Old behind the scenes photo from an upcoming ep, new Vampire Diaries spoilers

A new behind the scenes image surfaced a while ago, thanks to Judy Yam. Since they haven’t started filming episode 14 yet, I guess it’s from 213 “The Descent”. Now, enjoy these yummy boys! One more month to go. Duh…

Also, Katerina Graham spilled to TV Guide. According to her, there will be a flashback (or two?) from the Grim Reaper where “a lot of people are dying”. Expect Elena’s sibling suitors’ backstory to be revealed as well.

When will we get more backstory on The Vampire Diaries— Maxine
An upcoming flashback to 1864 will give Elena a new perspective on her sibling suitors. Before then, though, expect a visit or two from the Grim Reaper. “A lot of people are dying,” Katerina Graham tells us. “Not, like, too many, where it’s like, ‘Why are all these people dying?’ But a couple of important characters are going to go.”

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