First look at Hillywood Show’s parody, important character to appear in late April

The Hillywood Show just tweeted they were editing their “Vampire Diaries” parody. This show is different that the other ones out there. And when I say different, I mean light years away. It’s a great mix between entertainment and good acting. A few days ago, they released the first still from the parody featuring tomb Katherine. The whole thing is coming late February. Thanks, Vampire Diaries Online!

The always reliable Ausiello from TV Line got some “Vampire Diaries” scoop, again. Quite a scoop. MAJOR SPOILERS: According to the reporter, Joseph Morgan makes his debut as Klaus on April 21st. Mark your calendars everyone!

Question: My birthday is this week and I was wondering if I could get some scoop on The Vampire Diaries? —Dianna Amy S
Save this date: Thursday, April 21. That’s when Joseph Morgan debuts as Klaus!

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