As I Lay Dying (222) preview clip

The last webclip of season two has just been released. In it, Stefan and Damon are talking about a cure against you-know-what (just don’t want to spoil it for international fans). Don’t miss the season finale this Thursday, May 12th at 8/7c. In case you don’t know, and Philo reunite to organize yet another virtual viewing party with plenty of prizes. Details can be found here. Now is your chance to join fellow “Vampire Diaries” fans for a night full of cliffhangers!

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Webclip from The Last Day (220), San Diego 6 goes behind the scenes

Are you excited about this week’s “The Last Day”? Well, just in case you aren’t, CWtelevision has uploaded a preview clip to thrill you. It features the brothers talking about Elena’s decision to trust Elijah. Who supports it and who is against it? Be sure to tune this Thursday, 8/7c.

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After San Diego 6’s chat with Paul Wesley, it’s Nina and Ian’s turn. The site caught up with them to discuss getting into their roles. Dobrev also opens up about playing two doppelgangers. Click on the image below to watch the video over at San Diego 6. Thanks to @itsohsotvd via Nina Dobrev Network for the heads up!

Webclip for The Last Dance (218)

After the one-minute promo for next Thursday’s episode, CWtelevision has treated us to a shiny new webclip. In it, the Salvatore brothers are discussing that Klaus dude and some other serious stuff. Check out “The Last Dance” synopsis and stills in the sidebar.

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This week’s Know Thy Enemy webclip, more stills for The Last Dance

The CW has been treating us more than well lately. After the recently released extended promo, the network uploaded a “Know Thy Enemy” clip to their YouTube channel. It shows the good old trio, also known as Stefan, Damon and Katherine. The wait is over in two days!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also, Vampire Diaries Web has even more stills from next week’s “The Last Dance”. Click on the thumbnails below for the HQ versions. Episode description can be found here.

The Dinner Party (215) webclip

No, you’re not dreaming. The CW did release a preview clip for next week’s episode last night. It features Alaric, Damon and Andie as well as Elijah and Jenna. Basically, the reporter offers the others to have a dinner party hosted by the Salvatore brother himself. Damon, Alaric and Elijah in one room? Sounds like it will be quite a party.

Webclip for this week’s The Return (210)

CWtelevision have released a preview clip from this week’s episode and it’s pretty intense. In this video, Elena, Stefan and Damon discuss their plan to get the moonstone. Well, Stefan and Damon’s plan, actually. Looks like Elena’s not so agree with it. Play the video below for more.

Short and extended promo + webclip for this Thursday’s Masquerade

Song used in the promo is “Teeth” by Lady GaGa. Thanks,!
All, courtesy of CWtelevision. Time to show your teeth!

Short preview:

Extended preview:

Preview clip: