KSiteTV and Zap2it’s reviews of The Last Day (220)

In case you don’t know, there was a press screening of tonight’s “The Last Day” at The CW yesterday. After it, Julie Plec and some “Vampire Diaries” cast members (Steven, Kat, Michael, Joseph and Daniel) sat down to discuss the episode. Lots of reporters attended, including Craig Byrne and Natalie Abrams. Check out their thoughts below and come back tomorrow for a master post with interviews.

TV Guide: 6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Vampire Diaries This Week

5. Klaus needs to hunt down his ritual shopping list items: The ritual, as we’ve heard before, needs a witch, a vampire, a doppelganger and a werewolf. Conveniently, the ritual coincides with the return of Tyler (Michael Trevino) to Mystic Falls. Even if you think you know who will fill each of those positions, you’re wrong — dead wrong.

KSiteTV: Advance Review: The Vampire Diaries “The Last Day”

Oh wait. No I haven’t said enough. One MORE thing: There’s more than one “I-did-not-see-that-coming” moment tonight. That’s probably to be expected from TVD, but just be warned. What you think will happen, is probably not what is going to happen. I credit the Vampire Diaries writing team with keeping it real and having the ability to surprise us constantly.

Chat galore: TV Fanatic’s set visit, Julie Plec on what’s next for Damon, Zap2it talks to Nina + more

TV Fanatic‘s Gabrielle Compolongo paid a visit to the “Vampire Diaries” set last month. She posted a review of her experience as well as photos with the cast. Except hanging around in Atlanta, Gabrielle talked to Ian Somerhalder about season 2, Elena vs. Katherine and what Damon would do for the woman he loves. Both parts can be found at her blog.

In addition to EW’s 60’s style slideshow, Mandi Bierly has more quotes from Julie Plec. She particularly comments on Elena and Stefan’s reaction when they learn about Damon’s compulsion on reporter Andie Star. The raising tension between the Salvatore brothers is also mentioned. Read an excerpt here and go to Inside TV for the rest of the story.

The tension between the Salvatore Brothers will also continue to rise, Plec says, as they find themselves on opposite ends of a debate about the best methods to protect Elena. “I am fully a Team Salvatore shipper. I want the brothers to be brothers, and to love each other, and to be good to each other always, but that’s part of the journey of the show,” Plec says. “When you’ve got two guys who have feelings for the same girl, that’s not gonna be easy. And it starts to become particularly complicated as we get to the end of the season.”

Buffyfest met Andrew Chambliss during WonderCon’s Dark Horse Panel yesterday. Just in case you didn’t know, the writer is also working on Buffy’s season 9. He talks about writing for it and “Dollhouse” in general, but there are some “Vampire Diaries” questions, too. Great interview, especially for fans of “Buffy”! Check it all out here.

Carina Mackenzie definitely doesn’t waste her time. Besides chatting with Candice, the interviewer caught up with Nina Dobrev. The actress dishes on Damon’s influence in her character’s life, Elena’s immortality, etc. Watch a sneak peek below and stay tuned to Zap2it for more from your favourites.

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TVD EyeCon 2011: Q&As with Paul, Ian, Steven, Michael + Rob Pralgo

Most of the main “Vampire Diaries” guys attended TVD EyeCon convention this past weekend. Some of the attendees were kind enough to post photos and videos from the Q&A sessions. Vampire-Diaries.net and Vampire Diaries Online were also there. Each of them posted their own recap which you can read here and here. But first, enjoy all the material below.

PAUL WESLEY: Photos | Videos

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E! Online’s Kristin review of The Return

Wow. Just wow.

That’s all I can say after watching  tonight’s second season premiere of The Vampire Diaries (thanks to my trusty time-travel machine).

Don’t worry, no big spoilers here (promise), but there are a few things I absolutely must tell you about tonight’s awesome return episode:

  1. Even if you’ve never seen it before, tonight’s TVD premiere will make you realize how sorely TV has been sucking this entire summer season.
  2. If you happen to be a showrunner for another series (especially a new fall contender), I highly encourage you to check out tonight’s TVD (and the May season-one finale, if you haven’t yet) to see just how many jaw-dropping plot twists you can successfully execute in a single episode. Bosses Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec manage to throw in more cliffhangers and plot development in one hour of television than some other series do all season long. And guess what? It works.

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Zap2it’s Carina MacKenzie reviews The Return

With only 24 hours to go before the Season 2 premiere of “The Vampire Diaries,” fans have just enough time to prepare themselves for the emotional roller coaster. Strap on those safety belts, Salvatore fans.

You’re about to see everyone’s A-game.  From the writers to the cast, every single person involved puts forth his or her best-ever performance in this episode, “The Return.” Ian Somerhalder must have spent his summer coming up with a whole new repertoire of smirks and scowls, and Paul Wesley‘s knack for nailing subtle moments shines. Nina Dobrev is so convincing as both Katherine and Elena that I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that she actually does have an evil twin who is doing half the job for her. Zap2it chose Michael Trevino and Steven R. McQueen as two of the most underrated TV actors, and I’m sure that by the end of this episode, you’ll agree.

I don’t want to give away too much — mostly because I made some very embarrassing noises while watching, and I don’t think I should have to be alone in that. Here’s what I can tell you without ruining your fun… or mine:
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Film Gecko reviews season 2 premiere and the show in general

What’s Ahead: Season two looks to be amazing and fun.  Taylor Kinney joins the cast as Mason, the “black sheep” brother of the late Mayor Lockwood, who died in the season one finale. Look for werewolves to surface in season two, as wolves are in the Lockwood bloodlines.

In the season two premiere, Damon realizes he fell victim to “doppelganger hijinks” via Katherine’s kiss. Ian Somerhalder’s performance is excellent, and without giving away any spoilers, let’s just say he does something at the end of the season two premiere that’s shocking, leaving you wondering what Damon does and doesn’t know.

Nina Dobrev, meanwhile, gets to sink her teeth into the role of evil Katherine (“Game on!”), and you can tell she has a blast with it. And Bonnie’s witch powers continue to grow, making her a formidable adversary to anyone who crosses her.

Read the entire review at Film Gecko.

BuddyTV’s John gives you 5 reasons to get excited for season 2

If you were at all worried about The Vampire Diaries having a sophomore slump, your fears can go away. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the season 2 premiere, “The Return,” and it is The Vampire Diaries at its best.

I’m not going to give away any major spoilers, and trust me, there are some big ones coming. Perhaps my favorite part of The Vampire Diaries is that every episode has major, game-changing events, and the season 2 premiere is no exception.

However, to get you excited before the premiere this Thursday at 8pm on the CW, here are five great things to look for.

Damon’s Moment of Realization

At the end of last season Damon kissed Katherine, though he thought he was kissing Elena. In the premiere Damon has a moment where he realizes that he fell victim to “doppelganger hijinks,” and the moment alone is worth the price of admission and proof that Ian Somerhalder is giving the performance of his career on this show.

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Nina Dobrev and The Vampire Diaries featured in Entertainment Weekly

EW named Nina one of the best dressed at Emmy Awards. Their review of “The Return” that we posted yesterday is also featured. Courtesy of the lovely tariel22. More of Entertainment Weekly’s September 10th issue – at her journal.

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EW’s brief review of Vampire Diaries season 2 premiere

The second-season premiere of The Vampire Diaries proves once again why this series is one of prime time’s more cleverly constructed, well-acted nighttime soap operas. After last season’s finger-chopping cliff-hanger, we get neck snappings, a smothering, an unlikely alliance between two warring brothers, and the line ”Kiss me or kill me!” Oh, and as Ian Somerhalder’s Damon adds, ”Doppelgänger high jinks ensue.”

He’s referring, of course, to Nina Dobrev’s Elena/Katherine, the series’ yin and yang of good and evil, purity and villainy. Dobrev has really risen to the challenge of portraying these two, managing to confuse viewers as to who’s who when Katherine wants to impersonate Elena for some mischief.

This season hauls in Taylor Kinney as Mason, the ”black sheep” brother of the late Mayor Lockwood. Mason has a nice swagger, and it looks like he’ll take up any slack that might have occurred with the death of the Mystic Falls mayor.

But the throbbing red heart of The Vampire Diaries remains the tension between Damon and Paul Wesley’s Stefan, and their mutual attraction to whomever Dobrev is embodying at the time. ”She’s Katherine! She loves to play games!” splutters Damon in the season opener. It’s not long after this that she plays a romantic game with him that will doubtless have reverberations throughout the season. As Katherine says: ”Game on.” B+

Advance review of The Vampire Diaries: The Complete First Season DVD

Review by Craig Byrne – VampireSite.net Webmaster

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on August 31 (only two weeks away!), and thanks to Warner Home Video, we’ve been able to take an advance look at the set, which collects the 22 episodes of the show’s first season. This review will be split into sections, and hopefully will be in-depth enough for those of you who just can’t wait for the end of the month.

Packaging/Design: The first thing you’ll notice with any DVD set is the packaging, right? Well… the first thing I noticed here was how thin the packaging for this season set is. It’s much slimmer than comparative sets forSmallville and Supernatural and about 1/4 the size of the X-Files DVD sets of old. Just because it takes up less space, though, doesn’t mean it’s packaged in a way that is inferior. Discs do not overlap each other and are easy to get out.

Individual disc art isn’t as cool as what we had with something like Smallville, nor are there any fancy menus, really… most title screens look like the front cover. The time not spent on disc art, however, is better spent on extras, which I’ll get to in a moment.

When you slide out the set, there’s a photo of Ian, Nina, and Paul on the back cover.

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