Know Thy Enemy (217) song list & ratings

Last night’s episode was filled with turns and twists. Even though there weren’t many songs featured, they were good enough to make us (or at least me) start singing. And it’s all Chris Mollere’s (@cmollere) fault. In case you don’t follow him on Twitter (what are you waiting for?), he promised there would be lots of tunes in “The Last Dance”. Can’t wait!

1. Piano Tribute Players “Halfway Gone” (Lifehouse) – Amazon US, Amazon UK
2. Snow Patrol “Give Me Strength” – Amazon US, Amazon UK

“Know Thy Enemy” ratings are also in. According to TV by the Numbers, 2.75 millions viewers tuned in last night. Unfortunately, the ratings continue to fall down. We understand that last hiatus was too long, but please, don’t stop showing your support for the show. Keep in mind there won’t be any more breaks until after season finale, so be sure to let all your friends know about the show! The more viewers, the better. Only 5 episodes left till the end of the Klaus Chapter!

The Vampire Diaries and Nikita each returned down a tenth with adults 18-49 from their last original episodes.


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