Zap2it’s video chats with Sara & Zach: Personal growth, twists and turns

Zap2it‘s @cadlymack continues to please “Vampire Diaries” fans with her set reports. She posted her chat with Sara Canning last night. The actress opens up about the fall-out of Isobel’s arrival, the men in Jenna’s life, which way she’s going to go, etc. You can watch the interview over at Zap2it.

“It’s kind of hard to say what needs to happen now, or what prominent piece of story needs to happen that would fix that. I think we would see some significant Alaric and Jenna time in terms of them addressing their relationship and defining it.”

Just an hour after Know Thy Enemy’s airing, Carina released another on-set interview. This time, it features Zach Roerig. He comments on Matt’s growth, the recent events around him and his reaction to Tyler’s impending return. Play the video below for more scoop and Zach’s blue eyes.

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Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec to The TV Chick: “2.06 is fun.”

There’s so much story so far this season. Are you confident it will take you through 22 episodes?

KW: Yes. I mean, we are already into the third season. We are actually trying to figure out the breaking point. Where are we going to stop at the end of this season? We kind of know where our season finale. We know what we want the last — I know a couple of the cliffhangers already, at least a lot of them, and I’m trying to figure out “where do I stop?” It’s so much fun. It’s a hard show to write. There’s a lot of mythology. I like slowing it down for the relationship stuff. So you don’t know how far we’re going to get.

Read the entire interview at The TV Chick.

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Melinda on whether we’ll see Kelly again: “It would be great to go visit Mystic Falls.”

There’s still a lot to explore with your character, Kelly Donovan.

Yes, it would just be a matter of the network and producers and writers working that out. They’re two totally, absolutely different characters, which is great, but it would be kind of up to the network to decide if they wanted to see my face two hours in a row. Although, right now, Amanda is definitely a supporting character. She’s kind of mysterious and enigmatic, you don’t really know much about her and I don’t think there will be very much revealed in the beginning. But yeah, I talked to Kevin Williamson, I talked to Peter Roth, the head of Warner Brothers … but, yes, in a perfect world it would be great to go visit Mystic Falls and just ruin Matt’s life even more.

Read the entire interview over at TV Squad.


Comic-Con 2010 master post

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TeenDramaWhore interviews Melinda Clarke: “It was fun to work with Ian [Somerhalder] because there’s a looseness to him, to his character.”

TDW: With The Vampire Diaries, I have to ask: are you Team Damon or Team Stefan? Or, you can be Team Kelly, too!

Clarke: It was fun to work with Ian [Somerhalder] because there’s a looseness to him, to his character. He definitely brings a lot to the character. It’s not just lines on the page. And I think Kelly is similar to that. We don’t really know why Kelly is such a bad mother, why she does what she does, like drinking, and where she’s been. They definitely didn’t explain that so that leaves a lot to be explored in the future if she comes back.

TDW: That’s what the hope is. That we’ll see you again next season and delve into that.

Clarke: I’m not dead yet! I don’t think they have any intention of killing her. But it was definitely a little bit of a taste or a tease to have this character around to make her son’s life miserable but then ultimately leave town as a sacrifice, realizing she doesn’t make her son’s life any better.

Read the whole interview here.


PopWrap interviews Kevin Williamson: “The Isobel episode actually answers a lot of questions .. but raises a couple too.”

My adoration of Kevin Williamson and the by-products of his brain are well covered territory on PopWrap — “Scream,” “Dawson’s Creek,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” and “The Faculty” have all earned ink. But then he went and launched “The Vampire Diaries” which kicked over the well and ran away with all the ink.

2010’s Best New Drama premieres its penultimate episode tonight titled “Isobel” and promises to crank up Elena’s mama drama in a big way. And “big” is the word du jour next week as well when the season finale takes a page out of Daniel Day Lewis’ playbook. Oh yes, there will be blood.

I caught up with Kevin as he put the finishing touches on next week’s episode, titled “Founder’s Day,” for a frank chat about the show’s first year. What worked, what didn’t and what fans will have to wait for next season to see.

PopWrap: First off, I just have to say how much I’ve enjoyed this season of “Vampire Diaries.” Easily the best new drama on TV right now.
Kevin Williamson: It’s been really hard so that’s nice to hear. We’re exhausted. First year shows are very difficult. There are just so many elements in the storytelling aspect. Thank goodness all the other stuff — casting, directing, production — fell into place from the very beginning.

PW: I know you’re still editing the finale, but can you look at the season objectively yet?
Kevin: I can look back and think, oy! There’s not much going on there that some time wouldn’t have fixed. We’re on the TV schedule – there’s no time to say, “gee, another re-write might help that.”

PW: What specifically would you like to get a “do over” on?
Kevin: You’re talking to me – I’m never happy. I want to rewrite everything. I could sit in a room by myself and rewrite forever and ever and never send it to Atlanta. There are characters and situations I wish I could have explored more. We just weren’t able to properly introduce a lot, so we just held back. But that’s OK, it’ll give us a richer second season.

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Melinda Clarke to Starry Constelation Magazine: “It’s a wonderful cast and a wonderful group of people.”

Q. What are some of the recent projects that you’ve been working on?

A. 2010 has seemed to have flown by extremely fast and I feel like I have been home maybe a week a month since January.  I just recently did a four episode arc on “The Vampire Diaries.”  I also spent three weeks in Toronto for a new pilot for the CW called “Nikita.”  It’s an updated television version of “La Femme Nakita” which is very exciting.  I’m not a groovy alcoholic mom or cougar, my character is actually a very sophisticated operative who is in the division that is one of the higher ups as a mentor, teacher, and controller of the young people that are being trained as assassins.

Q. As you mentioned you recently appeared on “The Vampire Diaries” as Kelly Donovan, what made you want to be a part of it and how were you approached to be on it?

A. I have to be honest, a part came up that I had been submitted for and I spoke with Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec on the phone actually, and they decided that that part was too small and they wanted to save me for a different role.  They discussed with me at length how they thought the character could go, and of course I was concerned about it being too similar to Julie Cooper, another mother stirring up trouble.  Of course we could find similarities, but at the same time, to me they are very different.  Ultimately after the end of the arc on “The Vampire Diaries” we still have only scratched the surface of Kelly Donovan, there wasn’t a lot of back story, we don’t know why she’s been gone or where she’s been.  It’s been a little bit of a taste, a little bit of a tickle, for the audience probably to have this character blast through town and cause trouble for poor Matt.  Hopefully there is room for the character to come back and only be Matt’s mom.  We started just at one point but hopefully in other seasons we’ll figure out what really makes this woman tick and what her views are.

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Los Angeles Times interviews Melinda Clarke: “There’s definitely a climax to Kelly Donovan’s arc in this episode.”

When news broke that Melinda Clarke would be joining “The Vampire Diaries” as Kelly Donovan, Matt and Vicki’s absentee mom, fans who knew her from her work on “The O.C.” and “C.S.I.” were thrilled.

After three episodes, Clarke has already left a considerable mark on Mystic Falls. Her character convinced Jenna to let her hair down, hooked up with Damon, preyed on Caroline’s insecurities, and likely did a number on the town’s liquor supply. Clarke’s shining moment, however, came when Kelly Donovan learned Vicki’s body had been found after months of assuming she’d just run away.

In a scene without any dialogue, Clarke made Kelly’s grief believable and powerful. Thursday night’s episode, “Under Control,” is the last of Clake’s four-episode stint on “The Vampires,” but that’s not to say we won’t be seeing her again. Melinda sat down to talk about Kelly’s chances of returning to Mystic Falls, her experiences working with the cast and crew, and even the pilot she recently shot for The CW.

Thursday night is your last episode of “The Vampire Diaries”!

For the time being, I think.

Will we see you again?

You never know when a character might die on this show, obviously, but I don’t think I’m giving too much away by saying that it’s a possibility. I saw a quote from [co-creator] Kevin Williamson recently where he said that I’d been established now as Matt’s mom and that they’d have me for as long as I want them. He’s cute. I’ll say this: There’s definitely a climax to Kelly Donovan’s arc in this episode. You may or may not see her the rest of the season, and I will always be open to the idea of being around for “The Vampire Diaries.”

Did you enjoy your time out there in Atlanta?

They had one of the most extreme winters they’ve ever had, and it was really chilly for this California girl! I mean, I’ve been in snow, but I’ve never driven in snow. The best thing about Atlanta is that I’m a complete foodie, and they have fantastic food.

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