Kat Graham covers Troix Magazine, JJ’s exclusive interview with Ian + Damon’s trying to get back to “normal”

Thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for the heads up that Katerina is one of Troix Magazine’s “lethal ladies” this month. The issue is dedicated to upcoming Valentine’s Day and the actress talks about her perfect Valentine. For more from Troix, follow them on Facebook.

Just Jared has just posted their exclusive interview with Ian Somerhalder. They chat about Damon’s new love interest, the Curse and his foundation. You can find an extract here, visit Just Jared for more.

JJ: Executive producer Julie Plec teased, “We have this impending ritual, the sacrifice that will break the curse of the sun and the moon — that’s where we’ll end our season”. Can you talk or hint a little bit about that?
IS: It’s funny because we get our scripts just a couple of days before. I know that there’s going to be a pretty sizable showdown between the werewolves and vampires and I can’t imagine Klaus not showing up after all this talk. So I don’t know, I can only imagine the way I see things going so there will be a big showdown, its a problem. Damon forged these relationships, found himself caring in places and times when its very intermediate, but I think protecting Elena and his home from one entity that’s more powerful or could possibly kill him is enough. Protecting her too is very difficult and it’s wearing on him and the couple is starting feel emotional and start not being able to understand how to grapple with all this emotion, it’s really tough.

As we tweeted this morning, the show is featured in E! Online‘s Kristin latest spoiler chat. A fan asked her if Damon would stop drinking blood straight from the source. Here’s what she had to say:

Wendy: As hot as angry Damon is on The Vampire Diaries, I have a soft spot for good Damon. Tell me he chills out in upcoming episodes.
Well, he’s going to try. Ian Somerhalder promises us that much. “He’s trying his damnest to keep it together,” he tells us. At least Damon knows he’s miserable. So, that’s step one, right?

4 comments on “Kat Graham covers Troix Magazine, JJ’s exclusive interview with Ian + Damon’s trying to get back to “normal”

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  2. Katerina is absolutely stunning! An extoic fiery blossom.- Damon; take notes. ❤
    Ian is wonderful and surprised that he and the actress who plays his new gf were close friends for a long time. I recall when he first posted a pic on his twitter acc, and some fans were rather disrespectful towards her, Ian wouldn't take that kind of 'tude towards a friend at all. I bet they regret that now!

    Thankyou kindly for posting these brilliant updates. Much appreciated indeed. 🙂

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