The TV Chick set interviews with Ian, Candice, Kat, Matt, Sara & Julie

Alix Sternberg from The TV Chick has posted LOTS of chats with “The Vampire Diaries” crew lately. After the Steven R. McQueen one, the reporter released interviews with Katerina Graham, Candice Accola, Ian Somerhalder, Julie Plec, Matt Davis and Sara Canning. Excerpts from them can be found below and click on the links above each quote for more. Plus, head over to The TV Chick for her video with Candice.

FROM THE SET: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kat Graham (Bonnie) from The Vampire Diaries

And do you have a favorite moment or scene that you’ve shot so far?
The first thing that comes to mind when you ask me that is when Elena comes up the stairs after she’s been kidnapped and I had written her a note. I wound up getting a nose bleed just from that thing. And she walks up the stairs and I ran to her and hugged her. That scene didn’t have any words for me but just having that kind of bond with Nina, [it’s] probably one of my favorite moments just because it’s so real for me. That was probably one of my favorite moments that I’ve shot.

FROM THE SET: INTERVIEW: Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) from The Vampire Diaries

What has been your biggest challenge playing Damon?
The softer side of Sears. You know what I mean? It’s like (sings) “Come see the softer side of…Salvatore.” [Ed. Note: He has us all cracking up]
It’s tough, because there has to be truth and there’s a lot of real pain buried in that humor and that sort of the maniacal killer in him is starting to wane by virtue of the fact that again, not to sound like a broken record, all the stakes have been raised because he cares about people now. There are stakes.

FROM THE SET: INTERVIEW: Julie Plec (Creator/Executive Producer) of The Vampire Diaries

Is there hope that Isobel might be coming back?
Well, the good thing about Isobel is that she has a lot of information and she will continue to be very useful for that information. And a big question of where she is right now and what she’s doing and who’s side she’s on and that whole question — those questions start to get asked very soon.

FROM THE SET: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Matt Davis (Alaric) from The Vampire Diaries

And do you think he’s [Alaric] going to become closer with Elena and maybe Jeremy because of this relationship?
Yeah, I think so. I think he’s definitely got a bond with Elena, without a doubt. Definitely a fatherly, protective thing with her. I think there’s an unspoken thing that they have that’s not necessarily developed, but every time I have a scene with her, I always feel a connection. And same thing with Jeremy. Again, although, I don’t feel like we’ve had lots of scenes together this season, but the few that we have, I definitely feel a strong kindred bond.

FROM THE SET: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sara Canning (Jenna) from The Vampire Diaries

Will you and John Gilbert have any interactions?
Yeah, it’s going to throw her off her [game] — she’s kind of on this nice good path with Alaric, things are going well. And maybe things aren’t going to be going so well pretty soon.

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