Nina Dobrev on the cover of Seventeen’s Fitness issue

In case you don’t know, Seventeen Magazine has brought out a special fitness issue. And who more suitable to cover it than Nina Dobrev? As she teased on KTLA this morning, Nina is Seventeen’s May cover girl and dazzles us all with her 24 carat smile and fine body. In her interview for the magazine, the actress also shares the secret of her perfect shape and tips how to be comfortable in your own skin. Check it all out (along with exclusive outtakes) at Seventeen Magazine’s site. There’s a behind the scenes video as well, which you can see after the pictures. Credit for the cover goes to the lovely Hollywood Crush.

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Nina Dobrev and Joseph Morgan’s Morning appearances

Nina Dobrev and Joseph Morgan have made appearances on various morning shows today. First, Nina was on PIX Morning News. She spilled up about the show, its second season finale and both characters she played. Her latest role as Seventeen Magazine’s cover girl was also mentioned. You can read Shelley Nig’s article at PIX’s site.

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On the other hand, the real Klaus (you know what I mean) stopped by KTLA Morning News. He dished on his “Vampire Diaries” audition, playing the Original, his previous credits and more. Play the video below to see more from Joseph’s short hair-do (more than in last episode, at least).

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Ian Somerhalder’s appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly

Ian Somerhalder stopped by New York City last month to pre-tape an appearance on Regis and Kelly’s show. It has aired just a few hours ago, thanks to indigenous2logic via I Heart Vampire Diaries for uploading. Less than 6 hours left till the beginning of the Klaus Chapter, folks!

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Vampire Diaries UK return date, Paul Wesley in TV Guide

ITV2 themselves announced the return date for “Vampire Diaries” on their Facebook page a few days ago. And no, this is NOT an April Fools’ Day joke. The show will return British screens April 12th, less than a week after its official return. Cheers, UK fans!

And thanks to for the heads up on Paul’s TV Guide feature. In Ileane Rudolph’s chat with the actor, he discusses what’s ahead for Stefan when the show returns, well-known Klaus and his girlfriends on (Elena) and off screen (Torrey DeVitto).

Lisa Tucker cast as Greta, Paul & Joseph join Twitter + another guest star

The ever reliable Carina Mackenzie dropped a “Vampire” bombshell once again. A couple of days ago, she confirmed that Lisa Tucker has been cast as Luka’s sister. You may recognize her from the fifth season of the hit show “American Idol”. However, she made her debut as actress on “The O.C”. EW was the first to mention the character of Greta. Now, we have more scoop on the last Martin via Zap2it. She’s set to appear in two to four episodes, including the much anticipated finale. Read more below and visit Zap2it for the full article.

Greta is described as “cool, hip, smart,” and “a bit of a thrill-seeker.” Witches are going to play a huge part in the sacrifice and the Salvatores’ quest to kill Klaus, especially now that Jonas, with his dying breath, gave Bonnie (Katerina Graham) the tools to make the kill. Greta will appear in at least two episodes, but we’re hearing that she may actually appear in four — including the big finale.

I’m more than happy to tell you that not one, but two cast members have recently joined Twitter! First, Joseph Morgan (@_josephmorgan) made his current and future fans by creating an account. Paul Wesley (@paulwesley) himself followed “Klaus” and “succumbed to the lure” of the social network. They were both warmly welcome by TVD family (Paul made Twitter explode by gaining more than 100,000 followers in less than a week!). A bit of advice: go follow these two if you haven’t yet. You know you want to. 😉 interviewed Gino Anthony Pesi a few weeks ago. He’s one of the main supporting guys in “Battle: Los Angeles”, which has been released this month. In their chat, Pesi teases an upcoming role in “Vampire Diaries”. His character is a warlock named Maddox. There’s no current information on whose side he is or how long he will stick around. Anyway, he’d better NOT be killed. With that pretty face, it would be a great loss.

Currently, he’s working on something completely different — the CW Network’s “The Vampire Diaries.”

“My character is a guy named Maddox, and he’s a warlock. It’s kind of fun, because I basically hold up my hand and people go flying off walls.”


Nina Dobrev covers Teen Vogue April 2011, Michael Trevino for Bello Magazine + Ian’s Vogue spread

Yes, I’m alive and terribly sorry for the recent lack of updates! Real life kept me busy and wouldn’t let me post. Fortunately, it’s all fine now, so I’m planning to catch up with all the news. So, expect many posts with in the next couple of days. I hope you haven’t forgotten me. 😉

Nina Dobrev has done a cover shoot for the latest issue of Teen Vogue. The magazine has some goodies for her fans, such as a 2-page interview and a behind the scenes peek. Nina comments on the difficulty of portraying Elena and Katherine, media attention, etc. And thanks to dailygleeks via ontd_tvdiaries for providing us with scans (you need to join the community in order to view posts). In case you don’t have a LiveJournal account, you can still enjoy the prettiness at Teen Vogue’s site.

Not that she’s complaining. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, but raised in Toronto, Nina landed her big break just out of high school in 2006 as teen mom Mia in Degrassi: The Next Generation and describes herself as your typical overachiever. “I wanted to be the jock, and I wanted to be a dancer and actress,” she says of her time at a competitive performing-arts high school in Toronto. “I was also a gymnast and very academically driven. I always had a lot on my plate and was really overwhelmed. Not much has changed—I’m constantly trying to one-up myself and raising the stakes.” She stops and smiles, adding, “Ha! No pun intended.”

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Kat Graham’s full episode on When I Was 17 + deleted scenes

Huge thanks to When I Was 17 for uploading their last episode (featuring Katerina Graham)! She discusses her teenage years as well as all the stupid stuff she did back then (who didn’t, really?). Her mother and teacher can also be seen in the video.

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MTV has even more from Kat’s appearance on When I Was 17. In this bonus scene, she gushes about being a “speedy freak”. Plus, Graham tells a funny story which you can hear below.

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Paul Wesley featured in WWD Magazine, talks acting and Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley is featured in Women’s Wear Daily today’s issue. Besides the awesome photoshoot, they had a nice, long talk. Excerpts can be found below. They discuss the vampire obsession giving through the generations, the success of the show, his character Stefan and more. Find the rest of the article as well as more photos at Lovely Sucks.

“Season one was incredibly taxing on me because I got a little too almost method and it got a little bit intense for me as far as affecting my personal being,” says Wesley (though obviously not literally method considering his character’s proclivities). “I’ve made a very conscientious decision to try not to take home what I do at work, which I was not really capable of at first. But I realized, this is a marathon, not a sprint, so I’m preparing myself for the long run.”

Paul Wesley on Rachael Ray Show, Ian Somerhalder chats to Jay Leno

The entire video from Paul’s visit on Rachael Ray Show finally hit the web, thanks to I Heart Vampire Diaries for the heads up! It’s not exactly high quality, but we hope a better quality clip will be up soon. For now, enjoy this one, courtesy of Erin.

Also, Ian Somerhalder was one of Jay Leno’s guests on his Tonight Show last night. Thanks to charlieclairelost (via, we now have the whole thing up on YouTube. Ian discusses lots of things, including his home, Louisiana, his early career and Sexiest Man Alive’s status and more.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

UPDATE: YouTube version now replaced with official, better quality ones. Thanks, NBC!

Second part of Zap2it’s chat with Candice and Michael, Steven R. McQueen in Vanity Fair

Following part 1 of her interview with the actors, Carina Mackenzie has posted one more video today. In this part, Tyler’s transformation is a burden. Candice also talks about her character’s turning into a vampire and what it was like. A quote can be found below. Read the entire article and watch a video over at Zap2it.

Of course, our new favorite monster duo didn’t want to give away all the secrets, but they told us as much as they could without spoiling their fun. “How can you explain it?” Trevino says. “It’s Tyler going through this crazy struggle. It’s like he’s being reborn, because you have Tyler and the journey that he went through before this transformation, before this curse, and he doesn’t want any part of it, but he has no choice — it’s just happening. He’s alone and by himself because Mason isn’t around, so it’s just this constant struggle, just eating at him.”

Also, Steven R. McQueen is featured in Vanity Fair January 2011 (Johnny Depp on the cover). Elena’s on-screen brother discusses his childhood and how he decided to follow his grandfather’s footsteps. On choosing between “Melrose Place” and “The Vampire Diaries”, the two TV shows he has starred in, the actor chooses the latter. Visit Vanity Fair to find out why and check out the hot shot of McQueen below.