As I Lay Dying (222, season finale!) trailer + Mystic Diaries latest part

It’s here, folks. After this Thursday’s airing of “The Sun Also Rises”, there’s just one episode left for season two. In case you’ve been living in a cage for the last couple of weeks, you should know that it’s has the rather ominous title “As I Lay Dying”. Synopsis and stills can be found in the sidebar. And thaks to for the heads up that the song used in the promo is called “Ship of Fools” by FirstCom Music. It’s not available for download, but you can still listen to it at the company’s site.

WARNING: There’s a character back, which makes this trailer even more spoilery than usual. Steer clear unless you like spoilers.

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Last week, another part of Mystic Diaries series was released. In it, Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola take you behind the scenes of episode 18 and 20. Michael, Ian, John Cockman (Alaric’s stunt coordinator) and Matt himself also appear. Check out more gabryssskaaa’s videos on her channel and visit The Vampire Diaries Lair for previous parts.

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TV Line, TV Guide, Zap2it & LA Times: What do Paul, Katerina and Candice have to say about the Klaus chapter?

Fans of Paul Wesley, Kat Graham and Candice Accola can’t complain of lack of chats. Interviews with the stars continue to pop up all over the Internet. TV Line, TV Guide, Zap2it and LA Times last caught up with them to talk about the rest of season 2, The Klaus Chapter. Katerina, Candice and Paul opened up about their characters, big bad Klaus, who may not make it to season 3 and more.

Show Tracker: ‘The Vampire Diaries’: ‘Every character is going to surprise you,’ says Katerina Graham

There’s some pictures of Damon and Bonnie at the ’60s dance. Are they having a moment? Or are they just working together to protect Elena?

You will have to absolutely watch that scene. … We definitely have a scene together. It’s an amazing scene. It’ll get everyone talking. It’s just a can’t-miss moment. It definitely has to deal with a great part of Bonnie’s decision on what she’s going to do. Whether that’s yes or no, I won’t say. But it’s an incredible moment in the show.

Zap2it: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley: ‘I want a bromance!’ Plus Isobel, blood, and of course, Twitter

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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New Vampire Diaries spoilers from The Ausiello Files and Watch With Kristin

Question: I just bought the first season of Vampire Diaries and watched every episode back-to-back. Can you help out a new (sleep-deprived) fan with any season 2 spoilers that may have popped up since Comic-Con? —Brandon
At Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards, Katerina Graham told us that Bonnie will become “even less tolerant” of the vampires this season. “She is going to become quite the power player among the supernatural [set]. I think she is going to be noticed by some of the big baddies this season. She is gaining powers rapidly this season, so I encourage all the villains and the bad boyfriends to stay clear of the Bennett witch!” – The Ausiello Files

Shane in Pittsburgh, Pa.: Will Jenna finally find out the truth about vampires on The Vampire Diaries?
Nope, you can expect Aunt Jenna to remain blissfully unaware of the supernatural happenings in Mystic Falls, at least for now. How can that be when she was in the house while Katherine was chopping off Uncle John’s fingers and Jeremy was upstairs downing blood and pills? Executive producer Julie Plec tells us, “We’ll learn in the first episode that she was actually out talking to the fire marshal. Katherine actually lured Jenna out of the house before all the craziness happened.” Finger slicing aside, that Katherine seems like a fine young lady, no?

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TV Guide Magazine’s Matt Roush adresses “kick-ass women” and social issues in The Vampire Diaries

Question: Did you catch the season finale of The Vampire Diaries? I never expected back in September that it would become “must-see” television, but it has. Part of this likely has to do with the excellent pacing, the spookiness, Ian Somerhalder’s character and the likeability of almost every character. However, two things continue to bother me about the show. The first is the lack of kick-ass women: Every time a tough woman shows up who can (at first glance) hold her own in a battle, she is killed (see: Lexi, Anna). The human female characters are quite strong emotionally, but it would be nice if they could fight back, too, a la Buffy, where even Cordelia got to stake a vampire. I think they sort of addressed this in the finale by bringing back Katherine and making Bonnie issue an ultimatum to Stefan, and I hope this continues in Season 2.

My other problem with the show is the setting. Seriously, they spend the whole season celebrating “Founder’s Day” in a Southern town and never make mention of issues like slavery? They skirted this by making witch Emily Katherine’s “hand maiden,” whatever that means. And the vampires in the tomb had no more adjustment problems to the 21st century than figuring out how to use a modern laundry machine or cell phones. I never expected the show to delve deeply into issues of race and sexuality as True Blood does so well, but it would be nice if the show at least acknowledged that there were other things going on besides vampire vs. human Mystic Falls conflicts. The show is so good at many other things, and it worries me that a show built for the young adult crowd is unwilling to inject a bit of historical realism when so much time is spent obsessing about what happened 140 years ago. The “hand maiden” mentions are particularly frustrating as the show seems to be at once renaming or erasing the practice of slavery and the effect it had on Southern society. What do you think?—Anne

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Blood Brothers synopsis and stills


ELENA LEARNS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WHEN DAMON AND STEFAN WERE TURNED — While Stefan (Paul Wesley) struggles to come to terms with his past, both he and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) reveal parts of their history to Elena (Nina Dobrev), until she finally learns the truth about how they became vampires.  Pearl (guest star Kelly Hu) has an ugly confrontation with Johnathan Gilbert (guest star David Anders).  Damon and Alaric (Matt Davis) try to find a mysterious invention before Johnathan does.  The friendship and flirtation between Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) and Anna (guest star Malese Jow) continues to grow.  Katerina Graham and Sara Canning also star. Liz Friedlander directed the episode written by Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec (119)..

All 17 stills here