Paul Wesley at The Trevor Project event, Ian Somerhalder lands at LAX

The charming Paul Wesley attended the Trevor Live event, which happened last night. Ian was there, too, but there are no pics or clips of him (yet). The Trevor Project is “the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth”. Unfortunately, there’s just one untagged photo of Paul up at the image sites, courtesy of Daylife. You can check out some tagged ones at Getty ImagesJim Halterman managed to talk to the actor, though. You can watch his video interview below and head over to The Trevor Project’s official site for more information.

Also, Ian Somerhalder arrived in LA yesterday. According to the actor himself (and ABC), he will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! today. He is scheduled as the second guest, don’t you miss it! Now, check out a few pictures from LAX, thanks to Just Jared, and then visit Undisclosed Desires for lots of HQs.

UPDATE: Paul Wesley France has plenty of pictures from The Trevor Project. They’re definitely worth checking out, there are some awesome shots!


2 comments on “Paul Wesley at The Trevor Project event, Ian Somerhalder lands at LAX

  1. Good Grief.! Does Ian Somerhalder even have a bad angle? The guy is gorgeous sexy hot! I do not believe there is another one like him on the planet….so Charismatic and caring. Totally admire him for starting the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. and love him as Damon on the Vampire Diaries. ….

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