The Vampire Diaries parody by The Hillywood Show, new character to appear after hiatus

The Hillywood Show‘s much anticipated “Vampire Diaries” parody was finally released. It stars Katherine (Hilly Hindi), Stefan (Brett Culbert), Damon (Nick Strong), Caroline (Hannah Hindi) and Bonnie (Aria Love Jackson). Click on the poster below to see the video (and their brand new layout).

If you thought Luka and Jonas’s deaths were the end of the Martins (highlight for spoilers), then think again. Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on whose character we’ll see next. Continue to read to find out and head over to Inside TV’s Spoiler Room for more on your favourite shows.

The Vampire Diaries scoopage please!! — Leslie
You heard her name last night for the first time, and soon, we’ll be meeting new witch Greta Tucker, who’s described in the casting announcement as being in her 20s, “African-American, cool, hip, smart. A bit of a thrill-seeker.” But Bonnie she is not. Based on the company she will be keeping, I’d say she’s not to be trusted.

Another friend of Mason’s coming to Mystic Falls

Yeah, Mason definitely had plenty of friends. After Jules, comes Brady. As Kristin is reporting, this character will be played by Stephen Amell. The latest addition to the Vampire Diaries’ hottie team was also auditioning for the lead role in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”. Brady is described as “a loyal friend or your worst enemy”. Depending on who you are, of course.

Producers tell us this about Amell’s character: “Stephen plays Brady—an old friend of Mason Lockwood who blows into town with a vengeance. [He’s a] loyal friend or your worst enemy depending on who you are. Did we mention he was hot?” (We believe you about the hotness—good looks and the werewolf gene are quite obviously linked!)

Learn more at Watch With Kristin. Then come back to drown in Amell’s bluuue eyes.

New vampire Lucy coming to Mystic Falls

Lucy, a sexy, hard core vampire is going to take Elena, but only to entice another uber-powerful vamp named Phillipe. Elena is exactly what Phillipe has been wanting and Lucy wastes no time letting him know she has his prize. During Elena’s captivity with Rose she learns some unnerving truths.

  • Lucy isn’t going to kill Elena, someone else is/or at least planning to.
  • Stefan, her soul-mate, used to be a ripper.
  • A ripper is a vampire with no self control, that just rips you apart and feeds.

As we learnt from Michael Ausiello a few weeks ago, Lucy will be played by Natashia Williams, an almost-finalist in American Idol season 7. And according to “Masquerade” description we posted yesterday, she will come forward in episode 7.

What do you think? Will Lucy unite with Katherine or some other vampire? Or she will join the do-gooder team?

Source: Spoilers Guide

Two new recurring characters in episode 9

Luka, 17, African American: He’s a new kid at school and Alaric asks Bonnie and Jeremy to show him around. Luka asks Bonnie about the Bennet name and whether she knows about the Salem witches. Later Jeremy gives him a tour of the school, Jeremy says that Sheila taught a class on witches at the university and that Jeremy’s dad followed her work, was a believer and wrote his dissertation on witches. Jeremy says Bonnie is not like that, Luka says she’s cute.

Joanes, 38, Luka’s dad: Alaric runs into Luka and Joanes at the Mystic Grill. Luka and his dad get along very well. Joanes notes that he and Alaric have a lot in common (history lovers) and they have a beer together. Jenna is there with Alaric. In a different scene Joanes reprimands Luka for telling “her” too much about himself. Luka says that she would have figured it out anyway.

Source: Spoilers Guide

Simon Miller cast as another Lockwood member in The Vampire Diaries

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ — Simon Miller has been set to guest star on the “Memory Lane” (02×04) episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.  He plays George Lockwood, the patriarch in a long-line of werewolves in the town of Mystic Falls. However, George must conspire with Katherine, his mortal enemy, played by series star Nina Dobrev, in order to save himself and his blood-line.

The episode is written by Caroline Dries, based on the novel by L.J.  Smith.  It is directed by Rob Hardy for Warner Bros and the CW Network and is being shot in Atlanta, Georgia.

Simon has signed with famed-manager Lou Pitt of the Pitt Group.  He continues to be agented by Ryan Dalyof Innovative Talent. His most recent appearances have been guest-starring roles on multiple episodes of GOSSIP GIRL and on CSI: MIAMI.

Source: @Shirarose1 via Vampire Diaries Online

Armchair Casting Director: ‘The Vampire Diaries’

The death of Mayor Lockwood in The Vampire Diaries‘ season finale paves the way for the arrival of his younger brother (and Tyler’s uncle), Mason, this fall. Keep reading for fresh details on the new character…

Mason Lockwood: Described as Tyler’s “cool” uncle, Mason is sexy and athletic and possesses an easygoing charm. Though he has more control than his nephew, he can “flip in an instant” if crossed. Seeking Latin or Caucasian actors in their 30s for this recurring role.

Armchair Casting Director suggestion: Skeet Ulrich (if Law & Order: Los Angeles doesn’t snap him up).

Source: The Ausiello Files