IGN interview with Nina: “The premiere is going to be shocking and huge and exciting.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. This is IGN. We appeal to guy’s stuff. But I’m here to tell you, if you haven’t been watching, The Vampire Diaries is a really cool show. What looked like a Twilight clone when it first began quickly evolved into a complex, layered story with a ton of surprising twists and turns and a very detailed and involving mythology.

Playing not one but two key components to that mythology is Nina Dobrev. The actress has the lead role as the human Elena, but also has had the opportunity to play Katherine, the evil vampire who started the whole story by turning brothers Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) into vampires in 1864. Katherine had previously appeared only in flashbacks, until the shocking Season 1 finale revealed she had returned to the town of Mystic Falls – and was quickly up to her old, bloody tricks.

I had the opportunity to speak to Dobrev about the new season ofVampire Diaries, which premieres this Thursday, and the challenges and rewards of playing two characters simultaneously.

IGN TV: So suffice to say, Katherine is going to be stirring up a lot of trouble as we begin Season 2?

Nina Dobrev: Yes, Katherine is most definitely back. She’s back and she’s going to wreak havoc. The thing about Katherine is she’s so spontaneous and unexpected. You can’t really get into her mind to figure out what she’s up to, because if she doesn’t want you to know, you’re not going to find out. She does everything for her own amusement and own entertainment. Screwing with people and messing with their minds and playing with them is the most fun for someone who’s been on the earth for however many hundred years. You get bored of the regular grind, so why not come back and visit and ex or two, and a new girlfriend, and stir up the pot?

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Vampire Diaries winning categories in Tubeys 2010

Polls for Tubey Awards were closed  and the winners have been announced. The Vampire Diaries won in the following categories:

Best New Show – The Vampire Diaries
Best Single Episode (Drama) – Founder’s Day
Best Season Finale – The Vampire Diaries
Best Unexpected Plot Twist – It’s not Elena, it’s Katherine (season finale)
Best Almost-Romantic-But-Not-Quite Relationship – Damon & Elena

New TWoP’s Tubeys polls up, Teen Choice Awards voting closes tomorrow

Vampire Diaries is nominated in the following categories:

Best Sidekick – Alaric Saltzman
Best Line of Dialogue – “Believe it or not Stefan, some girls don’t need my persuasion. Some girls just can’t resist my good looks, my style, and my charm and my unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift.”; “I do believe in killing the messenger. You know why? Because it sends a message.” (both Damon’s)
Best WTF Moment – Katherine, pretending to be Elena, cuts Uncle John’s fingers
Best Unexpected Plot Twist – It’s not Elena in the final scenes with Damon and Uncle John – it’s Katherine

Get your votes in over at Television Without Pity.

Also, do not forget to vote for Nina, Paul, Ian and Kat at Teen Choice Awards! Polls close tomorrow, so make sure you supported your favourites!

Source: Vampire-Diaries.net

Exclusive ‘Vampire Diaries’ video: Who’s getting an ‘unlikely’ new love interest?!

Do you like The Vampire Diaries? How ’bout spoilers—you a fan of those, too? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions then run—don’t walk—to the embedded video player after the jump. It features an exclusive two-part interview with the cast and producers of The CW’s second-year vampire phenom that is so insanely scoopy (particularly part 2 with EPs Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec) I almost feel a little guilty posting it. I said almost.

Source: The Ausiello Files


YouTube versions of the interviews, thanks a lot to @Badass_Stew:

1 more video after the cut

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Award nominations and wins abound for Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is showing up frequently among awards nominees and winners lately. Whether it is the TV.com NOW Awards or the Teen Choice Awards, the show is appearing in category after category. That’s definitely a good sign for a show just beginning to film their sophomore season.

The TV.com NOW Awards added three wins to the shows list. Ian Somerhalder won Best New Bad Guy for his portrayal of Damon. Paul Wesley was not left out, winning the title of Sexiest Vampire. The show overall was recognized with the Editors Choice award for Best Show. You can see video of Somerhalder, Wesley and Kevin Williamson being informed of their wins at Comic Con here.

The CW Sourcies, which has in the past been dominated by Supernatural and One Tree Hill, seemed to be a gift created for the series. These awards give the CW fans a chance to vote for their favorites in a different category each week. Vampire Diaries won 8 of the 10 categories. Their wins included Best Kiss, Best Fight, Hottest Moment, Best Villain, Biggest Surprise, Best Recurring Character, Favorite Bad Bay and Biggest Cliffhanger. Cliffhangers is something thatVampire Diaries certainly specializes in.

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TV Guide Magazine’s special Comic-Con issue scans

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Credit: My Entertainment OCD via Vampire Diaries Online

The CW Sourcies winners announced

We’ve come to the end of another Sourcies season, only to find that a New CW-World Order has arisen. In the past, the Sourcies had broken down into a battle between two fan favorites — Supernatural and One Tree Hill — with Gossip Girl occasionally landing a punch. But now? Now there’s a new 800-pound gorilla in The CW jungle, and its name is The Vampire Diaries.

The freshman vampire romance dominated the Sourcies, winning eight of the 10 categories. The Salvatore boys and the women who love them brought wins in Best Kiss, Best Fight, Hottest Moment, Best Villain, Biggest Surprise, Best Recurring Character, Favorite Bad Boy and Best Cliffhanger.

Congratulations to all the shows, and thanks to all of you for voting!

Read the entire article over at The CW Source.

The Sourcies wind up the season with Best Cliffhanger

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yet another Sourcies season comes to an end… but we’ve saved the best for last! Our top shows hit us with loads of delicious cliffhangers this year, but which one rises above the others? Take a look and see what you think.

The poll closes on July 21 at 11:59pm central. Feel free to share the poll, but send folks back to us to comment. We’ll wrap up all of the Sourcies on July 22 — and then we dive straight into Comic Con!

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