Nina Dobrev opens up to Fancast, part 2 from MTV’s Candice chat

Sara Bibel at Fancast recently interviewed Ms. Dobrev. The diva (’cause it’s who she is, isn’t it?) dishes about playing dual roles, the motivations behind her characters and more. She also explains the writers’ decision to make Katherine Bulgarian, Elena’s transition from girl to woman and their relationships with both Salvatore brothers. Check out a snippet here and visit Fancast for the rest.

Elena has been through so much in the past two years. How has all the drama and loss that she has experienced changed her?
She’s definitely become stronger. Very little surprises Elena these days so she’s become more prepared to handle all the insanity. She understands the severity of this dark world that has emerged and is willing to protect the people she cares about no matter what the sacrifice. Her skin has gotten thicker. She’s grown and matured both mentally and emotionally. She’s more courageous and strong. She’s becoming a woman.

Plus, Hollywood Crush posted the second part of their interview with Candice. Accola talks about the Caroline/Matt/Tyler triangle, saying she’s torn between the couples. She also teases the Lockwood storyline and the werewolf’s eventual return. If you’re excited about it as much as we are, go to MTV for the scoop.

“With Caroline and Matt there’s so much of a first love feeling to their relationship,” Candice told us. “But with Caroline and Tyler there’s that sense of a budding relationship from a friendship. So I think it goes back to that question, what’s better? You know, what brings about a better relationship? If it stems from a friendship or…do you need that immediate connection of lust and love?”


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