The Vampire Diaries parody by The Hillywood Show, new character to appear after hiatus

The Hillywood Show‘s much anticipated “Vampire Diaries” parody was finally released. It stars Katherine (Hilly Hindi), Stefan (Brett Culbert), Damon (Nick Strong), Caroline (Hannah Hindi) and Bonnie (Aria Love Jackson). Click on the poster below to see the video (and their brand new layout).

If you thought Luka and Jonas’s deaths were the end of the Martins (highlight for spoilers), then think again. Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on whose character we’ll see next. Continue to read to find out and head over to Inside TV’s Spoiler Room for more on your favourite shows.

The Vampire Diaries scoopage please!! — Leslie
You heard her name last night for the first time, and soon, we’ll be meeting new witch Greta Tucker, who’s described in the casting announcement as being in her 20s, “African-American, cool, hip, smart. A bit of a thrill-seeker.” But Bonnie she is not. Based on the company she will be keeping, I’d say she’s not to be trusted.

216 The House Guest: Song list, ratings + new stills

For the last time until April, Chris Mollere (@cmollere) was kind enough to tweet all songs heard in Thursday night’s “The House Guest”. We love you, Chris! Speaking of music, s.o.stereo, Caroline’s musical “back up”, are on Twitter, so be sure to give them a follow.

1. Angel Taylor “Epiphany” – Amazon US, Amazon UK
2. s.o.stereo. “I’ll Take the Bullet” (TVD Mix) – Amazon US, Amazon UK
3. Candice Accola (Caroline) with s.o.stereo. “Eternal Flame”
4. s.o.stereo. “Hello Miss Heels” (TVD Mix) – Amazon US, Amazon UK
5. James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado “Broken Strings” – Amazon US, Amazon UK

TV by the Numbers also revealed 216 ratings. Unfortunately, “Vampire Diaries” was down, gaining 2.94 million viewers this week. Go here to check out the overnight ratings.

Both The Vampire Diaries and Nikita were down a tenth with adults 18-49 and adults 18-34.

Finally, Blood Falls uploaded some more stills and behind the scenes photos from episode 16 to their gallery. See them all over at their site. To the ones who haven’t seen the episode yet – beware of spoilers!

Short promo for Know Thy Enemy (217), Mystic Diaries part 2 & 3

Thanks a bunch to CWtelevision for uploading the official promo for episode 17, “Know Thy Enemy”. According to it, “The Vampire Diaries” will return all new on April 7th. Watch the video below and get ready for a long, long hiatus (sad, but true). Be careful – huge spoilers are huge.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also, next two parts of AT&T’s “Mystic Diaries” coverage are up at The CW’s site. Candice Accola and Kat Graham represent us to a bunch of people “Vampire Diaries” wouldn’t be the same without. Basically, it’s a meet-the-cast-and-crew mission. 😉

Interviews galore: Candice spills to TV Line, LA Times, MTV & more + Sara and Zach chats

With yesterday”s “Vampire Diaries” episode being the last until April, lots of interviews were released. The press talked to various cast members, particularly Candice. There are chats with Sara Canning and Zach Roerig, too. We brought all articles together, so you don’t lose your mind. Follow the links above the extracts for the entire stories. Thanks to (@tvdnews) and Vampire Diaries Online (@tvdfansonline) for the heads up!

TV Line: Candice Accola Talks Tyler, Matt and that Dreaded Vampire Diaries Death

TVLINE | What can Caroline fans look forward to in the next few episodes?
Tyler (played by Michael Trevino) has just left, so Caroline is just working on everything being OK. He had been consuming her time — obviously she had his back and he didn’t have hers , and he’s been the one standing in between her opportunities with Matt (played by Zach Roerig). So she’s trying to get back to herself.

TV Guide: Vampire Diaries’ Sara Canning: Alaric’s Confession Will Rock Jenna’s World

“She started having these inklings and mistrust creeping in largely due to what John has been mumbling,” says Sara Canning. “Jenna is straight up with Alaric and says, ‘If this is going to work you need to be honest with me’ and he really doesn’t have anything to say.”

Zap2it: ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Zach Roerig and Candice Accola talk young love, butterflies… and murderous vampires

Zach scoffs. “If Tyler comes back, he’ll have much more to deal with than just this love triangle. There will be a whole other can of worms. He’s not going to be a threat to the romance aspect of it, I don’t think,” he says. “Honestly if Matt and Caroline can just get through everything that happens to them in these next couple episodes, they can get through just about anything.”

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Io9 chat with Andrew Chambliss, major spoiler on The House Guest

Io9 has a marvellous interview with “Vampire Diaries” writer Andrew Chambliss. He has worked on many episodes, such as “Bad Moon Rising”, “Katerina” and “The Dinner Party”. Andrew discusses almost everything, uncluding his sci-fi/fantasy obsession, the different shows he has written for through the years, etc. Thanks,!

It seems like you’ve often been one of the younger (youngest?) writers in the room.  Has that been a challenge?

I was pretty lucky to get staffed on Bionic Woman as young as I was (I think I was the youngest by two or three years), but I wasn’t treated any differently because of my age. In my head, I might have been wondering if people took me less seriously because I was the youngest writer in the room but at the end of the day a good idea is a good idea so the room or a good EP isn’t going to ignore it because of the age of the person who pitches it. But all that anxiety was on me, and I tried to squash that as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t psych myself out. I definitely think that I’ve gained a lot more confidence in the past three or four years but I think that comes more from experience rather than getting older.


TV Line‘s Michael Ausiello dropped a bomb yesterday’s afternoon (again!) by teasing what’s to happen in tomorrow’s “The House Guest”. It looks like the Matt/Caroline scene Carina Mackenzie wrote about earlier this month is from the same episode. Continue to read to find out more, beware of spoilers.

Question: Got any scoop on The Vampire Diaries? —Ellie
Thursday’s episode is not to be missed. It boasts two deaths, one super-romantic Matt/Caroline scene, and — in the hour’s final minutes — a doozy of a twist.

Nina, Paul & Michael photo round-up: InStyle HQ scans, VMan outtakes, NBA All-Star Game + more

Mr. Wesley and Mr. Trevino’s fans have been happier than ever in the last few weeks. The hotties have recently attended a couple of events. Michael showed up at 2011 NBA All-Star Game and last night’s Lakers Game. Photos from both games can be found over at

On the other hand, Paul stopped by Madison Square Garden to watch the Philadelphia Flyers Vs New York Rangers Game. New outtakes of him surfaced as well. The photoshoot is awesome, so take time to check it all out. Many thanks to Paul Wesley France and Blood Falls!

Nina Dobrev’s admirers have a reason to be cheerful, too. posted high quality scans from the actress’s InStyle Germany issue. See them all in the site’s gallery. Such a great shoot, I love it!

Additional stills for Rose (208) and Crying Wolf (214)

Remember those new episode stills we posted last week? Well, in case they weren’t enough for you, we have some more to show you. Undisclosed Desires has new images from 208 “Rose”, whereas NDN and Vampire Diaries Central posted a few “Crying Wolf” ones. Check out a tease below and click on each still for more.

Mystic Diaries: Behind the scenes with Sara Canning

The CW Network revealed a new Vampire Diaries Lair feature last week. It’s a series of behind the scenes videos called “Mystic Diaries”. Part 1 is recorded by Sara Canning herself. You can also see Zach Roerig, Candice Accola and Accola Sr. (a.k.a. her dad). Thanks to miriviel1 for uploading this on YouTube!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vampire Diaries Online interviews The Hillywood Show + new still

Vampire Diaries Online (@tvdfansonline) recently chatted to Hillywood Show‘s Hilly and Hannah. The sisters started the show back in 2009. During this Ustream interview, they talk about their “Vampire Diaries” parody (which is set to be released before the end of February) and finding the perfect Salvatores.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In addition to the video, Hilly and Hannah published a new still from the upcoming parody. It shows Katherine and Stefan dance during the masquerade ball (207). View the picture at their official site.