More from Wetpaint’s chat with Michael, Jim Halterman teases his Julie Plec interview

Following the brief tease we posted a couple of days ago, Wetpaint published more of their interview with Michael Trevino. They talk about “By the Light of the Moon” (The Transformation in particular), make-up effects used, etc. Check out an extract below and visit Wetpaint for the rest of the article. They’ll have even more tidbits posted soon, so stay tuned!

That’s good to hear. In “By the Light of the Moon,” Tyler and his new supernatural BFF Caroline will bond while they buy up half the chains and restraints in town so they can keep his inner dog from going on a killing spree. “He’s locking gates and bringing out chains, trying to barricade himself up so that he won’t hurt anybody,” Trevino says. “Tyler kind of goes into this knowing that when he turns, he’s likely to hurt people. So he wants to make sure that he’s held down because he’s not going to be able to control himself.”

Last Vampire Diaries episode for 2010 next week = many more interviews. Jim Halterman also got the chance to talk to someone from the crew. Specifically, Julie Plec. She teases next week’s 211, promising to be all jaw-packed. You can read a quote here and read the entire chat over at Jim Halterman’s site. Bigger piece to come next week.

JH:  And what’s Damon’s part in next week. Is he protecting Elena?

JP:  Yeah, it deals with him having to live up to his promise to make sure Elena is protected and the way he chooses to do that is kind of funny. Funny and a little bit Damon-mean as far as Elena is concerned. It gives Damon a good laugh at the way he’s able to keep Elena from getting herself into any trouble. There’s also a new character coming to town named Jules (Michaela McManus) who comes looking for her friend Mason Lockwood and when Damon catches wind of that he realizes he has a problem that needs to be dealt with because, of course, as we know, Mason Lockwood is no more so he has to put the kibosh on the search for him.


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