Candice Accola on Cambio Connect, talks to Fancast

Candice participates in “Long Story Short” and “Word Association Games” on Cambio Connect. Check out the video below for some fun, thanks to Candice Accola Web for the heads up!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The actress also dished about the show with Fancast. She talks about how Caroline’s trasnformation into a vampire has changed her as well as her character’s relationship with Tyler and Matt both. Plus, Candice teases what’s to come in the “Vampire Diaries” return in January. Read a quote below and find the rest of the story at Fancast.

What was it like shooting Tyler’s transformation scenes? I read it was so grueling you asked the caterers to bring chocolate chip cookies to Michael Trevino afterward.
It was a very vulnerable setting for an actor, especially for a man.  It’s one thing to be emotionally vulnerable with all the crew around, and on top of that he wasn’t wearing many clothes.  All the chains that he had on were real chains.  It was two twelve to fourteen hour days of him screaming these gut wrenching screams and crying.  There’s these normal things that tend to happen on a set… a light blows out.  Here he gets into an emotional mode and he’s screaming and he’s crying and then it’s ‘Oh, we have to reset the light.’  Luckily we’ve got such an amazing and respectful, good-hearted crew.  He’d been so good about eating healthy. Of course it was the one day that whole week that there was sugar cookies [in craft services] and he knew it.  Luckily, craft services had some chocolate chip cookie dough left over [for afterward].  It’s important I think especially in the circumstance where you have a very heavy emotional scene, you have to know that everybody has your back.  That’s what the cookies were for.


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