Episode 20 & 22 (season finale!) titles, additional stills from season 2

Spoiler TV has recently revealed the CW primetime schedule for the entire season. Thank God, there won’t be any other breaks this year until after the finale. The schedule also shows episode 20 title – “The Last Day”. Last dance, last day… poor Mystic Falls residents, I would say!

Plus, Ian Somerhalder announced the start of season 2 finale shooting yesterday. Right after that, he tweeted a photo of his own copy of the script (right). It is titled “As I Lay Dying”, written by TBD and directed by John Behring (“Plan B”, “The Last Dance”). I’m with mixed feelings about this – happy that the cast will be finally able to catch a break, but also sad that it’s that time of the year again.

It’s here-Season finale episode (ep222) of TVD.Wow,44 episodes in 24 months.Almost 3pm,got out of bed,coffee and new script- awesomeness…

Andrea at Vampire Diaries Web has added yet another batch of extra stills and BTS pictures to their gallery. There are images from almost every single episode so far as well as a few from next week’s “Know Thy Enemy”. They’re honestly awesome, so be sure to visit the site and look through them!


Vampire-Diaries.net reported the last unknown season 2 episode title last night. According to them, episode 21 will be the one where “The Sun Also Rises”. Vee also let her imagination loose and shared her thoughts on the recently revealed titles. Check them all out here. Some really interesting references there!

Interview round-up: New promo videos, LA Times chats with Julie, Candice’s reveals to EW & MTV + more

Even though the show is on too-long hiatus this month, we can’t complain of lack of interviews. Various reporters have talked to the cast lately, such as Show Tracker, Zap2it‘s Carina Mackenzie and Hollywood Crush. We gathered all the articles in one post for your sanity. Check out the best quotes below and click on the links for the entire stories. And if you’d like to ask the writers a question yourself, head over to Vampire Diaries’ official Facebook page.

PopWrap: Dawn Olivieri: You never really die on ‘Vampire Diaries’

PW: Right, especially when that choice involves suffering from a fictional malady.
Dawn: Totally. What’s funny to me is that the writers are really showing what it’s doing to Damon. In season one, he was compelling Vicki and it became disastrous. He may have entered this situation thinking it could be a similar case, but it’s turning out much differently for Damon, which has been an interesting turn. He’s not just able to shrug her off like he thought he could. I can’t wait for you guys to see episode 19 – there’s a lot of Andie and Damon in that one. Some big things go down.

Show Tracker: ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Remembering the dead with executive producer Julie Plec

That constant dark cloud over Mystic Falls means no one is safe forever, not even the show’s main trio of Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). “I think that there are people who are safe for quite a long time,” Plec says. “But the rule always applies. Anything can happen at any time, and not everybody’s going to like it, and not everyone’s going to be happy about it.” While Elena, Stefan and Damon are probably not going anywhere soon, it does seem likely there will be more casualties when the series returns April 7. “I think we’ve got about 20 characters working at this point. Yes, there will be a percentage of them that will not make it to season three.”

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New stills from 208, 211, 215 & 216, TVD supporting guys in GQ March

Vampire Diaries Web has some more stills (+ a behind the scenes photo from “Rose”) from episode 8, 11, 15 and 16 (upcoming) of season two. Click on each image to access the galleries, respectively. WARNING: “The Dinner Party” folder (third picture) contains major spoilers for the ones, who haven’t watched the episode yet.

HUGE thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for this GQ spread of Michael, Steven and Zach! These three together = me drooling forever. I believe I’m not alone, am I? 😉 Credit goes to The Vampire Diaries Italia.

The Dinner Party (215) song list & ratings

Thanks to “Vampire Diaries” music supervisor Chris Mollere for revealing the tracks used in last night’s episode. There weren’t many, but some great ones were featured. You can find them all below.

1. Foster The People “Pumped Up Kicks” – Amazon US, Amazon UK
2. Pet Lions “When I Grow Old”
3. The XX “Islands” – Amazon US, Amazon UK
4. The National “Lemonworld” – Amazon US, Amazon UK
5. The Airborne Toxic Event “Happiness Is Overrated” – Amazon US, Amazon UK

And TV by the Numbers released this week’s ratings. The show gained 3.01 million viewers, going up from last week. Here’s The CW statement:

THE Vampire Diaries ranked #2 to American Idol among W18-34 (2.0/6) last night and jumped 7% in total viewers (3M) and 7% in A18-49 (1.4/4) versus last week, while remaining steady in A18-34 (1.5/5)

Sara Canning interview round-up: Jenna’s journey, Mystic Falls’ secrets and more

Yesterday, it was a big day for Sara Canning. Lots of interviews with her surfaced, mainly about last night’s episode. Besides, Sara opened up about clueless Aunt Jenna, what’s to come between her and Alaric and whether she’ll come out of the dark any time soon. Snippets can be found below and click on the links above them for more.

TV Line: Will Vampire Diaries’ Jenna Ever Discover Mystic Falls’ Deep, Dark Secrets?

“I can’t say whether or not she’ll find out that there are vampires running around town, but the seed has definitely been planted,” Canning offers, referring to evil Uncle John (David Anders) insinuating that things aren’t quite what they seem — namely, her relationship with Ric (Matt Davis). “Now she’s wondering if she’s been too trusting.”

E! Online: The Vampire Diaries: Aunt Jenna’s About to Be in a World of Trouble

How has Aunt Jenna changed this year?
In the first season, we watched her grow into her own and realize that she does know how to make some smart choices, not only with Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) but with her own relationship issues. That’s carried over into the second season, where she is on good terms with Elena and Jeremy, and in the second half of the season there is going to be a stronger arc for Jenna. The first part of second season there was a lot going on around her that she was unaware was happening.

EW: ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Sara Canning teases big moment in tonight’s last night’s episode

“It’s fun because we know there’s an element of danger to that,” Canning said of Jenna’s dealings with the baddie vamp. “Also, Elijah is pretty significant in the storyline right now, so it’s nice that Jenna’s in that storyline with him. And he’s a fun character…and maybe something happens between them. Who knows?”

Hollywood Life: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Scoop: Will Jenna Dump Alaric… For Elijah? Exclusive Interview!

“There’s a wall that’s being built within Jenna now,” she continues. “We’re going to watch her deal with that — and she’s NOT quiet about her opinions. We’ll see how long she sits on that uncertainty before talking to Alaric.”

Behind the scenes of tonight’s episode, possible season 2 finale date

Many thanks to Judy Yam (once again!) for releasing a behind the scenes image from tonight’s episode, “The Dinner Party”. It shows Damon and dirty Stefan in the Salvatore broading house back in time.

TV Fanatic is reporting the season finale dates for The CW Network’s shows, including “The Vampire Diaries”. According to the site, the final episode of season 2 will air May 12th. Considering last season’s finale date, I believe we can trust TV Fanatic on this one (like any other ;)).

Zap2it chats to Nina and Sara, People’s video with Canning + Assignment X’s Candice interview

Zap2it recently chatted with two “Vampire Diaries” stars – Nina Dobrev and Sara Canning (click for read the chats). In her interview with Nina, Carina Mackenzie does her best to find out if Katherine gets her way out of the tomb any time soon. For that, she goes straight to executive producer Julie Plec and Nina herself. Continue to read for the scoop and visit Zap2it for more.

So you can bet Dobrev is looking forward to Katherine taking a nice long bath when she climbs out of that cave. “She’s plotting her way out,” she says. “She’s a woman who likes to be in control and when she’s not, she’s not happy.”

On the other hand, Sara gushes to Carina about tonight’s episode (215) and Aunt Jenna’s attitude towards Alaric and Elijah both. She also talks about the Sommers storyline and if she or Matt will learn the truth behind Mystic Falls by the end of the season. The full interview is up over at Zap2it.

People Magazine has a video interview with Canning where she explains her vampire obsession. She also reveals what supernatural creature she’d like to be. Watch the entire thing at People’s site.

And Assignment X had the chance to talk to Candice Accola. She spills up about Caroline in season 2, her friendship with Elena and Bonnie, what’s ahead for mother and daughter and more. Find an extract below and go here for the rest of the chat.

AX: It seems like Caroline still wants to maintain her friendships from high school with human Elena and witch Bonnie [Katerina Graham], though is the friendship with Bonnie still a struggle, with Bonnie being so anti-vampire?

ACCOLA: The relationships amongst the women on the show have gotten a little bit sidetracked throughout this season, just because, whether it’s romantic triangles or whether it’s [other problems], they’ve got their own personal dramas that they’re trying to figure out. In the episodes coming up, you will start to see the women leaning on each other a little bit more, which is a beautiful thing, because you need those friendships.

AX: It seems like Caroline still wants to maintain her friendships from high school with human Elena and witch Bonnie [Katerina Graham], though is the friendship with Bonnie still a struggle, with Bonnie being so anti-vampire?

ACCOLA: The relationships amongst the women on the show have gotten a little bit sidetracked throughout this season, just because, whether it’s romantic triangles or whether it’s [other problems], they’ve got their own personal dramas that they’re trying to figure out. In the episodes coming up, you will start to see the women leaning on each other a little bit more, which is a beautiful thing, because you need those friendships.

Chats, chats, chats: Zimbio interview with Sara Canning, Dawn Olivieri talks to TV Guide & EW + Steven spills up to The TV Chick

Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for the heads up on this Zimbio chat with Sara Canning. She comments on her career before the show, castmate Matt Davis and shooting love scenes with him. Tonight’s episode is also mentioned. Read the entire story over at Zimbio.

Zimbio: What is your typical day like filming on Vampire Diaries?
Sara: Getting up really early. I do a vocal warm-up in my car. Then I show up to set and go into hair and makeup; there’s anywhere from one to six of us in there at any time. The cast are my really great friends but also great people to watch work. We all jive together really well. Last week I shot a scene with six other cast members, it was all of us, for one day, in one room, shooting a bunch of scenes. And we just looked at each other and were like, ‘How good do we have it?’

Guest star Dawn Olivieri was interviewed this week, too. Robyn Ross has a wonderful chat with her up at TV Guide. She teases tonight’s “dinner party”, what the future holds for her and how long Andie will stick around town.

Mandi Bierly caught up with Dawn as well. The star dishes about Damon’s compulsion on her character, how it affects her as well as the struggle she’s going through. Visit Inside TV for all this + some great stories.

Also, The TV Chick posted her interview with Steven R. McQueen today. The actor discusses THE kiss, the consequences of it, the relationship between the Gilberts, etc. And here’s what he’d like to see next for Jeremy:

And what would you like to see from Jeremy coming up in the 2nd half of season 2? He’s really taken on this nice big role.
I think it’d be interesting to see him be more involved with his family legacy and starting to get involved with the training of being a vampire hunter. Whether Alaric takes him under his wing, or Uncle John, and just kind of get mentored in the right direction.

Head over to The TV Chick for the rest of the article.

New stills from The Dinner Party & The House Guest

Many thanks to Vampire Diaries Web for providing these additional stills from tomorrow’s “The Dinner Party”! They’re both featuring Stefan back in 1864, when he wasn’t the better brother. See them in Vampire Diaries Web’s gallery.

Episode 16 stills have been released as well. A few images can be found here and head over to VDW (these guys are just awesome, aren’t they?) for more HQs. Thanks to Nina Dobrev Network for the heads up! SPOILERS TO FOLLOW: As fan theories say, it’s not just Elena in the stills. They suppose Katherine’s set free and she’s the “house guest”. Nina’s look, expression and attitude in the first few stills are very Katherine-esque, to begin with. More to it, she’s wearing leggings as well as holding a whiskey tumbler which is so not Elena. So, we have every reason to think the b-tch is back. However, I believe it’s Elena here since Bonnie wouldn’t exactly smiling in Ms. Pierce’s company. Well done, TVD family!

The Dinner Party (215) webclip

No, you’re not dreaming. The CW did release a preview clip for next week’s episode last night. It features Alaric, Damon and Andie as well as Elijah and Jenna. Basically, the reporter offers the others to have a dinner party hosted by the Salvatore brother himself. Damon, Alaric and Elijah in one room? Sounds like it will be quite a party.