New Nina season 2 promos, BTS of episode 12 & 13, Comic-Con portraits + more cast photos

Quite a lot of pictures of the “Vampire Diaries” cast surfaced in the last few days. To start off, @HeyJude012 has revealed a brand new promo of Nina. In addition to it, Nina Dobrev Network has one more image from the shoot.

After Ms. Perfection №1 comes №2. Kat Graham attended Entertainment Weekly 2011 Pre-SAG Party along with Michael Trevino. Photos of her are up over at Vampire Diaries Web and visit Michael Trevino Fan for Michael ones. In case these are not enough for you, there’s a video interview with them in our last interview round-up.

Trevino has showed up at Hennessy Privilege Intime Dinner (click for pictures) as well. Thanks to for supplying us with photos, again!

To make your day even better, we have some images of Steven for you, too! He has visited a few Sundance Film Festival events. Find several images at VDW. Plus, Steven R. McQueen Online uploaded some more in their gallery (folder 1 and folder 2).

Behind the scenes pics have been released, too. Judy Yam has a funny “Nian” shot from “The Descent”. PopWrap has published a BTS pic from the same episode as well as another from “Daddy Issues”.

To end up with the behind the scenes stuff, ELLE has posted a video from Nina Dobrev’s photoshoot. She comments on the differences between Elena and Katherine and making out with almost every guy on the show. Head over to Elle’s site to see her spread. She’s so beautiful, new outtakes better come out soon!

Thirsty for candids? Well, here are some! Dobrev was seen shopping in LA on January 18th. A few days later, she and Ian Somerhalder departed from LAX. They may be old, but still great to look at. Many thanks to Undisclosed Desires!

Finally, new EW portraits from last year’s Comic Con hit the Net this morning. These are definitely worth checking out! 30+ portraits can be found in Nina Dobrev Fans’s gallery. Long live, purple pants LOL!

EDIT: Candice Accola Web has also posted new/old scans of the actress in CH2 October 2010. Candice looks absolutely smashing, go to CAW for her six page feature. The issue is available online as well.

Nina’s Elle Magazine feature, fan questions answered at 2011 Winter TCA Press Tour

Thanks to Nina Dobrev Network for the heads up that the actress is featured in ELLE February 2011 issue. The scans are courtesy of Loving Lea Michelle, so please, credit her and NDN when re-post.

Also, Hollywood News caught up with Nina and Candice at The CW’s 2011 Winter cocktail party to talk about “The Vampire Diaries”. Some interesting questions asked, such as “What’s been your favorite vampire moment as vampire Caroline?” and “Will Katherine die in the tomb or will she escape?”. Find their answers below and read the rest of the chat over at

Q: What’s been your favorite vampire moment as vampire Caroline?

CA: Favorite vampire moment was the “Hi mom” moment as it’s referred to at this point where the fact that I got to go to work and within one week I got to kick a very hot werewolf in the nuts into a tree and I also got to pistol whip a cop and bite his neck. I mean, I’m a pretty girly girl so the fact that they gave me the opportunity to step up and kick some major ass was fun.

Q: Will Katherine die in the tomb or will she escape?

ND: I don’t know, will she? I will tell you that I am going tomb crazy myself. I’ve been in the same wardrobe for six episodes. Every time I shoot that, they have to actually make my hair dirty and mess it up. I feel dirty and gross and I want to shower. I’m ready to come out of the tomb too. I’m ready to never be in the tomb ever again.