Vampire Diaries winning categories in Tubeys 2010

Polls for Tubey Awards were closed  and the winners have been announced. The Vampire Diaries won in the following categories:

Best New Show – The Vampire Diaries
Best Single Episode (Drama) – Founder’s Day
Best Season Finale – The Vampire Diaries
Best Unexpected Plot Twist – It’s not Elena, it’s Katherine (season finale)
Best Almost-Romantic-But-Not-Quite Relationship – Damon & Elena

The Vampire Diaries show and cast with more nominees for Tubey Awards

Best Drama – The Vampire Diaries
Guiltiest TV Pleasure – The Vampire Diaries
Favorite Character – Damon Salvatore
Best Badass – Bonnie Bennett, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore
Best Cast – The Vampire Diaries
Favorite Actor – Ian Somerhalder
Best Guest Star – Malese Jow, Mia Kirshner
Best Season Finale – The Vampire Diaries
Best Musical Moment – Damon and Elena dance to Within Temptation’s “All I Need”
Best Non-Romantic Relationship – Damon and Alaric

New Nina and Paul interviews from Monte Carlo TV Festival Opening Ceremony

First, Paul Wesley talks to AlloCine, like, 20 seconds LOL. His part starts at 04:02.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nina and Paul were also interviewed by Digital Spy about everything related to the show – from Nina’s challenging role of Elena and Katherine both to what can fans expect from season 2.

Thanks @SYcinetwilove and for the heads up!

Vampire Diaries Stars Spill Secrets on Season Two, That Kiss and…Ashlee Simpson?!

Click to watch an extended version of The Vampire Diaries cast video interview with E! Online’s Kristin

Warning: The Trifecta of Hotness that is otherwise known as Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley may scorch your retinas.

Watch the video above with an emergency eye-flush kit on hand.

I just caught up with The Vampire Diaries stars to talk about that insanely good season finale and what’s ahead for season two. So why were we talking about Melrose Place‘s (RIP) Ashlee Simpson appearing on The Vampire Diaries?

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TV Guide Magazine’s Matt Roush adresses “kick-ass women” and social issues in The Vampire Diaries

Question: Did you catch the season finale of The Vampire Diaries? I never expected back in September that it would become “must-see” television, but it has. Part of this likely has to do with the excellent pacing, the spookiness, Ian Somerhalder’s character and the likeability of almost every character. However, two things continue to bother me about the show. The first is the lack of kick-ass women: Every time a tough woman shows up who can (at first glance) hold her own in a battle, she is killed (see: Lexi, Anna). The human female characters are quite strong emotionally, but it would be nice if they could fight back, too, a la Buffy, where even Cordelia got to stake a vampire. I think they sort of addressed this in the finale by bringing back Katherine and making Bonnie issue an ultimatum to Stefan, and I hope this continues in Season 2.

My other problem with the show is the setting. Seriously, they spend the whole season celebrating “Founder’s Day” in a Southern town and never make mention of issues like slavery? They skirted this by making witch Emily Katherine’s “hand maiden,” whatever that means. And the vampires in the tomb had no more adjustment problems to the 21st century than figuring out how to use a modern laundry machine or cell phones. I never expected the show to delve deeply into issues of race and sexuality as True Blood does so well, but it would be nice if the show at least acknowledged that there were other things going on besides vampire vs. human Mystic Falls conflicts. The show is so good at many other things, and it worries me that a show built for the young adult crowd is unwilling to inject a bit of historical realism when so much time is spent obsessing about what happened 140 years ago. The “hand maiden” mentions are particularly frustrating as the show seems to be at once renaming or erasing the practice of slavery and the effect it had on Southern society. What do you think?—Anne

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The Vampire Diaries cast reacts to epic season finale: “We have two months of agonizing in frustration to find out what’s happening.”

Talk about an OMG-worthy season finale.

Even the Vampire Diaries cast members themselves can’t believe the shocking twists and the number of people left in jeopardy in Thursday’s “Founders Day.”

“I think you’re going to be asking, is that person really dead?” said Michael Trevino, whose character Tyler narrowly survived, at the Young Hollywood Awards.

For now it seems as though Anna (Malese Jow) and Mayor Lockwood (Robert Pralgo) are goners. “It doesn’t look too good,” says Candice Accola (Caroline).

As for Caroline’s fate? She’s suffering from internal bleeding and Accola shares viewers’ curiosity. “I really don’t know [what’s going to happen]” she said.

“We have two months of agonizing in frustration to find out what’s happening.” (Click here for our discussion of Caroline’s fate and other Round Table topics).

One thing that’s definite? The return of Katherine, Stefan and Damon’s long-lost love. Nina Dobrev (Elena) is looking forward to playing both parts in Season 2.

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