Episode 20 & 22 (season finale!) titles, additional stills from season 2

Spoiler TV has recently revealed the CW primetime schedule for the entire season. Thank God, there won’t be any other breaks this year until after the finale. The schedule also shows episode 20 title – “The Last Day”. Last dance, last day… poor Mystic Falls residents, I would say!

Plus, Ian Somerhalder announced the start of season 2 finale shooting yesterday. Right after that, he tweeted a photo of his own copy of the script (right). It is titled “As I Lay Dying”, written by TBD and directed by John Behring (“Plan B”, “The Last Dance”). I’m with mixed feelings about this – happy that the cast will be finally able to catch a break, but also sad that it’s that time of the year again.

It’s here-Season finale episode (ep222) of TVD.Wow,44 episodes in 24 months.Almost 3pm,got out of bed,coffee and new script- awesomeness…

Andrea at Vampire Diaries Web has added yet another batch of extra stills and BTS pictures to their gallery. There are images from almost every single episode so far as well as a few from next week’s “Know Thy Enemy”. They’re honestly awesome, so be sure to visit the site and look through them!


Vampire-Diaries.net reported the last unknown season 2 episode title last night. According to them, episode 21 will be the one where “The Sun Also Rises”. Vee also let her imagination loose and shared her thoughts on the recently revealed titles. Check them all out here. Some really interesting references there!

Additional season 2 stills, many more Nina outtakes

We have some new stills (as well as behind the scenes photos) to share with you, courtesy of the lovely Natalie. These are additions for “The Return”, “Plan B”, “Katerina” and “The Sacrifice”. Click on the images below to access the respective galleries. Plus, Vampire Diaries Web has just tweeted untagged versions.

And thanks to my friend Andrea for posting a bunch of more Seventeen outtakes of Nina. The actress looks absolutely stunning, congrats to the photographer! Check out a few pictures behind the cut and go to Nina Dobrev Network for almost 2 pages of beauty. Be careful, Nina might enchant you.

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2.06 Plan B: New episode stills, song list & ratings

Some more images from the latest Vampire Diaries episode have been released, courtesy of VampireSite.net. Kind of spoilery if you haven’t seen the episode (the scene where Damon tortures Mason, actually) yet. Check out a few of them below and find the rest in their gallery!

Thanks to @cmollere, we now know the tracks featured in 2.06. Songs in order of appearance.

1. The Script “This = Love” – Amazon UK
2. The Black Keys “Tighten Up” – Amazon US, Amazon UK
3. The Temper Trap “Science Of Fear” – Amazon US, Amazon UK
4. Athlete “Wires” – Amazon US, Amazon UK

And here are the ratings for “Plan B” via TV by the Numbers:

Over on the CW  The Vampire Diaries scored a 2.4 rating with women 18-34 and Nikita gave almost half of it with a 1.3 W18-34 rating, though that was on par with its last original.  The Vampire Diaries matched season highs with total viewers, adults 18-34 and adults 18-49.

Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec to The TV Chick: “2.06 is fun.”

There’s so much story so far this season. Are you confident it will take you through 22 episodes?

KW: Yes. I mean, we are already into the third season. We are actually trying to figure out the breaking point. Where are we going to stop at the end of this season? We kind of know where our season finale. We know what we want the last — I know a couple of the cliffhangers already, at least a lot of them, and I’m trying to figure out “where do I stop?” It’s so much fun. It’s a hard show to write. There’s a lot of mythology. I like slowing it down for the relationship stuff. So you don’t know how far we’re going to get.

Read the entire interview at The TV Chick.

Photo credit: Vampire-Diaries.net

PhillyBurbs chats to Vampire Diaries cast at NYCC: “The past is coming back for something.”

“This season in Mystic Falls, the past is coming back for something, though it is not clear for what yet,” he said. “Katherine, Elena’s look-alike, is back. We have not seen the worst of Katherine yet. Next week’s episode (which airs tonight) will be a game-changer.

Read the rest of the article over at PhillyBurbs.

Thanks to @CW_VampDiaries for bringing this to our attention!

Julie Plec offers a Plan B sneak peek to WetPaint: “Katherine is up to no good times a thousand.”

Now that we know Katherine and Mason are in cahoots, Plec says we’ll also start to get answers about Mason: why he’s working with Lady Piece, what he wants from her, and vice versa. Apparently, it’s not at all what we think. On the same tip, Plec says, “Damon’s reaction to learning that Katherine and Mason are together is also surprising. How he handles it. What he does about it.”

Read the rest of the article at WetPaint.

Source: Vampire-Diaries.net

Kevin Williamson to Jim Halterman: “There’s a world for Meredith [Sulez].”

JH: Now, we just had a rerun so what can we all mouth water over in anticipation for this coming week’s new episode, “Plan B?”

KW: The next episode is the one right before our Halloween episode. We sort of have a two-parter (“Plan B” and “Masquerade”) where we set up the Masquerade Ball at the Lockwood estate. It’s something that the Mayor had already put into motion before he died so they carry through with it. It is where they sort of put a plot in motion to once and for all take care of Katherine and it’s a very Katherine-focused episode. It’s all about saving everyone and doing away with Katherine.

Read the entire interview at Jim Halterman’s blog.

First stills and trailer for 2.06 Plan B

Two “Plan B” stills of Caroline and Bonnie have been released. As usual, courtesy of Vampire Diaries Web. Unfortunately, the episode will be broadcast October 21th, not next week.
imagebam.com imagebam.com

Also, CWtelevision has a promo for episode 6. Big spoiler warning for the ones who have not seen “Kill or Be Killed” yet. Hope more stills and a webclip will come soon.