TV reporter coming to town, Klaus to appear in episode 16 and more Watch With Kristin scoop

E! Online‘s Kristin had a spoiler chat yesterday and didn’t miss to tease Vampire Diaries fans as well. According to her, “all’s quiet on the Bonemy front” and character named Angel is coming to Mystic Falls. Plus, the Great Klaus is set to appear in episode 16, which will probably air during February 2011. Kristin is also interviewing Candice Accola and Michael Trevino today. I guess it’s not too late to send your questions to her if you haven’t done it yet. You can do it by emailing or tweeting her. Thanks, Vampire Diaries Online!

@bonniesrg (via Twitter): Hiya. On Vampire Diaries, with Caroline spilling the camp secret to Tyler are they heading towards a Tyler/Caroline hookup?
Hmmm….Well, funny enough the two potential lovebirds—Candice Accola (Caroline) and Michael Trevino (Tyler) are coming in to our studio tomorrow, and lucky me gets to interview both of them! So guess what I’ll be asking them about? Ian Somerhalder‘s pecs, naturally. And I guess I’ll also try to dig up some scoop on their relationship, if you insist. If you have any other Q’s for Candice or Michael, hit me up via email ( or Twitter (@kristindsantos).

Ginny: Tell me something is coming up for Bonnie and Jeremy on The Vampire Diaries! I want them together.
Nothing yet. I’ll let you know if/when I hear of anything in the works, but so far all’s quiet on the Bonemy front.

@jillkorte (via Twitter): Vampire Diaries!!!
David Boreanaz is guest starring on The Vampire Diaries! OK, not really, but they are adding a character named Angel—only in this case Angel is a lady TV reporter who gets her flirt on with Damon Salvatore after she comes town to cover a “drug-related” bloodbath. Oh, and speaking of new characters, we can expect to first meet über-vamp Klaus in episode 16, which will probably air during February sweeps.


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