EW chats to Somerhalder, Zap2it’s video interview with Michael, Candice & Ian

Even though Ian Somerhalder turned 32 yesterday, it looks like this guy just can’t catch a break. He had an interview with Entertainment Weekly about Damon’s humanity, his love for Stefan and Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Visit Inside TV for the full article.

What can he tell us about the Salvatore Brothers’ relationship in this episode? ”Stefan is locked in that cave. In all actuality, it’s kind of what Damon’s been dreaming about. But truthfully, Damon wants to get his brother out of there. He’s gonna try really hard, once he works out what he needs to work out. As much as he wants to kill his brother sometimes, he loves him. Damon can’t imagine being stuck in that cave with Katherine. That would just suck. There’s such a commonality of pain between these two guys. They’re in love with the same two women. Two of them — it’s absurd. [Laughs] And the protagonists that have come to town, they mean business. They’re gonna wreak some havoc, and they’re gonna cause some problems for us, that’s for sure.”

You’ve probably noticed that with the “Vampire Diaries” mid-season finale tonight, more and more chats have popped up. The stars in this one are Michael Trevino, Candice Accola and Ian Somerhalder – all interviewed by the wonderful Carina Mackenzie. They talk about their experience filming “By the Light of the Moon” in particular. Tyler’s journey from a bully to this strong person, Marcos Siega’s return and Mason’s friend, Jules are also mentioned. I love this quote from Ian:

Ian Somerhalder says that the heart of Tyler’s story is whether or not he can step up, accept his fate, and do what it takes to protect his home and his family. “Or what’s left of his family, the poor guy,” Somerhalder adds. “We killed his dad, we killed his uncle. I think we need to figure out, first of all, what Tyler wants. My guess, hopefully, is that he realizes that this is his home. This is where it all started and where it should end.”

Find the entire story over at Zap2it and watch the video behind the cut for more tidbits:

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