nd half of season 2? He’s really taken on this nice big role.
I think it’d be interesting to see him be more involved with his family legacy and starting to get involved with the training of being a vampire hunter. Whether Alaric takes him under his wing, or Uncle John, and just kind of get mentored in the right direction.

Head over to The TV Chick for the rest of the article.

Zap2it: Carina interviews Zach Roerig, Celebrity Scoop with Candice

Carina Mackenzie let her feelings for Zach Roerig’s Matt loose in a recent article. In it, she defends the blue-eyed character. You can’t deny there has been a lot of antipathy against him lately. Carina does her best to show us Matt in his best light. With a little help from Zach, of course. I completely agree with them, don’t you? See the video chat below and read the entire story (and take the final exam) at Zap2it.

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Candice Accola sat down with a Zap2it reporter, too. This time, it’s John Crook. She talks about Caroline’s journey as a teen and a vampire both, the progress she has been making this season and more. Read an excerpt and go here to get more scoop.

“The writers have just taken the show to a new level this season, and it’s been so great to be a part of it,” she says. “I think it’s great to play someone who is in her teens, because that is a time in your life when everything is changing. It’s the very beginning of the journey we call life, and you’re making mistakes and trying things out, and there’s a constant learning experience.

Latest Diaries’ interviews: Cast’s holiday plans, Julie talks dark places, TV Guide chats to Sara Canning

During her visit to the Vampire Diaries’ set earlier this month, Carina Mackenzie also asked the actors what they were planning for the holidays. Their answers vary from drinking eggnog, through deleting Facebook account, to the most important – seeing their family. Play the video below for 7+ minutes of Christmas spirit. Happy Holidays everybody!

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Also, TV Fanatic have posted part one of their interview with producer Julie Plec. She discusses all kinds dark (and shirtless), including a new werewolf (possibly) coming to town and Klaus’s casting. Read an extract and visit TV Fanatic for the rest. The second part will be posted in late January.

Do you have any idea who will play Klaus?
None whatsoever. We started the casting process, we’re early in it. We have high standards, and high hopes. It’s going to be very tough to not only hold their own against Ian and Paul, but also Daniel Gillies [Elijah], who a pretty tremendous actor. We’re taking the casting very seriously and it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

And Sara Canning stopped by TV Guide to talk about Aunt Jenna. She comments on her character still in the dark, what will happen when she finds out (that has to happen eventually, right?) and how that will affect her relationship with Alaric. You can find a quote here and head over to TV Guide to watch the video interview.

Unfortunately for Jenna, she’s still clueless about her supernatural surroundings and that her boyfriend Alaric (Matt Davis) is fully aware.

“I think if she were to find out it would be such a betrayal,” Canning said. “We’ve seen Jenna with her claws out a few times [but] … I really want to see what she’s actually capable of.

FanBolt’s Vampire Diaries set visit, new season 2 promos

Emma Loggins (@emmaloggins) from FanBolt recently got the chance to have lunch at “Mystic Grill” along with lots of other press. She talked to the “Vampire Diaries” cast and Julie Plec as well. Teases from her interviews with Steven, Kat, Sara, Matt, Julie and Ian are up at FanBolt. They discuss their characters and relationships and the show. She’ll have more from her chats with the actors posted soon, so keep an eye on!

“There’s always going to be extra skeletons buried. Literal and figurative in Mystic Falls. It’s got a lot of history, and it’s had a lot of blood shed.” Julie explained, “One of the things that drew Kevin (Williamson) and I to this project was when we first read the books, in book 3 or 4, when all the civil war soldiers rose up from their graves and fought back against Klaus. He realized that Mystic Falls is special, because there has been so much loss of life and so much blood shed that it is almost a stop on the supernatural map.”

Also, two new promos were released yesterday. The first one is from CWtelevision and is titled “We Own the Night”. We definitely do, CW! And thanks to CQtvPresentation for the second promo. It’s from the Australian channel GO! and it’s worth checking out.

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The Show Girl visits Vampire Diaries set

TV Squad‘s Maggie Furlong paid a visit to Mystic Falls a few days ago. She chatted to “a vampire, a werewolf, a witch, a kid who can’t be killed and the most clueless guy in town” a.k.a. Candice, Michael, Kat, Steven and Zach. They discuss the weather in Atlanta (LOL), their characters, the apparently-not-so-famous-as-we-thought Klaus and more. Play the video below for 5 minutes of plenty of fun!

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