Lauren Cohan chats to EW, Julie Plec dishes about TVD with Zap2it

Inside TV has had a chance to talk to guest star Lauren Cohan this week. She reveals some behind the scenes secrets as well as why her conversation with Elena featured on “The Descent” trailer didn’t make it to the episode itself. The actress even discusses Damon’s final scene in “Daddy Issues” and what it is that makes him so sexy. Head over to Entertainment Weekly for the entire article.

Also, executive producer Julie Plec has met with Carina Mackenzie. The reporter has posted the first two parts of their chat so far. In the first one, the Caroline/Matt/Tyler love triangle is a main topic. Plec also talks about each of them as a character and their journey this season. According to her, things between the “vampire Barbie” and werewolf Jr. won’t get easier anytime soon. Especially considering she and Matt will share a “great moment” in an upcoming episode. More to it, Donovan will get more screen time, so expect more questions to come. Check out an excerpt below, the rest of the article is here.

Of course, with “The Vampire Diaries,” things are never quite that easy. Keep an eye out for a powerful scene between Matt and Tyler in Thursday’s Feb. 10 episode, “Crying Wolf.” The stakes in this love triangle have definitely been raised.

Part two is all about Stefan, Elena and Damon. Julie comments on the Salvatore brothers’ demons, Elena’s position towards them and how it could change when she finds out the truth about her beloved vampire’s past. Damon’s new blood obsession with Andie will be noticed by Elena as well. Oh, and you can be sure the heroine won’t be quite pleased when Stefan tells her all about his past (215 “The Dinner Party”).

“It’s no secret that having to play emotional Damon makes Ian really uncomfortable as a person, as an actor,” Plec says. “It’s hard, because you have to tap into your own emotional stuff, and now we keep challenging him. We’re going to keep making him dig deeper and deeper.”

Read the full story over at Zap2it.


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