New stills from The Dinner Party & The House Guest

Many thanks to Vampire Diaries Web for providing these additional stills from tomorrow’s “The Dinner Party”! They’re both featuring Stefan back in 1864, when he wasn’t the better brother. See them in Vampire Diaries Web’s gallery.

Episode 16 stills have been released as well. A few images can be found here and head over to VDW (these guys are just awesome, aren’t they?) for more HQs. Thanks to Nina Dobrev Network for the heads up! SPOILERS TO FOLLOW: As fan theories say, it’s not just Elena in the stills. They suppose Katherine’s set free and she’s the “house guest”. Nina’s look, expression and attitude in the first few stills are very Katherine-esque, to begin with. More to it, she’s wearing leggings as well as holding a whiskey tumbler which is so not Elena. So, we have every reason to think the b-tch is back. However, I believe it’s Elena here since Bonnie wouldn’t exactly smiling in Ms. Pierce’s company. Well done, TVD family!


2 comments on “New stills from The Dinner Party & The House Guest

  1. Agreed, I think it’s Elena with Bonnie, because Bon wouldn’t let Jenna anywhere near her or Caroline again. Surprised that the boys let Kat in the house and are comfy with her being there. Should be exciting! Thanks for posting. ūüôā

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