FanBolt’s Vampire Diaries set visit, new season 2 promos

Emma Loggins (@emmaloggins) from FanBolt recently got the chance to have lunch at “Mystic Grill” along with lots of other press. She talked to the “Vampire Diaries” cast and Julie Plec as well. Teases from her interviews with Steven, Kat, Sara, Matt, Julie and Ian are up at FanBolt. They discuss their characters and relationships and the show. She’ll have more from her chats with the actors posted soon, so keep an eye on!

“There’s always going to be extra skeletons buried. Literal and figurative in Mystic Falls. It’s got a lot of history, and it’s had a lot of blood shed.” Julie explained, “One of the things that drew Kevin (Williamson) and I to this project was when we first read the books, in book 3 or 4, when all the civil war soldiers rose up from their graves and fought back against Klaus. He realized that Mystic Falls is special, because there has been so much loss of life and so much blood shed that it is almost a stop on the supernatural map.”

Also, two new promos were released yesterday. The first one is from CWtelevision and is titled “We Own the Night”. We definitely do, CW! And thanks to CQtvPresentation for the second promo. It’s from the Australian channel GO! and it’s worth checking out.


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