Site Choice Awards 2010 nominees, voting starts Thursday

Nominations for the Site Choice Awards Lovely Sucks set up a few weeks ago have officially finished. Ruby and Steven (the webmasters) put up this amazing video to announce the nominees. You can watch it below and more information on the contest can be found at Lovely Sucks. Voting starts Thursday, December 23th and will continue one week (till December 31st). Winners will be published sometime after that.

Cover for Stefan’s Diaries #3: The Craving revealed

The cover for the final part in the “Stefan’s Diaries” prequel trilogy has finally been released, thanks to The Vampire Diaries book site for the heads up! It’s titled “The Craving” and, according to HarperTeen, will be on sale May 3rd, 2011. Nina Dobrev (as Elena or Katherine, what do you think?) shines on it. Now, when the covers of the “Stefan’s Diaries” novels are all revealed, The Vampire Diaries book site are asking you: Who’s your favourite? Go comment with your choice here!

Michaela McManus chats to Inside TV, Damon’s shower scene takes place in episode 13

Inside TV has talked to lots of cast members latterly. Mandi last chatted to the newest arrival in Atlanta/Mystic Falls, Michaela McManus. She mainly comments on the men of the show, including Mason and Tyler Lockwood, werewolf buddy Brady and unique Damon. Michaela doesn’t omit to drop some hints about the second half of the season as well, so be careful.

Asked if she’s gotten to film a transformation scene yet, she says she’s shot a partial one: “Coming out of it is what I filmed. When they turn, they transform into this beast, and the morning after, it’s discovering what happened last night. It’s kind of like blacking out when they turn. They’re not necessarily conscious of what they’re doing.” For the first time in her career, McManus is doing stunt work and she’s loving it. “Jules gets pretty physical, and I think people will be impressed with her skills,” she says. “[The show] is doing a lot more action. It’s something to tune in for.”

Head over to Entertainment Weekly for the full interview.

Also, Sandra Gonzales is reporting we’ll have the enormous pleasure to see the notorious shower scene of Damon’s in 213 “Daddy Issues”. The episode airs February 3rd, so mark your calendars!

Heather asks: Thank you for all The Vampire Diaries EW has covered lately! Now, any word on the upcoming Damon shower scene I’ve been hearing about?
No word on the identity of the “beautiful girl” he shares the scene with, but I can confirm it takes place in episode 13 and airs Feb. 3. So mark it with a giant smiley face with fangs on your TV calendars. (I’m not the only one who has one, right?)

TV Guide’s Ian interview, new GQ outtakes

In addition to her chat with Julie Plec, Robyn Ross posted part one of her interview with actor Ian Somerhalder. He discusses the brothers’ bonding and how “everyone wants to protect Elena” LOL. Ross also has some more quotes from Julie which you can read over at TV Guide.

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Also, Ian Somerhalder France released a few new outtakes from Ian’s GQ shoot. You can find some below and visit their site for the entire set. Please, credit Ian Somerhalder France if you re-post these.

The Vampire Diaries cast talk behind the scenes shenanigan

Besides her interview with Ian, Catalina Walsh has one more behind the scenes video with the cast. This time, Paul Wesley, Sara Canning, Steven R. McQueen and Katerina Graham take part in the chat as well. They share some behind the scenes adventures. Sounds like fun! Ian drops a spoilery tidbit at the end, so beware. Thanks,!

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Candice Accola on Cambio Connect, talks to Fancast

Candice participates in “Long Story Short” and “Word Association Games” on Cambio Connect. Check out the video below for some fun, thanks to Candice Accola Web for the heads up!

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The actress also dished about the show with Fancast. She talks about how Caroline’s trasnformation into a vampire has changed her as well as her character’s relationship with Tyler and Matt both. Plus, Candice teases what’s to come in the “Vampire Diaries” return in January. Read a quote below and find the rest of the story at Fancast.

What was it like shooting Tyler’s transformation scenes? I read it was so grueling you asked the caterers to bring chocolate chip cookies to Michael Trevino afterward.
It was a very vulnerable setting for an actor, especially for a man.  It’s one thing to be emotionally vulnerable with all the crew around, and on top of that he wasn’t wearing many clothes.  All the chains that he had on were real chains.  It was two twelve to fourteen hour days of him screaming these gut wrenching screams and crying.  There’s these normal things that tend to happen on a set… a light blows out.  Here he gets into an emotional mode and he’s screaming and he’s crying and then it’s ‘Oh, we have to reset the light.’  Luckily we’ve got such an amazing and respectful, good-hearted crew.  He’d been so good about eating healthy. Of course it was the one day that whole week that there was sugar cookies [in craft services] and he knew it.  Luckily, craft services had some chocolate chip cookie dough left over [for afterward].  It’s important I think especially in the circumstance where you have a very heavy emotional scene, you have to know that everybody has your back.  That’s what the cookies were for.

Ian thanks fans for birthday wishes and foundation support, Isobel’s probable return

Catalina Walsh at KTLA was among the reporters chatted to Somerhalder on his birthday. In this video, Ian thanks us, his fans, for all the birthday wishes and support to his Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for bringing this to our attention!

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And TV Guide‘s Mega Buzz gave some love to “Vampire Diaries” this week. Adam and Natalie tease that Isobel will possibly come back in the near future. What’s confirmed is that we’ll soon get answers to the questions “Where she is right now, what she’s doing and whose side she’s on”. Here’s what Julie had to say:

Any chance Isobel (Mia Kirshner) will return on Vampire Diaries— Heather
Yes! Elena’s malevolent-hot birth mother will be back to share her wealth of vampire knowledge. Maybe. “Isobel has a lot of information and will continue to be useful for that information,” executive producer Julie Plec tells us. “Where she is right now, what she’s doing and whose side she’s on — those questions start to get asked very soon.” (She’s also not the only birth parent returning to town.)

TV Guide on the Vampire Diaries set, more on Damon’s bathtub scene

While visiting the set of “The Vampire Diaries” a few days ago, Robyn Ross sat down with Julie Plec to talk about the show and the books. The producer and writer comments on Damon’s feathered friend, his relationship with Bonnie, Elena and Stefan’s journals and a Ms. Gilbert and Matt flashback. Basically, the article says what (probably) will and won’t make it to TV. Wonderful read for books fans!

Will Damon and Bonnie grow closer?
Vampires and witches are notoriously enemies, but in Season 2, Bonnie (Katerina Graham) and Damon eventually teamed up to fight the bigger fight. The question is whether or not they will take it a step further and develop the close bond they do in the novels. Plec understands that theirs is a relationship important to book fans, but says, for now, they’ll just remain frenemies. “The fun we have with them right now is [going] from two people who have absolutely no respect, admiration or love for each other, whatsoever, but because they share a common goal and share common loves, they come together and are willing to put their differences aside and work together.”

The entire interview – over at TV Guide.

Also, Ian Somerhalder tells People how he spent his 32nd birthday. You curious? Well, he spent it “naked with a beautiful girl”. Not bad! Plus, you can find some more tidbits on his character’s upcoming bathtub scene. Read an excerpt and head over to People for the rest.

“I was naked with a beautiful girl all day,” the star of The Vampire Diaries, who turned 32 on Dec. 8, tells PEOPLE. “I had a shower scene that led into another scene were I was kind of half-naked and wet.”

Though Somerhalder does confirm he was on the set of his hit CW show, he wouldn’t say whether his character, the scumbag vampire Damon, finally scored with Elena, who is played by Nina Dobrev and definitely qualifies as a beautiful girl.

Episode 13 and 14 rumored titles, Steven R. McQueen on Galway Bay FM

The CW primetime calendar through to March 4th has been revealed, thanks to Spoiler TV. According to it, after the show returns with all new episodes in 2011, there will be some schedule changes. As posted, that’s due to the cancellation of “Life Unexpected”. New episodes will continue to air Thursdays, but on Wednesday, the day before, there will be an encore of the last week’s one (at 9:00PM). So, how does that actually work? Episode 12 (airing January 27th) will be repeated on February 2nd (Wednesday) and followed by all new 213 on February 3rd, as usual. Speaking of episodes, 13th and 14th will be probably titled “Daddy Issues” and “Crying Wolf”, respectively. As Hollywood Life reported a couple of weeks ago, a former character is set to return in “Daddy Issues”. Check out the entire calendar at Spoiler TV.

Thanks to I Heart Vampire Diaries for the heads up on this interview of Steven’s. Galway Bay FM‘s Alan Murphy talked to him via phone. Since season two hasn’t aired in Ireland yet, the questions are mostly season one focused. Uploaded by The Salvatore Council.

Nina Dobrev in InStyle January, new stills from The Return (201)

Nina Dobrev posed for InStyle and her spread is featured in their January 2011 issue (cover girl Gwyneth Paltrow). It is on newsstands this Friday and InStyle give you 5 reasons to buy it. Nina is the sixth. 😛 Enjoy the scans, courtesy of Undisclosed Desires. I really hope some outtakes will pop up soon!

And Andrea (follow her on Twitter!) from Nina Dobrev Network has a few new stills from season 2 premiere. Not high quality, but still pretty awesome! Find the rest of the images over at her site.