Synopsis & stills for The Sun Also Rises (221), new Stefan promo poster

Here’s the final poster in the “Ophelia-esque” promo series (left), courtesy of It portrays Stefan and has the rather ominous tagline “Dying to save her.” I assume it’s Elena we’re talking about here. I just doubt it that he would die for Katherine twice.

The official description of episode 21 also hit the Net last week. It’s titled “The Sun Also Rises” and that’s when the Sacrifice ritual begins. In case you were busy trying to catch up with all the news (as I was), you can find Vee’s speculations on the title here. Even though the synopsis is shorter than usual, it contains lots of spoilers, so be careful.

THE SACRIFICE RITUAL BEGINS — With the arrival of the full moon, Elena (Nina Dobrev) tries to prepare for whatever Klaus (guest star Joseph Morgan) has planned and Tyler (Michael Trevino) faces his second transformation. The terrifying events quickly spin out of control, despite an unexpected act of courage. Finally, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) admits the truth to Stefan (Paul Wesley) about a terrible new development they must face.

Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning, Kat Graham, Candice Accola, Zach Roerig and Matt Davis also star. Paul M. Sommers directed the episode written by Caroline Dries & Mike Daniels.

In addition to the episode description, The CW has gave us our first look at it. Just one more set of stills (“As I Lay Dying”) to be released! Time goes by fast, indeed. Thanks to again, more images are up in their gallery.


4 comments on “Synopsis & stills for The Sun Also Rises (221), new Stefan promo poster

  1. Ophelia believes that her true love is dead and goes crazy with grief. Her brother (well, Stefans brother) who declares he loves her very much, at her funeral and it’s too late to save her. In truth, Hamlet was alive, making his way back to her. Maybe the show will follow the books with the dark dimension bit?

    LOVE Bonnie and Jeremy working together in the coolest house that protects those inside it, and John.. hehe. Heaven help them all.

    • Thanks for the information! It’s good to know. I suppose the majority of people know this, but I’m one of the youngest fans, so… 🙂

      • ((hugs)) Very welcome! I’m new to the classical stuff as well, but wikipedia this time comes in handy. 😉

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