Paul Wesley attends That Championship Season premiere, Ian Somerhalder at Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Males + Kat & Steven appearances

Our lovely cast definitely don’t waste their time! Paul, Ian, Kat and Steven have been photographed at various events this month. First of all, Wesley attended “That Championship Season” Broadway opening night. He posed with girlfriend, Torrey DeVitto, who was also there. The following day (March 7th), Ian visited Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Males of 2011. Photos, courtesy of Paul Wesley France and Vampire Diaries Web. There are also videos from the Cosmopolitan party after the break.

On the other hand, Katerina Graham and Steven R. McQueen visited some film premieres this month. Kat joined many stars at the Red Riding Hood’s red carpet, while Steven showed up at Battle: Los Angeles premiere. The actress and singer took time for charity as well. She attended Have a Heart for Children fundraising to help raising money for children suffering from cancer. Learn more for the foundation at their official site. If you’re able to help, please donate and/or spread the word. Even the smallest amount is greatly appreciated. Thanks to Katerina Graham Source and Steven R. McQueen Online for the MQs & HQs.

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Nina, Paul & Michael photo round-up: InStyle HQ scans, VMan outtakes, NBA All-Star Game + more

Mr. Wesley and Mr. Trevino’s fans have been happier than ever in the last few weeks. The hotties have recently attended a couple of events. Michael showed up at 2011 NBA All-Star Game and last night’s Lakers Game. Photos from both games can be found over at

On the other hand, Paul stopped by Madison Square Garden to watch the Philadelphia Flyers Vs New York Rangers Game. New outtakes of him surfaced as well. The photoshoot is awesome, so take time to check it all out. Many thanks to Paul Wesley France and Blood Falls!

Nina Dobrev’s admirers have a reason to be cheerful, too. posted high quality scans from the actress’s InStyle Germany issue. See them all in the site’s gallery. Such a great shoot, I love it!

Paul Wesley attends W Happenings Presents Symmetry Spins event, Nov. 18th, 2010

Paul showed up at W Happenings Presents Symmetry Spins at W New York, November 18th. The actor looked handsome, as usual, and here are some pictures, courtesy of Paul Wesley FranceJust Jared. Thanks to @OhNinaOrg for the heads up! In case you haven’t noticed, Oh Nina Dobrev is a really good site, so follow her on Twitter. This girl works really hard and deserves some TVD family love. 😉

Nina Dobrev on MTV’s The Seven, arriving at Jimmy Fallon

Not only did Nina visit at Associated Press and Jimmy Fallon this Thursday, but she also stopped by MTV’s The Seven. Our leading lady talks about the whole making out thing and pulling double duty on the show. Again, thanks to Nina Dobrev Network for the heads up!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And in addition to the actress’s guest appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, here are some candids of her arriving at the studio. Brought to you by Undisclosed Desires (via Diarios do Vampiro).

Nina Dobrev on AP Live and Jimmy Fallon’s show, November 4th

November 4th was officially a Nina Dobrev day! First, the actress participated in a live interview during The Associated Press stream. She was also one of the guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. You missed her appearances? Don’t worry, we have them both for your viewing enjoyment! The first clip is courtesy of AP Live, who were kind enough to upload their chat with Nina. She talks about two of her favorite cities – New York and Atlanta, pluses of playing Elena and Katherine both. Ms. Dobrev also teases next week’s episode, “Katerina”. Play the video below for more of this long, great interview.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And thanks to the one and only Nina Dobrev Network for providing us with a video from Nina Dobrev’s visit on Jimmy Fallon. You can watch part 1 here and be sure to head over to her site for part 2 (+ some awesome caps)! The actress discusses almost the same things as the ones in the AP interview. Jimmy also shows a few lovely pictures of Nina from Australia. Plus, they play Dance Central which is so fun to watch! What more can I say? Just check it out already!

Speaking of Nina Dobrev Network, don’t forget to donate for Andrea’s latest projects – Christmas (ends November 8th) and birthday (final date: December 15th) one. She basically wants to surprise Nina by sending her gift basket and flowers along with your fan messages. Learn more by clicking on the names of the projects above. Spread the word!

Official photos from NYCC, Katherine’s origin revealed, new interviews & videos

The Warner Brothers released some official shots from New York Comic Con a few days ago. You can see some below and click here for the rest.

Fancast had a nice chat with executive producers Julie and Kevin. They talk about Katherine’s original story, upcoming flashbacks and season 2 finale (yay!). Read the entire story at Fancast.

Adds exec producer Kevin Williamson, “We go back in time to show a lot about how Katherine (played by Nina Dobrev) came to become who she was. We answer a lot of questions” – including a few burning ones concerning her ties to the Petrova clan, her beginnings as a bloodsucker, and why she’s an undead ringer for Elena.

The cast also chatted to IO9. They discuss their characters, the show in general. Check out an excerpt below and head over to IO9 to read the rest of the article (thanks, @SYcinetwilove!).

McQueen said Jeremy wants “in” and has valuable information. He may have a new, “dabbling” love interest, as yet unwritten — but it could be someone that we know. Meanwhile, Roerig said Matt may learn the truth about what’s happening in Mystic Falls — but it won’t be from anyone you’d expect.

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The Vampire Diaries cast at New York Comic Con, October 10

First of all, a few photos from the event, courtesy of @cadlymack and LIFE:

Many more over at Vampire Diaries Web and I Heart Vampire Diaries.

Videos from the Q&A, thanks to I Heart Vampire Diaries for the heads up and PhillyFilmGirl for uploading these:

Vampire Eyes Online has a live coverage of the panel. You can find some quotes below (spoiler warning!) and head over to their site to read the entire coverage:

Have we seen the last of John Gilbert? John Gilbert will be back! “There’s too much potential there – there’s great story left there to mine. He’s Elena’s father!”

Will Jeremy and Katherine have scenes together? Yes, Jeremy and Katherine are about to have a big face-off in the next few episodes.

Who might make a comeback? Lexi.

@popwrap: Biggest spoiler from press room: episode eight is Katherine’s backstory. We go to Romania, circa 1492.

Also, Zap2it had a wonderful chat with the cast during Comic Con. Check out an excerpt below and the rest of the article is at their site:

Jenna and Katherine will meet again very, very soon. “It’s a weird thing with Jenna because she’s got a special relationship with Elena, and we’ve seen that be tested again and again in the first season, and now Katherine’s just going to throw something else into the mix,” says Canning. “She’s like, ‘What’s going on with my niece?’ There’s already things she’s worried that Elena’s not telling her, like why are you making out with Damon on the porch, so that’s just going to intensify it and cause some major trust issues.”

Plus, a WPIX interview round. They got a chance to talk to Kat, Steven, Sara, Matt, Kevin and Julie. Thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for bringing this to our attention! Play the video chat with Steven and Julie below and go to their site to see the other two.

Vodpod videos no longer available.