The Vampire Diaries picked up for third season

As The CW Blog has recently reported, “The Vampire Diaries” is one of the network’s early pick-ups for the 2011-2012 season. Thought that’s not a surprise considering it’s its top-rated drama. “America’s Next Top Model”, “Gossip Girl, “90210” and “Supernatural” are also set to return next fall. Read The CW’s full press release over at their site.

The CW’s bloodily addictive hit THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was also given an early renewal, and in its sophomore season, remains the network’s most-watched show (4.0 million viewers) and the network’s number-one show among its target audience of women 18-34 (2.9/9).

Episode 20 & 22 (season finale!) titles, additional stills from season 2

Spoiler TV has recently revealed the CW primetime schedule for the entire season. Thank God, there won’t be any other breaks this year until after the finale. The schedule also shows episode 20 title – “The Last Day”. Last dance, last day… poor Mystic Falls residents, I would say!

Plus, Ian Somerhalder announced the start of season 2 finale shooting yesterday. Right after that, he tweeted a photo of his own copy of the script (right). It is titled “As I Lay Dying”, written by TBD and directed by John Behring (“Plan B”, “The Last Dance”). I’m with mixed feelings about this – happy that the cast will be finally able to catch a break, but also sad that it’s that time of the year again.

It’s here-Season finale episode (ep222) of TVD.Wow,44 episodes in 24 months.Almost 3pm,got out of bed,coffee and new script- awesomeness…

Andrea at Vampire Diaries Web has added yet another batch of extra stills and BTS pictures to their gallery. There are images from almost every single episode so far as well as a few from next week’s “Know Thy Enemy”. They’re honestly awesome, so be sure to visit the site and look through them!

UPDATE: reported the last unknown season 2 episode title last night. According to them, episode 21 will be the one where “The Sun Also Rises”. Vee also let her imagination loose and shared her thoughts on the recently revealed titles. Check them all out here. Some really interesting references there!

Michael Trevino promo pic & poster, Thursday Night preview + Team Caroline wristbands

Thanks to CW publicist @HeyJude012 for tweeting this season 2 shot of Michael Trevino. So dark, mysterious and hot! Did I mention “hot”? Just two more days, guys! Excited, much?

Besides the promo picture, we have a new poster to show you. Given the light smirk (accompanied by sexy look) and the heading, I believe it’s Katherine on it. Thanks, The CW Blog!

To end with the CW goodies, they uploaded a new promo featuring the show on their YouTube channel. “The Vampire Diaries” and “Nikita” own Thursday Nights, indeed. Time to return, isn’t it?

Plus, Candice Accola Web ordered 50 ‘Team Caroline’ wristbands. Maddie posted a few polls regarding them a while ago and due to the positive response from them decided to order some. If the sales go well, there will be more wristbands. I would like to highlight that 25% of the proceeds go to Turn The Corner and 25% more – to Lymenaide. Support those causes and Team Caroline by buying a wristband over at Candice Accola Web.

Episode 13 and 14 rumored titles, Steven R. McQueen on Galway Bay FM

The CW primetime calendar through to March 4th has been revealed, thanks to Spoiler TV. According to it, after the show returns with all new episodes in 2011, there will be some schedule changes. As posted, that’s due to the cancellation of “Life Unexpected”. New episodes will continue to air Thursdays, but on Wednesday, the day before, there will be an encore of the last week’s one (at 9:00PM). So, how does that actually work? Episode 12 (airing January 27th) will be repeated on February 2nd (Wednesday) and followed by all new 213 on February 3rd, as usual. Speaking of episodes, 13th and 14th will be probably titled “Daddy Issues” and “Crying Wolf”, respectively. As Hollywood Life reported a couple of weeks ago, a former character is set to return in “Daddy Issues”. Check out the entire calendar at Spoiler TV.

Thanks to I Heart Vampire Diaries for the heads up on this interview of Steven’s. Galway Bay FM‘s Alan Murphy talked to him via phone. Since season two hasn’t aired in Ireland yet, the questions are mostly season one focused. Uploaded by The Salvatore Council.

Vampire Diaries season 2 possibly returns January 27th

Spoiler TV is reporting new season 2 episodes (after 211 “By the Light of the Moon”) might start airing January 27th. As rumoured, “Nikita” (also airing Thursdays) returns then. There could be some scheduling changes as well, so “The Vampire Diaries” doesn’t have to compete with “American Idol”. If so, the show will probably move to Tuesday 9PM to replace “Life Unexpected” (another CW series cancelled this fall). I doubt it, but who knows? Bear in mind this is no official press release.

Nikita will return on January 27th for its 12th episode. It is going on hiatus after thursday (Dec 9). Other CW shows are expected to return the same week with the possible exception of Hellcats which may be delayed till ANTM’s return in March.

It is unclear if the CW will make any scheduling changes to shield Vampire Diaries from American Idol, there is some possibility of Vampire Diaries moving to Tuesday 9 PM to replace Life Unexpected but Nikita is staying on Thursdays.

CW primetime calendar update: Episode 11 titled By the Light of the Moon

The CW (via Spoiler TV) has updated their primetime calendar. Thanks to them, the title of episode 11 is now revealed. It’s called “By the Light of the Moon” and, as Julie Plec recently confirmed, this will be the last episode before Christmas hiatus. It will be aired on December 9th and after that there will be a Vampire Diaries marathon (follow this link to learn more).

The CW primetime calendar: Another break coming, episode 10 title

A few days ago, a new CW primetime calendar has been revealed, thanks to Spoiler TV. Going through it, we noticed there’s yet another Vampire Diaries hiatus set. According to the calendar, there will be a 3-week break after episode 9 (“Katerina”). There are 2 encores scheduled to be aired during the break – a “Bad Moon Rising” (203) one on November 18th and a “Kill or Be Killed” (205) re-run on November 25th. After that, the show will be back. Episode 10, which is titled “The Sacrifice”, will be broadcast on December 2nd. We’re not sure if the October 9th episode will be all new, but we guess (and hope) so. Speaking of sacrifices, doesn’t the title remind you of the latest November Sweeps poster? Just a coincidence? Or something more?

Click on the image above to check out the entire calendar

Have a question for Vampire Diaries stars? Ask now! (+ new promo poster)

Want to ask Vampire Diaries cast something? Here’s your chance! The CW and Ford Fiesta unite to take you on a behind the scenes tour with your favourites! Ask your burning questions by clicking on the smokin’ hot new poster below for a chance to see them answered in an exclusive interview hosted by Candice Accola a.k.a Caroline Forbes.