Transcript of “The Vampire Diaries” Melbourne convention: “We’re the luckiest kids in Hollywood.”

Nina Dobrev’s panel:

Q: Stefan or Damon?
N: Defan – the other brother.

Q: You were in The American Mall…
N: It was a musical movie, it was really crazy. It was three weeks of singing and dancing. Really fun!

Q: Do you like the flashbacks on The Vampire Diaries?
N: They’re my favourite! It’s a rare opportunity to find a cool character that you love. Somebody dresses me – it’s like Halloween. Lots of fun.

Q: Did you have lots of (dance) training in The American Mall and the Miss Mystic Falls episode in The Vampire Diaries?
N: We had a dance instructor. Paul (Wesley) was terrified at first.

Q: How did you get into acting?
N: I had a dance background. I was a really hyper kid – my parents put me in classes. I love gymnastics and I took courses to be on stage/dance. I got an agent.

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More new The Vampire Diaries stills

The lovely Andrea from Nina Dobrev Network has even more episode stills for us! You can see a few images below. Check out the rest over at Nina Dobrev Network.

Nina Dobrev Goes From Sweet To Scary In ‘The Vampire Diaries’

The article is from February 4th.

Nina Dobrev goes back in time on tonight’s new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Yesterday, Nina tweeted her excitement for the episode titled, ‘Children of the Damned.’

“3 words-Tomorrow. Night. Katherine.”

Nina is of course referring to her second character in the show, Katherine. The dead (maybe) vampire who originally turned Stefan and Damon into vampires. And who we now know is a relative of Nina’s primary character, Elena Gilbert.

And tonight’s episode promises to be just as thrilling as last week’s, which was packed with new characters and new romances, because we finally get to see Katherine in all her evil vampire glory. Yup, things are going to get bloody.

Catch the episode tonight at 8 PM ET. Meanwhile, check out our set walk-through video from our recent visit to the TVD set. We didn’t get to see Katherine’s plantation, but we did spend a lot of time in Stefan’s bedroom. Jealous much?

Click to view the video