New interviews with Julie and Steven + more Zap2it’s set videos & TCA Tour quotes

Carina Mackenzie has posted two new video reports of her recent “Vampire Diaries” cast visits. In the first one, she chats to Katerina Graham about Damon and Bonnie. Kat shares her opinion on whether or not the two can become friends (or “more than that”), Ian Somerhalder himself and her character’s triangle with Jeremy and Luka. Read an extract here and the rest of the article (+ video) is up at Zap2it.

Meanwhile, Bonnie has her hands full juggling her feelings for Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Luka (Bryton James). “We’ll see how everything unfolds. I love where Bonnie is right now. I love that she’s with innocent Jeremy and they have this very innocence about them, and I love that connection, and think that a lot of kids can relate to that. Being that they’re friends first, and they’re really creating a foundation of friendship first, and trust, and then moving from there.”

The second report is related to Ian Somerhalder’s latest Twitter photo. It features Damon, new reporter in town Andie Star (who we wrote about last month) and third wheel Alaric. According to the actor himself, Andie is Damon’s new love interest. But don’t you think she’s acting on free will – Mr. Salvatore is compelling her, so that he can use her as a “blood source”. To learn more about Andie, head over to Zap2it or simply watch the video below.

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Fanbolt and The TV Chick also posted their chats with Julie Plec and Steven R. McQueen, respectively. Julie answers fan questions, such as what’s Bonnie’s family history, what’s ahead for Bamon and Delena and how does Klaus’s casting go. There’s even a tiny little mention of the “Vampire Diaries” finale (of the season and the series both). Find the answers of all these questions over at Fanbolt. On the other hand, Steven talks to Alix about Jeremy’s development so far, his attitude to Bonnie and Elena as well as what we can look forward to in the second half of the season. Visit The TV Chick for the entire chat.

Finally, Teen Television has some more quotes from the Winter TCA Panel. Nina and Candice discuss their characters’ progress, what has drawn them to playing on a vampire show, what to expect in the near future and more. Check out the full story at Teen Television, thanks to for the heads up!

TV Guide on the Vampire Diaries set, more on Damon’s bathtub scene

While visiting the set of “The Vampire Diaries” a few days ago, Robyn Ross sat down with Julie Plec to talk about the show and the books. The producer and writer comments on Damon’s feathered friend, his relationship with Bonnie, Elena and Stefan’s journals and a Ms. Gilbert and Matt flashback. Basically, the article says what (probably) will and won’t make it to TV. Wonderful read for books fans!

Will Damon and Bonnie grow closer?
Vampires and witches are notoriously enemies, but in Season 2, Bonnie (Katerina Graham) and Damon eventually teamed up to fight the bigger fight. The question is whether or not they will take it a step further and develop the close bond they do in the novels. Plec understands that theirs is a relationship important to book fans, but says, for now, they’ll just remain frenemies. “The fun we have with them right now is [going] from two people who have absolutely no respect, admiration or love for each other, whatsoever, but because they share a common goal and share common loves, they come together and are willing to put their differences aside and work together.”

The entire interview – over at TV Guide.

Also, Ian Somerhalder tells People how he spent his 32nd birthday. You curious? Well, he spent it “naked with a beautiful girl”. Not bad! Plus, you can find some more tidbits on his character’s upcoming bathtub scene. Read an excerpt and head over to People for the rest.

“I was naked with a beautiful girl all day,” the star of The Vampire Diaries, who turned 32 on Dec. 8, tells PEOPLE. “I had a shower scene that led into another scene were I was kind of half-naked and wet.”

Though Somerhalder does confirm he was on the set of his hit CW show, he wouldn’t say whether his character, the scumbag vampire Damon, finally scored with Elena, who is played by Nina Dobrev and definitely qualifies as a beautiful girl.

Episode 13 and 14 rumored titles, Steven R. McQueen on Galway Bay FM

The CW primetime calendar through to March 4th has been revealed, thanks to Spoiler TV. According to it, after the show returns with all new episodes in 2011, there will be some schedule changes. As posted, that’s due to the cancellation of “Life Unexpected”. New episodes will continue to air Thursdays, but on Wednesday, the day before, there will be an encore of the last week’s one (at 9:00PM). So, how does that actually work? Episode 12 (airing January 27th) will be repeated on February 2nd (Wednesday) and followed by all new 213 on February 3rd, as usual. Speaking of episodes, 13th and 14th will be probably titled “Daddy Issues” and “Crying Wolf”, respectively. As Hollywood Life reported a couple of weeks ago, a former character is set to return in “Daddy Issues”. Check out the entire calendar at Spoiler TV.

Thanks to I Heart Vampire Diaries for the heads up on this interview of Steven’s. Galway Bay FM‘s Alan Murphy talked to him via phone. Since season two hasn’t aired in Ireland yet, the questions are mostly season one focused. Uploaded by The Salvatore Council.

The Truth Behind…

A few weeks ago The CW released “The Truth Behind…” video interviews with the main cast. We posted YouTube versions of four of them (The Truth Behind Elena, Stefan, Damon and Bonnie) a while ago. Now, thanks to ItsDaveDL, we have YouTube versions of the other five as well! Unfortunately, there’s no The Truth Behind Alaric one. Looks like they were interviewed during “Founder’s Day” filming. No spoilers.

The Truth Behind Tyler:

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Updated tracklisting for Vampire Diaries soundtrack

1. Stefan’s Theme – Mike Suby
2. Running Up That Hill – Placebo
3. Currency of Love – Silversun Pickups
4. Hammock – Howls
5. Sleep Alone (909s in the DarkTimes Mix) – Bat for Lashes
6. Bloodstream (Vampire Diaries Remix) – Stateless
7. We Radiate – Goldfrapp
8. Obsession – Sky Ferreira
9. Head Over Heels – Digital Daggers
10. Down – Jason Walker
11. Beauty of the Dark – Mads Langer
12. Cut – Plumb
13. All You Wanted – Sounds Under Radio featuring Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy
14. The Fellowship – Smashing Pumpkins
15. On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix) – Gorillaz
16. 1864 – Mike Suby

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The Vampire Diaries: Original Television Soundtrack is available for pre-order at

Sherwood Park News interviews Sara: “We’re all really excited to come back this season.”

Sherwood Park’s got its very own blood sucker, and she’s getting stronger by the day.

Well, OK, she’s not a vampire, but Sara Canning, a Sherwood Park native, is about to start taping the second season of Vampire Diaries, which airs on the CTV in Canada and the CW Network in the United States.

Canning plays Jenna Sommers in the TV show, an aunt and caregiver of Elena and drug user Jeremy, who go and live with her after their parents died in a car accident.

But in a world filled with vampires, witches, and other potentially supernatural beings, alluded to throughout the first season, Canning believes that her character will continue to stay oblivious to the fact that she is surrounded by blood-thirsty creatures.

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Vampire Diaries winning categories in Tubeys 2010

Polls for Tubey Awards were closed  and the winners have been announced. The Vampire Diaries won in the following categories:

Best New Show – The Vampire Diaries
Best Single Episode (Drama) – Founder’s Day
Best Season Finale – The Vampire Diaries
Best Unexpected Plot Twist – It’s not Elena, it’s Katherine (season finale)
Best Almost-Romantic-But-Not-Quite Relationship – Damon & Elena

Another Vampire Diaries DVD feature: “A New Breed of Vampires”

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Source: E! Online via Vampire Diaries Online