Candice Accola interview goodness: Zap2it, TV Guide & Wetpaint

Candice Accola is not only a fan favourite, but reporter one. This past month, the blonde talked to various media about Caroline, her relationship with Matt and Tyler and what’s to come. Continue to read for the best snippets and visit the links above them for more.

Wetpaint Exclusive: Candice Accola – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Who would you prefer to date: a werewolf or a vamp?
This has nothing to do with who Caroline should date, but if I had to honestly answer that question, it would probably be a werewolf because I’d rather deal with just one night of the month than every single day of high-strung, potential death. You could deal with, like, one day a month he’s going to be an asshole. I think that’s doable.

Zap2it: ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Candice Accola: Will Caroline forgive Tyler? Plus, musical moments and birthday plans!

“What I love about Caroline’s arc this season is that she’s just gained so much perspective, which in turn has made her grow up so much,” Accola says. “Whereas before, throughout Season 1, I feel like Caroline would hold a grudge, [now she knows] she’s not perfect either. On her first night as a vampire she took advantage of a nurse and killed an innocent man. She’s killed and she’s asked to be forgiven, so she has it in her.”

TV Guide: Cubicle Confessions

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Paul on Lopez Tonight, out with Torrey + Steven R. McQueen portraits

Paul Wesley appeared on Lopez Tonight at Valentine’s Day midnight. Thanks to George’s crew itself for uploading the video! Paul explains fans’ obsession, how he got girl’s attention back in time and what he does when a woman asks him to bite her. Captures are up over at Vampire Diaries Web.

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The actor was also photographed taking Torrey DeVitto out for lunch on February 14th. So nice of him! I love how he found the time despite his busy “Vampire Diaries” schedule. The full set can be found at Paul Wesley France.

Plus, Steven R. McQueen Online has new outtakes of him at Comic Con 2010. Steven poses with his “Piranha 3D” cast members after the movie’s panel. Check out previews below and visit the site’s gallery for the rest.

New Nina season 2 promos, BTS of episode 12 & 13, Comic-Con portraits + more cast photos

Quite a lot of pictures of the “Vampire Diaries” cast surfaced in the last few days. To start off, @HeyJude012 has revealed a brand new promo of Nina. In addition to it, Nina Dobrev Network has one more image from the shoot.

After Ms. Perfection №1 comes №2. Kat Graham attended Entertainment Weekly 2011 Pre-SAG Party along with Michael Trevino. Photos of her are up over at Vampire Diaries Web and visit Michael Trevino Fan for Michael ones. In case these are not enough for you, there’s a video interview with them in our last interview round-up.

Trevino has showed up at Hennessy Privilege Intime Dinner (click for pictures) as well. Thanks to for supplying us with photos, again!

To make your day even better, we have some images of Steven for you, too! He has visited a few Sundance Film Festival events. Find several images at VDW. Plus, Steven R. McQueen Online uploaded some more in their gallery (folder 1 and folder 2).

Behind the scenes pics have been released, too. Judy Yam has a funny “Nian” shot from “The Descent”. PopWrap has published a BTS pic from the same episode as well as another from “Daddy Issues”.

To end up with the behind the scenes stuff, ELLE has posted a video from Nina Dobrev’s photoshoot. She comments on the differences between Elena and Katherine and making out with almost every guy on the show. Head over to Elle’s site to see her spread. She’s so beautiful, new outtakes better come out soon!

Thirsty for candids? Well, here are some! Dobrev was seen shopping in LA on January 18th. A few days later, she and Ian Somerhalder departed from LAX. They may be old, but still great to look at. Many thanks to Undisclosed Desires!

Finally, new EW portraits from last year’s Comic Con hit the Net this morning. These are definitely worth checking out! 30+ portraits can be found in Nina Dobrev Fans’s gallery. Long live, purple pants LOL!

EDIT: Candice Accola Web has also posted new/old scans of the actress in CH2 October 2010. Candice looks absolutely smashing, go to CAW for her six page feature. The issue is available online as well.

The TV Chick talks to Ian about second season

The Vampire Diaries is back on TV tomorrow night! The second season is picking up where it left off — a mysterious Katherine reappearance, Tyler Lockwood dealing with his new, scary self and his dad’s death and is Jeremy a vampire? Is he dead? So many questions which will all be answered tomorrow night! I can tell you this: there is no way you will be disappointed by the season premiere. I adored this show last season as it continued to get better and better while delving deeper into the mythology in Mystic Falls and the residents who cause trouble (human or vampire). I recently had the chance to catch up with the cast and producers at Comic Con. Ian Somerhalder talked about the upcoming season, his teetering humanity that we saw come out last season and how his motivations have changed since the first episode.

What excites you the most about this new season?
The challenges that await. It’s not going to necessarily be the funnest season for Damon. I think he’s going to be challenged a lot where I don’t think he was used to being challenged. There’s some things that wreak more havoc in Mystic Falls than he probably did in season one, and it’s going to be a problem. So those challenges are something to look forward to, because it’s not boring.

Are we going to keep seeing the humanity come out in Damon or is he going to go back to the way he was in the beginning of the season?
Well, I think when he finds out that it wasn’t Elena, I think he’s going to be a little pissed off. [But] probably yeah. I think that’s the only time you ever see it, is when he’s with [Elena]. Nina Dobrev will do that to you. There’s no two ways about it.

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The TV Chick interviews Paul: “Season 2 is going to be a lot of acceptance for Stefan.”

The Vampire Diaries was one of my favorites from last season, prominently standing out as one of the best new shows in a crowded pack. Last season ended on a huge cliffhanger and this season brings a lot of surprises. There are supernatural beings and twists and turns that I’m not going to spoil for you. However, I can say that everyone is in for a treat because the premiere is absolutely amazing. And if you haven’t watched the first season, seriously, the show is out on DVD, what are you waiting for? At Comic Con, I spoke with the cast and producers of The Vampire Diaries. Paul Wesley talked about playing the darker side of Stefan, what his motivations are for the upcoming season and how is relationship with his super sexy brother Damon is going to change.

In season 2, how does Damon and Stefans’s relationship change?
From my perspective, for me, I’m broken hearted by my brother because as sociopathic and religious as he is, I still love him, and he knows that as well. I think at this point Stefan — he doesn’t empathize as much or care. He’s like “You know what, I’m not going to deal with this guy.”

What do you think Stefan’s motivations are for season 2?
Elena, Elena, Elena, Elena…he loves her. Also, coming to terms with himself — sort of the transformation. Season 2 is going to be a lot of acceptance for Stefan, being like “this is who I am.” He’s going to do other things. Be jovial. I think it will be nice.

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The TV Chick interview with Steven: “He’s [Jeremy] just on his own.”

This week (and next!) on The TV Chick might as well be called CW week. There are so many amazing shows premiering soon and I can’t wait. One of those shows is of course one of my favorites from last season, The Vampire Diaries. If you haven’t watched this show about Mystic Falls and supernatural beings, what are you waiting for? The Vampire Diaries is so much more than your quintessential teen drama; it really has it all. It ended on a huge cliffhanger and I can tell you the season premiere will not disappoint. This summer, I attended Comic Con, where I got to talk to the cast of the show. Steven R. McQueen, who plays Jeremy Gilbert (Elena’s brother), talked about what’s coming up this season for Jeremy, losing Anna, and his fragile relationship with all of the people in his life.

What’s coming up for you this season?
There isn’t much I can give away because of the cliffhanger. I can tell you that Jeremy’s pushed around a lot. He’s lost everything that has mattered to him, and has no father figure and has no mother to give him guidance. So he develops a mindset that he’s done being pushed around and starts to push back.

What about his relationship with Elena, that’s still kind of fragile?
I think he starts to view things from a more logical standpoint, rather than acting on emotion. He sees people for what they are. He doesn’t trust anyone. Elena’s the only family he has left besides Aunt Jenna, but she’s a different age and doesn’t quite understand all this natural crazyness that’s going on. So though he doesn’t trust Elena, it’s the only connection to humanity he really has left.

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Someone on Vampire Diaries is gay

The Vampire Diaries producer Kevin Williamson wants to have a gay character on his show. It probably won’t be Jeremy, Bonnie, Caroline, Matt or Jenna. And it couldn’t be Stefan, Elena or Damon, even though that would be a really big twist, because it would kind of end that whole love triangle thing.

So Williamson thinks he’ll have to bring in a new character to make a gay storyline work.

“It’s one of those things that needs to feel organic and seamless,” Williamson told a group of reporters on July 28 in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was at The CW’s party for the Television Critics Association press tour. “I don’t want it to be a character that comes in and is a one-off. I want someone to come in and have a reason and a purpose and really push that story forward the way I want to do it, and they’re so important to the story that without them the show won’t happen. That’s what I want.”

Gay teens are an important issue to Williamson outside of show business. He supports GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. “I’m sitting in the wings waiting,” he said. “I’m waiting. Which character can be gay? Which character won’t? Where will it fit in? How can I get the gay character in? I don’t want to sound like I’m a militant about it, like THERE MUST BE A GAY CHARACTER, even though I am. It’s not just that, it’s also diversity. I always feel like I don’t have enough diversity on my show, and that is one of the things I’m very conscientious of, and not just gay characters. Any diversity. In anything, I want everyone represented. I want everybody on the show.”

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‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 2: Elena Will Discover Why She Looks Like Katherine!

If there’s one thing we can’t get enough off, it’s season two “Vampire Diaries” scoops. In the last week alone, we’ve given you an exclusive sneak peek into Damon’s reaction when he finds out it’s not Elena he kissed, the dish on the werewolves that will descend upon the town and of course the confirmation that we were all waiting for — Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Katherine will meet.

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The last one was a pretty big deal, especially because of the shroud of mystery surrounding the relationship between the two girls. After all, they do look exactly alike and we’ve all wondered why. So, when we chatted with show exec producer Kevin Williamson at Comic-Con, we decided to work our Hollywood Crush magic and get him to give us the goods on whether or not the truth would be revealed in season 2.

“We 100 percent go there,” Kevin said of revealing why Katherine and Elena look so much alike. “It’s not an easy answer, it’s something I think Elena’s going to have to uncover, and I think the answers aren’t exactly what she wants to hear. But 100 percent, she is going to figure out the doppelganger aspect.”

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