Ian on Jimmy Kimmel Live, male character to return in 213

You missed Ian Somerhalder’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night? No worries, you can watch it on YouTube! Besides talking about “Vampire Diaries” and “LOST”, Ian and Jimmy a.k.a. two of the funniest people ever had pizza together! Isn’t that abso-freaking-lutely cute? Plus, the Vampire Diaries’ star compared “Vampire Diaries'” fans with “LOST”‘s ones. Play the videos below for 6+ minutes of LOTS of fun. You can also find screencaps over at Behind Blue Eyes!

And thanks to Hollywood Life for reporting the following (spoiler alert): Elena’s dad, John, is set to come back in episode 13. It’s the second one for 2011 and it’s shooting right now. @cadlymack dropped some hints about it yesterday (she was on set), so go read her tweets! Papa Gilbert also knows how to kill Elijah. Through Isobel, we guess. As of now, there’s no info whether or not John will stick around for a while. Though he’s too valuable to disappear with this knowledge, don’t you think?

Hold onto your seats for this one, TVD fans! We’ve learned from a source on The Vampire Diaries set that actor David Anders will be returning to the show for episode 213. Not only that, but his character, John Gilbert, knows how to kill Elijah — the vampire who is after his daughter, Elena.


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