Michael Trevino talks nudity, Jules’s motives and scenes with Stefan & Damon: “It’s gonna get interesting.”

EW‘s Mandi Bierly chatted to Michael yesterday afternoon. They talk about Tyler’s recent transformation (BIG spoiler warning for the ones who haven’t seen episode 11 yet!), co-star Candice Accola, Jules a.k.a. latest Mystic Falls inhabitant and the Salvatore brothers. Trevino teases he’s shooting some scenes with those two as well as Damon’s bathtub scene. We got your attention? You can find a quote below and visit Inside TV for the entire story.

You were also excited the last time we talked because Tyler finally got a badass leather jacket to wear instead of a sweater. How is it treating you?
I will tell you right now, the episode that we’re shooting now is me in the leather jacket, and I love it. [Laughs] In this episode we’re filming right now, the good part of that episode for Tyler is scenes with me and Paul Wesley. Stefan and Tyler talk about Caroline. I’m excited to shoot that because it’s just me and Paul and a different scenario. I haven’t really worked with Paul yet, and to have a nice scene with a lot of dialogue, and it’s just me and him, and it’s not about actions and stunts, it’s just about good acting with the awesome writing of Brian Young, who did this episode, I’m looking forward to that.


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