Chats, chats, chats: Zimbio interview with Sara Canning, Dawn Olivieri talks to TV Guide & EW + Steven spills up to The TV Chick

Thanks to for the heads up on this Zimbio chat with Sara Canning. She comments on her career before the show, castmate Matt Davis and shooting love scenes with him. Tonight’s episode is also mentioned. Read the entire story over at Zimbio.

Zimbio: What is your typical day like filming on Vampire Diaries?
Sara: Getting up really early. I do a vocal warm-up in my car. Then I show up to set and go into hair and makeup; there’s anywhere from one to six of us in there at any time. The cast are my really great friends but also great people to watch work. We all jive together really well. Last week I shot a scene with six other cast members, it was all of us, for one day, in one room, shooting a bunch of scenes. And we just looked at each other and were like, ‘How good do we have it?’

Guest star Dawn Olivieri was interviewed this week, too. Robyn Ross has a wonderful chat with her up at TV Guide. She teases tonight’s “dinner party”, what the future holds for her and how long Andie will stick around town.

Mandi Bierly caught up with Dawn as well. The star dishes about Damon’s compulsion on her character, how it affects her as well as the struggle she’s going through. Visit Inside TV for all this + some great stories.

Also, The TV Chick posted her interview with Steven R. McQueen today. The actor discusses THE kiss, the consequences of it, the relationship between the Gilberts, etc. And here’s what he’d like to see next for Jeremy:

And what would you like to see from Jeremy coming up in the 2nd half of season 2? He’s really taken on this nice big role.
I think it’d be interesting to see him be more involved with his family legacy and starting to get involved with the training of being a vampire hunter. Whether Alaric takes him under his wing, or Uncle John, and just kind of get mentored in the right direction.

Head over to The TV Chick for the rest of the article.

Eight questions with Julie Plec on Vampire Diaries


Julie Plec, developer, writer and executive producer of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ answered some of my questions about the direction the supernatural series is headed … deaths, David Anders and how closely the series follows the books.

If you’ve at all followed my reviews of The Vampire Diaries this season, you’ll know how my optimistic skepticism (I would have been crazy to embrace another vamp series right away, right?) evolved into respect and enjoyment, and eventually the admission that The Vampire Diaries is my guilty pleasure of this television season. A large part of that credit goes to Julie Plec, the developer, writer and executive producer of the series (and previously Kyle XY), and the direction she and cohort Kevin Williamson have so artfully woven for the show.

Julie graciously answered some of my questions — and neglected to reply to others, which I’ll also share with you — about the series in general and where we might see some of the characters going this season and next. Beware, teasers follow!

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