Vampire Diaries season 2 possibly returns January 27th

Spoiler TV is reporting new season 2 episodes (after 211 “By the Light of the Moon”) might start airing January 27th. As rumoured, “Nikita” (also airing Thursdays) returns then. There could be some scheduling changes as well, so “The Vampire Diaries” doesn’t have to compete with “American Idol”. If so, the show will probably move to Tuesday 9PM to replace “Life Unexpected” (another CW series cancelled this fall). I doubt it, but who knows? Bear in mind this is no official press release.

Nikita will return on January 27th for its 12th episode. It is going on hiatus after thursday (Dec 9). Other CW shows are expected to return the same week with the possible exception of Hellcats which may be delayed till ANTM’s return in March.

It is unclear if the CW will make any scheduling changes to shield Vampire Diaries from American Idol, there is some possibility of Vampire Diaries moving to Tuesday 9 PM to replace Life Unexpected but Nikita is staying on Thursdays.


5 comments on “Vampire Diaries season 2 possibly returns January 27th

  1. ARGH! January 27th? That is way too long to wait….. talk about the 2 week Thanksgiving withdrawals… this is going to be tremendous pain…… , but alway worth the wait. TVD=my favorite show…

  2. If they move Vampire Diaries to Tuesday nights I will be insanely upset & bomb CW with emails. I purposely scheduled my courses around Thursday night being open. I have to take night classes on Tuesdays!!!! This better not be true. CW can barely compete with Big Bang Theory, that’s on Thursdays @ 8 also. Who cares about idol. I can’t imagine that many VD viewers are going to be switching to watch Idol over VD

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    • Yes, the show is definitely back on Thursday, January 27th. Promos for the next episode (which you can find here) confirm that as well. It will be aired on The CW at 8PM, as usual.

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