TV Fanatic interviews with Sara Canning and Katerina Graham

What can we look forward to this season?
Without being allowed to say much, some of the major points that have been established are Katherine returning and how that’s going to affect the brothers and the entire town. Jenna has let Katherine into the house and it’s going to create a lot of tension with her and Elena because Katherine has become this puppet master and you never know who is who. Jenna is one of the only characters left who doesn’t know about the supernatural beings in Mystic Falls. For her, it will really test her as a parental figure and as friend to have Katherine messing with everyone and misleading Jenna. There are other major secrets that are being revealed.

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TV Guide Magazine’s special Comic-Con issue scans
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“The Vampire Diaries” nominated for 2010 TV Show Music Awards

The show is nominated in the following categories:

Best Song Use – (“Run” by Leona Lewis, Fool Me Once)
Best Song Use – Happiness (“Cut” by Plumb, The Turning Point)
Best Song Use – Sadness Scene (“Run” by Leona Lewis)
Best Song Use – Closing Song (“The Weight of Us” by Sanders Bohlke, Haunted)
Best Overall Song Use on a Show

Vampire Diaries also has honorable mentions for Stateless’ Bloodstream (Founder’s Day) and Moby’s Temptation (Friday Night Bites).

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“Fool Me Once” song list

1. Oh Mercy “Can’t Fight It”
2. Earlimart “Before It Gets Better”
3. The Soft Pack “Answer To Yourself”
4. Tokyo Police Club “In A Cave”
5. U.S. Royalty “Every Summer”
6. The Steps “Out Tonight”
7. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “All You Do Is Talk”
8. Leona Lewis “Run”

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