Kat Graham chats to TV Fanatic, Julie Plec previews the Klaus chapter

Following her interviews with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, Gabrielle Compolongo has posted her next video from the “Vampire Diaries” set. In it, she chats with Katerina Graham. The two discuss her character’s relationship with Elena’s little brother, the possibility of seeing Lucy again, etc. See part one below and go to TV Fanatic for the other two.

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Plus, Show Tracker has recently interviewed Julie Plec. The writer previews what’s to happen in the Klaus Chapter. She also comments on two of the show’s triangles – Stefan/Elena/Damon and Matt/Caroline/Tyler. Head over to LA Times for more of their chat.

“There’s one weapon, two originals. I wonder what’s going to happen,” Plec mused coyly during an interview with Showtracker. “That is their big conundrum. As soon as we get back from the hiatus, we’re going to start asking that question and seeing what our characters decide to do about it will be pretty big.”

The TV Chick set interviews with Ian, Candice, Kat, Matt, Sara & Julie

Alix Sternberg from The TV Chick has posted LOTS of chats with “The Vampire Diaries” crew lately. After the Steven R. McQueen one, the reporter released interviews with Katerina Graham, Candice Accola, Ian Somerhalder, Julie Plec, Matt Davis and Sara Canning. Excerpts from them can be found below and click on the links above each quote for more. Plus, head over to The TV Chick for her video with Candice.

FROM THE SET: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kat Graham (Bonnie) from The Vampire Diaries

And do you have a favorite moment or scene that you’ve shot so far?
The first thing that comes to mind when you ask me that is when Elena comes up the stairs after she’s been kidnapped and I had written her a note. I wound up getting a nose bleed just from that thing. And she walks up the stairs and I ran to her and hugged her. That scene didn’t have any words for me but just having that kind of bond with Nina, [it’s] probably one of my favorite moments just because it’s so real for me. That was probably one of my favorite moments that I’ve shot.

FROM THE SET: INTERVIEW: Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) from The Vampire Diaries

What has been your biggest challenge playing Damon?
The softer side of Sears. You know what I mean? It’s like (sings) “Come see the softer side of…Salvatore.” [Ed. Note: He has us all cracking up]
It’s tough, because there has to be truth and there’s a lot of real pain buried in that humor and that sort of the maniacal killer in him is starting to wane by virtue of the fact that again, not to sound like a broken record, all the stakes have been raised because he cares about people now. There are stakes.

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30 stills for 2.07 Masquerade, first look at Lucy

It’s official, I love The CW and Vampire Diaries Web! Thanks to them, we now have 30 stills (yes, you got that right, THIRTY stills!) from October 28th episode of The Vampire Diaries, “Masquerade”. Enjoy some magnificent images below and head over to Vampire Diaries Web to see the rest! And have fun guessing who is who. 😉

New vampire Lucy coming to Mystic Falls

Lucy, a sexy, hard core vampire is going to take Elena, but only to entice another uber-powerful vamp named Phillipe. Elena is exactly what Phillipe has been wanting and Lucy wastes no time letting him know she has his prize. During Elena’s captivity with Rose she learns some unnerving truths.

  • Lucy isn’t going to kill Elena, someone else is/or at least planning to.
  • Stefan, her soul-mate, used to be a ripper.
  • A ripper is a vampire with no self control, that just rips you apart and feeds.

As we learnt from Michael Ausiello a few weeks ago, Lucy will be played by Natashia Williams, an almost-finalist in American Idol season 7. And according to “Masquerade” description we posted yesterday, she will come forward in episode 7.

What do you think? Will Lucy unite with Katherine or some other vampire? Or she will join the do-gooder team?

Source: Spoilers Guide

Official synopsis of 2.07 Masquerade

Description for the October 28th episode of Vampire Diaries, thanks to The CW via VampireSite.net:

DEATH AT THE MASQUERADE BALL — Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) decide on a new plan to deal with Katherine (Nina Dobrev) at the Lockwood’s masquerade ball.  Katherine calls on an old friend, Lucy (guest star Natashia Williams), to attend the ball with her.  Bonnie (Katerina Graham), Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Alaric (Matt Davis) all do what they can to help Stefan and Damon, but Katherine has a surprise planned that none of them could foresee.  Things take an ugly turn when Matt (Zach Roerig) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) start doing shots with their friends.

Sara Canning also stars. Charles Beeson directed the episode written by Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec.

New Vampire Diaries spoilers from Ausiello and Kristin

Question: I think you’ve been a little stingy with The Vampire Diaries scoop. How about some enlightenment? —Robin
How about some casting scoop? She Spies alum (and season 7 American Idol almost-finalist) Natashia Williams has landed the role of Lucy, a mysterious hipster who possesses a fun swagger. How’s that for a vague spoiler? – Ask Ausiello

Liam in Smithtown, N.Y.: What’s coming up for Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries? Will she continue to feel guilty after forcing Damon to give Caroline his blood?
Definitely…but only to a point. Katerina Graham recently told us: “This is somebody who you love and you’re putting pressure on other people to help you out to protect someone else. There’s guilt with the whole process.” However, Mystic Falls’ resident witch still feels the vampires are ultimately to blame…for everything that’s ever happened in the entire world. Or something like that. “It’s still their fault that this happened in the first place. At the end of the day, if the vampires didn’t come to town, this wouldn’t be a problem.” We think Damon said it best: “Witches, judgy little things.” – Watch With Kristin