The Vampire Diaries cast at New York Comic Con, October 10

First of all, a few photos from the event, courtesy of @cadlymack and LIFE:

Many more over at Vampire Diaries Web and I Heart Vampire Diaries.

Videos from the Q&A, thanks to I Heart Vampire Diaries for the heads up and PhillyFilmGirl for uploading these:

Vampire Eyes Online has a live coverage of the panel. You can find some quotes below (spoiler warning!) and head over to their site to read the entire coverage:

Have we seen the last of John Gilbert? John Gilbert will be back! “There’s too much potential there – there’s great story left there to mine. He’s Elena’s father!”

Will Jeremy and Katherine have scenes together? Yes, Jeremy and Katherine are about to have a big face-off in the next few episodes.

Who might make a comeback? Lexi.

@popwrap: Biggest spoiler from press room: episode eight is Katherine’s backstory. We go to Romania, circa 1492.

Also, Zap2it had a wonderful chat with the cast during Comic Con. Check out an excerpt below and the rest of the article is at their site:

Jenna and Katherine will meet again very, very soon. “It’s a weird thing with Jenna because she’s got a special relationship with Elena, and we’ve seen that be tested again and again in the first season, and now Katherine’s just going to throw something else into the mix,” says Canning. “She’s like, ‘What’s going on with my niece?’ There’s already things she’s worried that Elena’s not telling her, like why are you making out with Damon on the porch, so that’s just going to intensify it and cause some major trust issues.”

Plus, a WPIX interview round. They got a chance to talk to Kat, Steven, Sara, Matt, Kevin and Julie. Thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for bringing this to our attention! Play the video chat with Steven and Julie below and go to their site to see the other two.

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The TV Chick interview with Steven: “He’s [Jeremy] just on his own.”

This week (and next!) on The TV Chick might as well be called CW week. There are so many amazing shows premiering soon and I can’t wait. One of those shows is of course one of my favorites from last season, The Vampire Diaries. If you haven’t watched this show about Mystic Falls and supernatural beings, what are you waiting for? The Vampire Diaries is so much more than your quintessential teen drama; it really has it all. It ended on a huge cliffhanger and I can tell you the season premiere will not disappoint. This summer, I attended Comic Con, where I got to talk to the cast of the show. Steven R. McQueen, who plays Jeremy Gilbert (Elena’s brother), talked about what’s coming up this season for Jeremy, losing Anna, and his fragile relationship with all of the people in his life.

What’s coming up for you this season?
There isn’t much I can give away because of the cliffhanger. I can tell you that Jeremy’s pushed around a lot. He’s lost everything that has mattered to him, and has no father figure and has no mother to give him guidance. So he develops a mindset that he’s done being pushed around and starts to push back.

What about his relationship with Elena, that’s still kind of fragile?
I think he starts to view things from a more logical standpoint, rather than acting on emotion. He sees people for what they are. He doesn’t trust anyone. Elena’s the only family he has left besides Aunt Jenna, but she’s a different age and doesn’t quite understand all this natural crazyness that’s going on. So though he doesn’t trust Elena, it’s the only connection to humanity he really has left.

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David Anders talks to TV Fanatic about Vampire Diaries return, character

David Anders does not know if his character on The Vampire Diaries is related to Katherine or not.

But the actor can confirm that he’ll return for season two of The CW hit, which kicks off on September 9 and which you can watch a preview for HERE.

In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, the veteran TV star dishes on Uncle John and what the second season has in store for other residents of Mystic Falls…

What can we look forward to this season?
There’s the big werewolf storyline cooking up. As far as I’m concerned, Elena walks in after Katherine slices my fingers off and stabs me and she’s got a big decision to make. There’s a lot of Katherine and Elena. Nina’s got a lot of work.

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TV Fanatic interviews Steven: “He [Jeremy] doesn’t have any humanity anymore.”

In the latest Vampire Diaries trailer, Elena tries to shake her brother awake, following his first season finale overdose.

Well, spoiler alert, fans: Jeremy Gilbert lives! We know this because Steven R. McQueen spoke with TV Fanatic this week and previewed his character’s upcoming arc on the series. Excerpts from the interview are below…

What can you tell us about Jeremy this season?
Obviously I can’t give away everything, when it comes to if he turns into a vampire or not. I can say this: Jeremy has been pushed around quite a bit. He’s lost his parents, lost his first love, and all of the sudden there’s this new girl that he relates to because she’s an outsider as well, so they connect on that level. When he loses her, she’s the last person, and he lets himself go emotionally. He’s a little cold to the world now. Instead of being pushed around and wearing his heart on his sleeve; he’s about to push back a little bit.

Do you think Jeremy initiated the change for all of the wrong reasons?
He doesn’t have any humanity anymore. He doesn’t trust his sister because she betrayed him, he doesn’t really trust anybody and everyone views him as a kind of monster, so I think his mindset is “everyone already sees me as a monster, why not become one?”

Obviously, Jeremy wakes up, changed or not changed. Can you tell me how life goes when he does wake up?
Jeremy is a little more calculated. He always had his heart on his sleeve, and he doesn’t [use] emotion anymore. He thinks logically of how he can control the situation.

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TV Guide’s Matt Roush on whether or not Anna will show up again

Question: I’ve only recently started watching The Vampire Diaries, as I wanted to wait for the overall reception of Season 1. But once I started, I got fully sucked in and I’m absolutely loving it now. [POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT] However, I’m having a hard time letting go of my lovely namesake Anna. With her ambivalent personality traits and the story line she was given, I thought she was one of the most interesting characters on the show. I have to admit that her demise in the finale hit me quite hard. Is there really no chance at all that she survived somehow? — Anna

Matt Roush: Looked to me like she was a goner, but you know how it goes on shows like this: Just because you die, or die again as the case may be, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dead for good. And even if she did bite the eternal dust, I’d think there’s potential for some juicy flashbacks as we get more of everyone’s back story. And don’t you imagine she’d at the very least haunt Jeremy’s dreams? Beyond that, I haven’t a clue whether we’ll see Anna again, as I refuse to get ahead of the story, especially on shows like this. From a critical point of view, though, it’s important to believe that characters like this can actually perish even in a supernatural series, or there’d be nothing at stake (pun unintended). Keeps you caring, I’d think.

Source: Diarios do Vampiro

Vampire Diaries’ Julie Plec: The Love Triangle Becomes a Square

Villain vampire Katherine, who once turned the Salvatore brothers into sexy undead fangers, has returned to Mystic Falls — and boy, is she ready to cause some trouble. Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec reveals that while the boys will discover her true identity quickly — since there was that little mix-up in the finale when Damon kissed Elena, but it was really Katherine! — the love triangle will get even more complicated in Season 2. Get the scoop on the new season below: Nina Dobrev will be taking on two characters at the same time in the new season, playing both Elena and Katherine.
Nina is one of the nicest people in the world, and she makes the joke that Katherine is Nina on a Saturday night. Nina on a Saturday night is definitely feisty, but by no means an evil, manipulative, horrible troll. For her to be able to play both the moral center and soulful, compassionate character, and then the narcissistic, selfish, manipulative, naughty minx is big for her. What is Katherine’s goal this season?
She sets her sights on basically making sure that the Stefan [Paul Wesley] and Elena love story hits a snag. It’s going to be fun seeing Stefan and Katherine come up against each other. Obviously it’s fun to see Damon [Ian Somerhalder] and Katherine because there’s a lot of history there, too, but the triangle becomes the square.

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Award nominations and wins abound for Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is showing up frequently among awards nominees and winners lately. Whether it is the NOW Awards or the Teen Choice Awards, the show is appearing in category after category. That’s definitely a good sign for a show just beginning to film their sophomore season.

The NOW Awards added three wins to the shows list. Ian Somerhalder won Best New Bad Guy for his portrayal of Damon. Paul Wesley was not left out, winning the title of Sexiest Vampire. The show overall was recognized with the Editors Choice award for Best Show. You can see video of Somerhalder, Wesley and Kevin Williamson being informed of their wins at Comic Con here.

The CW Sourcies, which has in the past been dominated by Supernatural and One Tree Hill, seemed to be a gift created for the series. These awards give the CW fans a chance to vote for their favorites in a different category each week. Vampire Diaries won 8 of the 10 categories. Their wins included Best Kiss, Best Fight, Hottest Moment, Best Villain, Biggest Surprise, Best Recurring Character, Favorite Bad Bay and Biggest Cliffhanger. Cliffhangers is something thatVampire Diaries certainly specializes in.

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Comic-Con 2010 master post

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Live stream (thanks to uStream!):

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The CW Sourcies winners announced

We’ve come to the end of another Sourcies season, only to find that a New CW-World Order has arisen. In the past, the Sourcies had broken down into a battle between two fan favorites — Supernatural and One Tree Hill — with Gossip Girl occasionally landing a punch. But now? Now there’s a new 800-pound gorilla in The CW jungle, and its name is The Vampire Diaries.

The freshman vampire romance dominated the Sourcies, winning eight of the 10 categories. The Salvatore boys and the women who love them brought wins in Best Kiss, Best Fight, Hottest Moment, Best Villain, Biggest Surprise, Best Recurring Character, Favorite Bad Boy and Best Cliffhanger.

Congratulations to all the shows, and thanks to all of you for voting!

Read the entire article over at The CW Source.