New Nina outtakes & quotes from Flare, Kelly Hu attends various events

Oh Nina Dobrev has found a new outtake (pictured) from the actress’s John Bregar photoshoot. She did it back in 2008. Find more Bregar’s photography at his official site. has new photos of Nina as well. This time, they’re from her Seventeen Magazine spread. She looks absolutely fabulous! Enjoy the 86 (no, I’m not mistaken) images in’s gallery. Previous outtakes can be found here.

Thanks to TV Examiner for this excerpt from Nina Dobrev’s chat with Flare. She discusses The Vampire Diaries’ Katherine and her slow (but sure) turning into a vampire. We recently posted a behind the scenes video and outtakes from the actress’s cover shoot for the magazine. For more of the interview itself, pick up Flare’s February issue.

“I really admire the fact that Katherine looks out for herself. I think you need to have a selfish period in life, where you discover yourself. My work is so demanding and the hours are so long and the [material] so heavy. In the off-time I have I’m sort of selfish. I stay home and I sleep a lot. I’m actually slowly becoming a vampire.”

Like her co-star, Kelly Hu has kept herself busy, too. She was at The Access Hollywood “Stuff You Must…” Lounge as well as BAFTA Los Angeles 17th Annual Awards Season Tea Party. Check out some photos below. The full sets can be found over at Blood Falls and Daylife. Have I mentioned how beautiful she is? Miss you, Kelly!

Happy Birthday, Nina + more outtakes from Flare and Seventeen

First of all, Happy Birthday to the amazing Nina Dobrev! Wish you lots of health since everyone needs it, love as this is what matters the most after all, happiness, so your smile keeps lighting up our day, and luck because we’re lost without it. 🙂 More and more successful projects and dreams come true! Enjoy your day! has managed to find more shots of Nina from her Flare and Seventeen cover sessions. Photographers are C Nicholls and K Willardt, respectively. Also, the February issue of Flare comes out tomorrow, January 10th. Be sure to buy it for more quotes from their Dobrev interview. Check out the entire sets by clicking on one of the pictures.

Behind the scenes of Nina’s Flare cover shoot, Kat Graham shares future plans with Hartford Courant

Flare Magazine offers you an “inside pass” to the set of Dobrev’s recent photoshoot for their February 2011 issue. Lisa Tant, Flare’s Editor-in-Chief, explains their choice Nina to be February’s cover girl. Also, the actress herself shares why the magazine is one of her favourites. LOTS of beauty featured. You have been warned. I really hope some outtakes will pop up soon!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for the heads up on this Katerina chat with Hartford Courant. In it, she talks about her future projects, the pleasure of playing Bonnie Bennett and her 2011 resolutions. On December 31st, Graham’s hosting a New Year’s Eve party held at the Shrine at MGM Grand Foxwoods. If you’d like to welcome 2011 with the actress/singer (and are at least 21), feel free to go! Select your tickets at Shrine’s official website.

Q: What is next for you professionally?

A: I have a movie coming out [in February] called “The Roommate,” and it is really cool. Then I have “Honey 2” coming out after that. Then there is “Vampire Diaries” and the CD, so I am keeping myself busy. I am hoping to do some traveling and meet more of my fans. I like to do a luncheon in the places I perform for those who aren’t 21 and can’t get into the club venues. I am trying to get an early flight to Connecticut so I can have one on Friday.

Read the entire chat over at Hartford Courant.

Nina Dobrev covers Flare: “I don’t see myself any differently than I did a few years ago.”

Nina has done a cover shoot for Flare’s February 2011 issue lately. She has also opened up about the diary she’d love to read, her most memorable day and the best date she had. A snippet can be found below, read more over at Flare. For the rest of the interview, pick up Flare Magazine’s latest issue hitting newsstands January 10th.

The best date:
“It’s a toss up between two: “[In the first], I was supposed to have a date with someone, and at the last minute I had to fly to another city for business. Not only was he extremely understanding of the whole situation, but he surprised me by flying to meet me for dinner later that night. I was shocked at how far (literally) he would go to surprise, and spend time with me. It was very romantic. [In the second], after a long, extremely exhausting, and emotionally draining day on set, I got back home to find my boyfriend in the kitchen making me dinner. He handed me a glass of wine and walked me into the living room where there was a massage table set up. He said ‘You’ve had a rough day, I have a masseuse coming to the house in a few minutes and after you’re finished with your massage dinner will be ready.’ I almost died. That is what I call romantic and thoughtful.”