“The Vampire Diaries” nominated for 2010 TV Show Music Awards

The show is nominated in the following categories:

Best Song Use – (“Run” by Leona Lewis, Fool Me Once)
Best Song Use – Happiness (“Cut” by Plumb, The Turning Point)
Best Song Use – Sadness Scene (“Run” by Leona Lewis)
Best Song Use – Closing Song (“The Weight of Us” by Sanders Bohlke, Haunted)
Best Overall Song Use on a Show

Vampire Diaries also has honorable mentions for Stateless’ Bloodstream (Founder’s Day) and Moby’s Temptation (Friday Night Bites).

Cast your vote here. Polls close September 13th.

Source: Vampire-Diaries.net

Haunted #9 On FearNet’s Spooky Scary Bloody Moments of 2009

The year is winding down, and it’s time to look back on 2009 with our favorite spooky, scary, bloody moments on television.  Some of them are the usual suspects, like Dexter and True Blood.  Others are a little unlikely.  Read on for our list presented in alphabetical order and let us know if you agree…

The Vampire Diaries – “Haunted”
In this pivotal episode, Vicki, a main character dies.  But she doesn’t go quietly.  She had spent the last few episodes dealing with “the change” which left her frantic with confusion and bloodlust.  Stefan desperately tries to help her through the change, first by trying to prevent her from going full-vamp, then by trying to teach her that a diet of only animal blood is possible.  But when Vicki’s bloodlust gets out of control and she brutally attacks Elena, Stefan doesn’t hesitate to stake her.

You can check the rest of the moments here

Source: Vampire Diaries Online