Episode 12 title revealed, Rose’s not gone

Thanks to @LEXpressions & Vampire-Diaries.net for the heads up on Jason Ferguson’s online resume. His character, Eddie, will visit town late January. Particularly, in episode 12 titled “The Descent”.

Wondering what happened to Rose after her little escape? Well, looks like she liked it in Mystic Falls. The 500-year-old vampire will team up with the Salvatores once again to help them with a “mysterious mission”. The trio will pay a visit to a vampire savant who will give them a hand (for something in return, of course). Thanks, TV Guide!

Are we going to see Rose again on The Vampire Diaries? — Michelle
Yep, and sooner than you think. I’m hearing that she’ll pop back up in order to help Damon and Stefan with a mysterious mission. First stop on their quest: a visit to another vampire savant who knows everything about everything in the world of bloodsuckers. He’s willing to hand over the dangerous info Damon and Stefan seek — but only in exchange for a day-walking ring.


2 comments on “Episode 12 title revealed, Rose’s not gone

    • Agree with you. Really liked Rose and glad she’s coming back.
      Only thing I’m not happy about is if they’re still taxing Bonnies powers for themselves. 😦

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