Candice Accola to Jim Halterman & EW: “It’s been a very meaty season for Caroline.”

As promised, Jim Halterman has posted his chat with Candice this morning. He asked her what energized was (under Michael Trevino’s strict instructions LOL) as well as how she felt about all those stunts, “The Walking Dead” and The Trevor Project. Check out an excerpt below and go to his site for the rest.

JH: How much do you live the Vampire stuff like the biting and the blood all over the place? I loved when you had that scene with your mother (Marguerite MacIntyre) and your face was all bloodied from a kill.

CA: The stunt work has been really challenging but an exciting challenging. As an actor going to work, it’s been very educational. I’m so my mother’s child when it comes to safety first. It is a dance; very choreographed work so it’s just learning how to have your body remember those beats while you’re staying in your full intention of the scene as the character. It has also been a hell of a lot of fun!

The actress also talked to Inside TV. She dishes about last week and tonight’s episodes, the “celebratory meal” after them, Caroline’s relationship with Tyler and Stefan and more. An extract can be found here and head over to Entertainment Weekly for the entire interview. Thanks to @tvdnews for bringing this to our attention!

What was the hardest part for you filming it?
Just watching him. There are people — even last night over dinner, one of the women who works in wardrobe said, “Yeah, I just wanted to stop in and see how everything was going, and after one scene, I was out of there.” There’s a lovely parallel between Caroline and Tyler being friends and Caroline’s watching him go through this horrific experience, and as an actor and a friend, watching Trevino just really bare everything like that. The screaming and the crying –it’s the guttural screams that get you — it’s one of those things where you’re like, “That’s awesome. That’s great,” but it’s so emotionally and physically exhausting. Please make a note that all the chains that he wore when he’s walking around are real chains. For two days straight he had these pounds worth of chains literally weighing him down.


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