Vampire Diaries UK return date, Paul Wesley in TV Guide

ITV2 themselves announced the return date for “Vampire Diaries” on their Facebook page a few days ago. And no, this is NOT an April Fools’ Day joke. The show will return British screens April 12th, less than a week after its official return. Cheers, UK fans!

And thanks to for the heads up on Paul’s TV Guide feature. In Ileane Rudolph’s chat with the actor, he discusses what’s ahead for Stefan when the show returns, well-known Klaus and his girlfriends on (Elena) and off screen (Torrey DeVitto).

ITV2’s Vampire Diaries return date + trailer

Good news, UK fans! @itv2 tweeted that the show returned with all new episodes Tuesday, February 1st. That’s right, you’ll be able to see the “Vampire Diaries” midseason premiere only one week after the USA. For Australian fans, TVD comes back January 31st on GO!.

In addition to these news, ITV2 uploaded a new promo to make us even more excited. It features scenes from “The Descent”, so SPOILER warning for the ones who don’t like them.

UPDATE: The Vampire Diaries will be back in October in the UK

Source: itv2official

Quote: “Promo video featuring all our great upcoming shows!”

P.S. People on Facebook are saying “The Sun TV mag confirmed it starts in October”. I personally have not bought the magazine and cannot confirm this. However, there seems to be a general consesus among fans of The Vampire Diaries – ITV2 that October is indeed the start of the show’s second season in the UK. Yay!

SpoilerTV also inform us that The Vampire Diaries will be available to download from the UK iTunes store every Friday following the US broadcast. Thanks, tvdfansonline!

UPDATE: ITV2 just confirmed the October premiere of The Vampire Diaries season 2 in the UK:

UK’s ITV2 to broadcast Vampire Diaries season 2 alongside US premiere

ITV, the television company broadcasting Vampire Diaries in UK, made a press release a few days ago, mentioning the show. Hundreds of fans living in UK asked the same question: “When will ITV2 start broadcasting Vampire Diaries season 2?” Well, now they can give you an answer – or sort of.

Hit US dramas, Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl are back for new series, broadcast alongside their US premiere dates.

Also, they replied to a fan on Facebook with the words: “So close to being able to tell you the date when it starts…but I can’t!”. So keep checking their page, maybe they’ll mention something.

Thanks to @tvdfansonline for the heads up on this!

ITV2 promo and ratings for “162 Candles” and “History Repeating”

According to Digital Spy, episode 7 of The Vampire Diaries drew 500k (2.1%) for ITV2 last night, according to the latest viewing data.

The figure was up on last week’s performance of 479k (1.9%), but failed to top the average for the series so far, which stands at 533k (2.3%).

According to Digital Spy episode 8, The Vampire Diaries climbed to 517k (2.1%) for ITV2 last night, according to early viewing figures.

The episode was up on last week’s performance of 500k (2.1%), but remains just behind the season high of 533k (2.3%).

Source: I Heart Vampire Diaries