TV Guide talks to David & Kevin, Sara Canning supports Teens for Jeans + still hope for Damon and Elena?

Thanks to @IHeartTVD for the heads up that Sara was at Aeropostale to support Teens for Jeans. It’s a campaign that collects jeans for homeless teens. If you haven’t donate yet, there’s still time to do so! Just bring them to your nearest Aeropostale store till this Sunday, February 13th. See a few pictures at BuzzFocus.

Mega Buzz‘s latest spoiler chat features some “Vampire Diaries” as well. With the recent Damon events, Delena fans haven’t been very happy. But according to Julie Plec herself, they shouldn’t lose hope. She says, “There are big moments coming up all around for them [Stefan, Elena and Damon].” Get more scoop over at TV Guide.

Kevin Williamson and David Anders stopped by TV Guide, too. David’s interview with Robyn Ross stars with an upcoming Elena line saying, “Why does everything John touches fall apart?”. The actor claims his character wants only good for his daughter, though. He also teases the reason for his return will be revealed within the next five episodes or so. And if you’re curious to know who might pay a surprise visit to Mystic Falls, just continue to read (highlight for spoilers). Head over to TV Guide for the entire story.

Will daddy and daughter make up? Anders teases that Elena’s familial web will only get more tangled in the coming weeks. “There might be a surprise visit from Isobel,” he says.

Damian Holbrook posted his chat with Kevin yesterday, too. The executive producer talks about last night’s “Crying Wolf” in particular. As the ones who watched the episode know, “S–t goes down.” Go here to find out why.

Siding with the furrier folks in town could come with a hefty price — especially for a certain Salvatore in possession of that mysterious moonstone — but given the shaky state of his relationship with Caroline, young Mr. Lockwood doesn’t really have a pack of options. “He doesn’t know whom to trust because Caroline lied to him about everything,” says Williamson. “He’s very lonely and vulnerable, but he’s also an aggressive guy, so he may not respond appropriately.”

Daddy Issues (213) synopsis, latest Candice appearances + various cast interviews

The episode description of “Daddy Issues” has been released, thanks to According to the latest spoilers (and Michael Trevino’s tweet), David Anders is coming back in it. The synopsis confirms that. Besides Uncle John’s return, Damon’s shower scene takes place in that episode as well. In conclusion, I already love February 3rd.

CHOOSING SIDES — Johnathan Gilbert’s (guest star David Anders) return to Mystic Falls comes as an unhappy surprise to Elena (Nina Dobrev), Jenna (Sara Canning) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Caroline (Candice Accola) lets Stefan (Paul Wesley) know about her conversation with Tyler (Michael Trevino), and Stefan does his best to reach out to a confused and conflicted Tyler. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) comforts Bonnie (Katerina Graham) after her disturbing conversation with Jonas (guest star Randy Goodwin). When Jules (guest star Michaela McManus) takes a hostage, the situation quickly escalates into a violent confrontation.

Zach Roerig and Matt Davis also star. Joshua Butler directed the episode written by Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec.

Candice Accola has recently attended a few events (our 2011 Winter TCA master post is coming, so stay tuned!). First, she showed up at Give Back Hollywood Foundation & Fashion Forms Giving Lounge on January 13th. Two days later, the actress shone in a black dress at 2011 Art Of Elysium “Heaven” Gala. Visit the links above for high quality photos. HUGE thanks to @CAccolaWeb!

Speaking of, Mandie (the webmaster) has a poll about the recent “Buffy” speculations up over at her site. If you haven’t heard yet, Candice is one of the actresses most likely to star in the upcoming remake. In case you’re interested, Candice Accola Web has links to various articles.

Also, TV Guide and EW posted their chats with Steven R. McQueen and Sara Canning, respectively. Robyn Ross and Steven talk about Jeremy’s crush on Bonnie, his season 2 motivations and more. The video can be found after the break and Robyn’s article is over here. On the other hand, Sara comments on the men in her character’s life – Alaric, John Gilbert and… Original Elijah? There are quotes from Kevin, Julie and Ian included, too. Head over to Inside TV for the entire interview.

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David Anders possibly returning this season, Stefan and Damon team up

Jess: What’s ahead on The Vampire Diaries?
Don’t expect Damon and Stefan to become brothers of the BFF variety, but Ian Somerhalder tells us the two will be working together for time being. “There’s camaraderie because Damon and Stefan know that in order to protect themselves, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and the town from werewolves and Katherine, they have to set these differences aside. These two have had every opportunity to kill each other and they can’t do it. They love each other.” Isn’t it bromantic? – Watch With Kristin

I’m dying to know if we’ll see David Anders again on Vampire Diaries this season. —Addison

MICKEY: He did kind of disappear without much fanfare, right? The truth is that he might be gone now, but in the season-long struggle against Katherine, it’s going to be Elena’s closest relatives — blood and otherwise — who come to her rescue. And as any fan knows, that is one gnarly family tree. – TV Guide Magazine

New Vampire Diaries season 2 secrets from TV Week

It’s been an agonising four months since we received our last fix of The Vampire Diaries, but the wait is finally over this week as season two hits our screens.

When we last visited Mystic Falls, Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) had popped some pills and downed vampire blood in the hope of joining the undead; something monstrous lurked behind Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) eyes; and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) thought he’d kissed Elena (Nina Dobrev), but it was actually the evil Katherine (also Nina Dobrev) posing as her doppelganger.

In the closing moments, Katherine violently chopped off Jonathan’s (David Anders) fingers and stabbed him just seconds before Elena arrived home.

So what can we expect this season? We answer the burning questions…

Do Katherine and Elena come face to face? Executive producer Julie Plec calls the identical pair’s eagerly awaited confrontation one of the “biggest surprises” of the season, while series creator Kevin Williamson says Elena will also discover why she and Katherine look so much alike. “The answers aren’t exactly what she wants to hear,” he teases.

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David Anders talks to TV Fanatic about Vampire Diaries return, character

David Anders does not know if his character on The Vampire Diaries is related to Katherine or not.

But the actor can confirm that he’ll return for season two of The CW hit, which kicks off on September 9 and which you can watch a preview for HERE.

In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, the veteran TV star dishes on Uncle John and what the second season has in store for other residents of Mystic Falls…

What can we look forward to this season?
There’s the big werewolf storyline cooking up. As far as I’m concerned, Elena walks in after Katherine slices my fingers off and stabs me and she’s got a big decision to make. There’s a lot of Katherine and Elena. Nina’s got a lot of work.

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‘Vampire Diaries’ exclusive: Did David Anders survive?

Though in last month’s Vampire Diaries cliffhanger Elena’s doppelganger brutally attacked John, his portrayer, David Anders, confirms that he’ll be back for the season premiere. And beyond that?

“That’s up in the air right now,” he says. “They haven’t picked up [my] option yet. I feel like the character has a lot of legs and you can go in many different directions with him. But ultimately it’s [executive producer] Kevin Williamson’s choice.”

Although on paper the odds of John surviving would appear slim — the dude got his fingers chopped off and took a blade to the gut — Anders reminds fans, “People don’t always die from knife wounds.”

As he awaits word on his VD prognosis, the Alias grad is currently shooting a guest appearance as a fugitive from the past on the second season of Syfy’s Warehouse 13 (premiering July 6; Anders’ ep airs Sept. 7). “There’s time travel involved,” he explains. “I run a magazine back in the ’60s. It’s shrouded in secrecy, so that’s about all I can tell you.”

Source: The Ausiello Files

David Anders previews his new Vampire Diaries villain


Since making a splash as the cunning Sark on Alias, David Anders has been the heavy in such cult faves as Heroes and 24. On April 15, he brings his bad self to The Vampire Diaries for an extended run. And after years of playing wicked Brits and Russians, the Oregon native says, “I get to play an American villain this time, which is exciting.”

How did all those inscrutable accents come about?
It was Alias that did that to me. It was my first job—I was only 20—and it lasted a long time. It was a part that I auditioned for with four different accents, none of which was English. And [executive producer] J.J. Abrams told me the first day of filming that I’d be English and would that be a problem? What was I going to say? “No, I can’t do it. Take the part back!”

Who’s your latest character we love to hate?
He’s John Gilbert, the uncle of Elena and Jeremy, their father’s brother. He and Aunt Jenna have history. He’s a smug, overconfident individual who’s toying with everybody in Mystic Falls. [Laughs] Nobody likes Uncle John.

Why is John back in town?
He’s a vampire slayer of a sort. He knows more than he should about vampires and holds the information over Damon’s and Stefan’s heads so they can help me when I need them. Damon and John have a lot of good scenes. He’s not afraid of Damon, because for some reason, he can’t hurt John.

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IESB talks to Candice Accola: “There’s so much that happens in the rest of the season.”

On the hit drama The Vampire Diaries on The CW, Candice Accola makes her debut as a series regular in the role of Caroline Forbes, friend to Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and current girlfriend of Elena’s ex, Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig). But, in the town of Mystic Falls, you don’t have to just navigate being a teenager and growing into adult responsibilities. You have to survive all of the blood-thirsty vampires.

In this exclusive interview with IESB, show star Candice Accola, who has also had a successful music career (she signed a record deal at the age of 16), said that the cast is just as anxious to learn about what’s happening next as the viewers of the successful series are, to the point where the crew has to hide scripts from them. She also promises that things are going to get even crazier, before the explosive season finale.

IESB: What led you to acting? Did you always know you wanted to be a performer?

Candice: I wouldn’t say that I necessarily had the acting bug. I think it would be more accurate to say I had the performing bug. I grew up performing. I started off as a singer. I was eight years old when I went home and told my mom that I was having auditions to form my own girl group, and that was that. I took singing lessons and did a play or two at school. It just all progressed and led me to Los Angeles, which led me to a record deal and doing a record.

While doing that, I was introduced to a manager and agent and started auditioning. And then, I realized how much, not only do I love the art form of acting itself, but more importantly, I love the business. It’s exciting to me. I just really love the film and television business, so I was hooked. The more I auditioned, I slowly started to work more. And then, I had the most incredible opportunity to audition for a show, called The Vampire Diaries, and here I am in Atlanta, where it’s been exactly a year since we started the pilot. We’re all feeling very nostalgic this week.

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